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Epi 4 is here for you

Recap: Lagori warned bihaan and brought 3boys to store room

In store room:

IPSZ tied three boys with rope around the pole..

One can heard the chapaakkk chapaakk voice from store room….yes yes you guessed it right ??

IPSZ were beating them with their hands

Boy1: anuty plzz stop this we will not do anything from now??

Ishu: how dare you to call me anunty…I look like anuty??

PSZ laugh at ishu…n ishu stare a angry look towards them????

Boy 2: no…you look very hot..not only you but your friends also

Sona holds his face with her hand and say: if you talk about any girl abt hotness..beauty…then I will not spare you

IPSZ made them irritate by cracking some funny jokes

Boy3: are you mad…why you have tied us here and beating us

Boy2: plzz don’t beat with ur hands…they are very dangerous

Zoya: woo jo ladki thi na who hamari best frnd hai…(girl about whom u were talking is our best frnd)

Boy1: I am feeling that I am in mental hospital…plzz leave us

Sona: abhi thoda waqt hai..kuch der baad chodenge

Boy2: do anything…plz don’t beat us with ur hands now and let us go..we will not do anything from now..i promise

Zoya takes the stick which was fallen there and was about to beat boys but …

Boy3: why are you beating us with that stick

Zoya: now only you said that don’t beat us with hands….so…now I will beat you with stick

She raised stick to beat but just then someone holds zoya’s hand and said: hey you miss.hunter plzz don’t beat my frndz…they are really good

Bcoz of this statement 3boys were staring at that man with question mark face??????

Boy1: you……

Boy who hold zoya’s hand: yaa dude I m asad khan…don’t you know me…how could you forget..n winks at them(yaa he was none another than zoya’s mr.khan)

Boy2: hello bro…plzz ask them to free us…we are feeling like we aare in mental hospital

Asad: miss.hunter plzz free my frndz..they will not do any mistake again

Zoya: ohh hello mr…..

Asad: asad khan…mr.asad khan

Zoya: mr.khan plzz don’t interfere in this matter

Sona: we will not leave them

Asad: plzz free them yaar

Pragya: if he is saying free them..let us free them

Ishu: haan yaar..btw we have torture them a lot

Asad: yaa..plzz leave them na

IPSZ: okk…

Ishu: but if again you will do this mistake then we will not leave you

3boys: okk…n sorryyyy

IPSZ free them n go to attend lectures

Boy1: hey thanks a lot…but we didn’t recognize you who r u

Asad : I also don’t know who r you

Boy2: then why do you help us

Asad: to make free from that girls

Boy3: that girls are really mental…how can they talk continuously

Asad: that’s why I help you…I heard some grup talking about how they took you here…n they said they are really very dangerous they can do anything…n that miss.hunter she is
crazy girl..she can do anything

Boy3; thanks for freeing us from that girls

Asad: but don’t do that mistake again

Boy2: sorry…now we will go

Asad: okk bye…I will also go
Thapki: where were you guyz..you know how much I was scarred….i was searching you everywhere

Zoya was full on angry mood

Zoya: how dare you to give permission to go them n that mr. akdoo to call me miss.hunter I will not spare him…if I will meet him again then I will tell him that I m zoya Sharma

Thapki: can anyone tall me whats happening here

Ishu: wait thapki ..i will tell you later…first try to make zoya normal…her angry mood is activated

Zoya: ishu..plzz don’t joke

Ishu: hahaha…this was not a joke zoya but reality

Zoya left that place in anger….n IPST let her go..bcoz they know that when she is angry she needs to be alone

Pragya: okk…now lets go to the class

All move to the class…except zoya

By walking towards clsrum sona told thapki everything

Thapki: wow…..now you understand…..in morng only I was trying to tell u that bihaan was not wrong but he saved me

Ishu: ohh sorry for not understanding

Pragya: we should say sorry to him

Sona: not now …we will be late…after clg we will meet him n say sorry
Zoya was walking in clg campus with full anger……at this moment she collide with her hero asad

N she falls in asad’s arm

By seeing him her anger increased

Zoya: what the hell u r doing here….n where r ur frndz and first of all leave me…shame on you how can you hold some girl like this…think so our practiced to this

Asad leaves her n she fall on groud

Zoya: how dare you to drop zoya Sharma like this…now you have to pay for it

Asad: ohh….miss.hunter…itna gussa…not goo???

Zoya: plzz stop calling me miss.hunter mr.khan

Asad:why miss.hunter

Zoya: now tell me where are your that 3idiots

Asad laugh at her n said

Asad: ullu banaya bada maza aaya

Zoya: WHAT??????? What do you mean mr.aakdoo

Asad: I mean ..they were not my frnds..

Zoya: then why do you help them

Asad: to rescue them from dangerous girls like you

Zoya: ohh to aapne unki saza kam kar di…par aab aapke saza ka time aaya hai

Asad: what did u mean

Zoya: I mean now get ready for punishment mr.khan

Asad: I m mr.asad khan….can do anything

I the asad khan is ready for bearing the punishment from ms.hunter

Zoya had a light smile on her face bcoz asad had accepted her punishment

Zoya: so come with me if u r ready for punishment

Zoya took keys from asad hand asked him where is his car…..n they both left to some place??
Want to know what is the punishment….then be ready for next epi.
Episode ends.

Precap: asad’s punishment and lagori gang to surprise to see something(will be relived later)

Silent reader plzz comnt and thanx to all my frndz for support and your valuable cmnts

joyee you have guessed it right that it was asad who saved 3boys??

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    Hey snehu it’s awesome dear wow Lagori gang rocks, I knew it was Asad hehe 😛 well when I saw Asad I thought he was a Goonda like the 3 boys and then I start thinking how come Asad become Goonda and Bihaan become sharif 😛 later I read I understand hunter lol asya scenes r just fab I wonder what kind of punishment Zoya gonna give to Asad love u dear

    1. Nivika

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    Hey Snehal xx.

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    Can’t wait for the romantic tracks to start xx.

    Also Destiny Vs Love will be updated xx

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