Epi:3 is here for you
Recap: missed their movie due to dev nd sona’s meeting…decide to go in park
Lagori gang in park…
Zoya: wow….its feeling nice here at 8pm…not soo much people in park also..now I can enjoy my weekend in park instead of theater
They all came near the ice-cream vendor and took ice creams to eat…by walking in park all started to eat ice cream
Ishu: zoya..dheere dheere khao (plz eat slow yaar)
Zoya: ishu yaar plz don’t stop me now..i m much hungry

Pragya: hehehe by eating ice creams zoya’s hunger will go…
Sona: aree if she wants then let her eat na…
Thapki: eat as much you want…we will also eat
All eat 2cups of ice creams but zoya ate 6cups
Pragya: bhukkad (foodie) [said in low voice]
Zoya: what did u say…I couldn’t listen….
Sona: she said….
Pragya: sona no…sona no…(she was requesting to not tell her)
Sona: I will…
Zoya: what did she say sona
Sona:BHUUKAADD…samji kya???????
Zoya: aww…how mean you….i think that only I m the bhukkad..then you are wrong…you too are bhukaads
They share group hug an laugh at loud…just then thapki gets someones call..to pick up call she goes to roadside bcoz of network problem
While thapki was talking wid her clg mate…..n she was stammering while talking
Some boys from back side came infront of thapki and surrounded her in circle..
Boy1: ohh hello beauty..how is you
Thapki: who r u and what do you want
Boy2: ohh hello beauty…uff not beauty rukti gadi

Tears rolled down from thapki’s eyes
One boy took her phone…and boy3 was about to place his hand on her shoulder but just then some1 holds his hand and twisted it…he beat that three boyz very badly….all get afraid and quickly leave that place…but boy stopped one of them n said: if I see u again doing like this with any other then you will all die…understood…its BIHAAN PANDEY’s word…..(yes yes he was the hero who saved thapki)
Thapki was crying vigorously …bihaan hold her shoulders and said : oyee chuk chuk gadi …plzz don’t cry
By that time lagori gang came to see thapki and they listen that bihaan was saying chuk chuk gadi to thapki..they also saw that he was holding her shoulders…and at this they misunderstood bihaan
Pragya: how dare youuuu to call my frnd chuk chuk gadi
Zoya came and slap him and said: if you try to harm my frnd toh tumhe tumhari nani ki yaad aayegi
Ishu: bcoz of you my frnd is crying..i will not leave you..i will take revenge from you for this
Soan came forward and hold his face with one hand and say : agar dobara tumne mere frnd ko rulaya na toh…don’t know what will I do

All our girlz were continuously warning bihaan not do anything to thapki…they were not giving single chance to speak thapki and bihaan
They took thapki from that place…while going thapki look backside and hold her ears saying I m sorry…bihaan : its okk!!
Bihaan had smile on his place when thapki said sorry to him with much more innocence filled in her.??
Lagori gang reached house…they were filled with much anger in them …..they could listen to no one
(they all live in flat which is of 2BHK)
Ishu and sona went in one room and pragya and zoya went in another room…n thapki sat in hall holding her head
Thapki: now what to do…who will make them understand that he was not doing any wrong thing but he saved me…they rvnot giving a single chance to speak…all are stubborn …but how much they care for me….god ..how much lucky I m!! that I got frndz like this…I pray that all get frndz like me…then there will be no problem…I love you all my frndz…..
She had a flashback about how bihaan entered and saved her from that 3boys…by thinking of his memories she sleep ????
Next day: all get ready to go for clg
Zoya: chalo chalo fast
Pragya: zoyu who will clean this room…see how much you messed up
Zoya:ohh..i will do it after coming home
Sona: okk then lets go fast….
In college:
Ishu: finally we reach clg
Thapki sees bihaan coming for clg . bihaan goes to park his bike
Thapki: guyzz I want you to tell one thing
Sona; not now when we will go home then tell us many thing
Thapki: okk …then you can all go for class I will come in five min
Pragya: okk…but come fast
Thapki was going towards parking area just then bihaan comes frm parking area and they both didn’t see each other and fall on ground
Thapki: heyy u idot can’t you see

Bihaan: sorryyyy..but you can also see n walk na
Just then thapki saw that it was none another than bihaan
Thapki: ohh hii…whats up??
Bihaan: why should I tell you
Thapki: ohhkkk let it be mr.angry man ..i want to say only sorry on behalf of my frndz and thanx for saving me from that boys
Bihaan and thapki were talking nd on other side IPSZ were wondering here nd there n waiting for thapki to come
Just then 3boys(same boys who were in park) came and stand behind IPSZ and they were talking
Boy1(pointing towards thahaan): see that boy
Boy2: yaa he is soo dangerous
IPSZ listen their convo
Ishu: hey hello (none of frnd don’t know them bt still talked)
Boy3: hello ji
Pragya: what you were talking

Boy1: we were talking abt them(pointing towards thahaan)
Sona: ohh..so what r u talking abt them
Boy2: see that boy..he is soo dangerous..he can do anything..he is bihaan ..bihaan pandey
zoya: what he had done
Boy1: see that girl..we were teasing her yesterday night In park
Boy2: and that bihaan came and beat us very badly…he warned us that not to touch any girls frm now
IPSZ were shocked n there mouth remained open..bcoz they realize that what they had done with bihaan bt bihaan was savior

Zoya hold one the boys face..ishu hold one of the boyz hand and sona hold others hand ..and they brought three boyz in store room of college.
To know what happened in store room…plzz read next episode

Precap: store room scene??
Who will rescue 3boys from lagori gang??

Any guesses .
Silent readers plzz cmnt ..plz write a single word in cmnt..it will give me n power to write more n more epi 😛 ….anyway thanx for supporting me very nicely…love you guzyz
Note: guyz I will be posting all epi with taking one day gap….hope you all don’t mind…n I m in 12th std…so I need to concentrate on study also..so with taking one day gap I will post epi


  1. vigan

    hai I’m silent reader of ur ff.. its just awesome.. im not sure wat I should comment tat y I think I bcome a silent reader… hehehe

  2. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    Wow Snehu loved it awesome episode loved the friendship between IPSTZ , and thapki-Bihaan part was awesome too, I think the one who will save the 3 guys is either Abhi or Asad 😛 KYunki in dono ka entry Abi baki hain 😛 and update next part ASAP can’t wait. Okay fine will be waiting as u love patience 😛

    • Snehal


      joyee thank you soooooooo sooooooooooooo much………i m happy that u liked it…..you will come to know who will save that three boys on monday….ibcoz next epi will be on monday…n one more imp thing that i love patience soooo much,…..???hehehhehe………..thanx for this much support

  3. disha

    Snehal your ff is so good and diffrent nd am also in 12 std. I am not mind concentrate your study

  4. Arshi

    |Registered Member

    Kya baath hai yaar.. super se bhi bahuth uper tha… i love lagori gang… exciting to see store room romance ?haha…. poor boyz….

    And yeah… u have to concentrate on studies more … as this yr only decides ur future….. post it whenever u r free.. and whenever u r bored …?

  5. Kruti

    it’s awesome…superb…
    and study is more important..concentrate on ur studies even I m in std 12

  6. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Jzt miss …..if lagori gang had seen bihaan teasing thapki he would be in hospital….. Frnds r awesmest relations in the world…

    • Snehal


      thank you juggu for cmnting….yup u r right frndz are the awemest relations in world…can do anything for frndz

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