Hello guyz…thanx for your valuable cmnts….i m soo happy that I got very good response from u that I got more than 50cmnts on epi1??
Note:frndz I have told in intro itself that I have taken this storyline from Marathi serial LAGORI many of you have not seen that serial according to me so i m writing this story n anuja sathe who was seen as dhara in star plus tamanna was also in that serial played the character of urmi… I will introduce heros in this ff as per fans demand but more focus will be on frndship
From todays epi…maximum epi will be of flashback
Recap:raman calls out all frnds together to meet ishu
Ishu gets into flashback
A big room is shown…one can listen the loud music from that room
Cham cham from bhaagi…..
A voice comes from bedrrom….zoya and sona plzz stop this nonsense music…can’t you let her study properly
Sona: uff ohh…ishu…..always taking side of pragya…we want to enjoy this moment
Zoya: yup sona ne aaj toh saahi baat boli hai (today sona had spoken right)we want to enjoy this moment
Thapki who was sitting on chair said: whats special today..that you want to enjoy this moment
Sona &zoya: ohhh…then you all don’t know…….yaarr today is weekend….
Zoya: n u know na that I love to njoy this weekends
Ishu: its okk…but..pragya is getting disturb..let her study na…
Pragya: no no ishu…I m nt getting disturb ..let them enjoy
Ishu: nooo…….at this time pragya will study…n we all together can enjoy this moment na….so not now
Sona; then promise me that we will go to theater to watch new movie tonight
Zoya: wow sona ki bacchi….aaj bahut sahi baatein bol rahi hai…great(wow sona u r speaking right things today..great)
All look at ishu…
Thapki: ishu…we will go na
Ishu: why u all are staring like this at me…..when I said that we will not go…we will…n enjoy this moment
Pragya: wow that’s great…I will be ready for this night
At night:-
Ishu get ready fast we will be late…shouted sona from outside….
Ishu: aree still 1hr is left to go….n ur saying we will be late
Ishu came outside the room
Zoya: wow ishu looking gorgeous
Ishu: ohh thnx ha…pr aaj mere sabhi frndz super hot lag rahe hai (all my frndz are looking super hot)
All: thnx ishu
Pragya: chalo chalo aab der nhi ho rhi kya (lets go….now u r not getting get?)
Sona:haan jarur ho rahi hai…how can I miss my dreamboy shahid kapoor’s movie(yaa we r getting late)
Thapki: par mein to aaj aaliya ko dekhne ke liye ready hui hu(but today I have became ready to watch aalia)
Zoya: uff thapki….girls girls ko dekhne ke liye ready nhi hote…girls boys ko dekhne ke liye ready hote hai…samji na (uff thapki…girls didn’t get ready to see girls..girls get ready to see boys)
Pragya: zoya ghar aane ke baad zarur batana ki tumhare dil kon le gaya (zoya, after coming home..tell us that who had taken ur heart)
Ishu: ohh noo…this girls will never change
All shouted in ishu’s ear: YES ISHUUUUUUUUUU NEVER EVER?????
Sona:samji na (understand)
Thapki: chalo aab….ab aur intzaar nhi ho raha (now lets go..i can’t wait now)
All move out of the house..nd seat into their car
ishu: oops…I forgot to lock the door..i will come in five minutes
Zoya: rehne do…nhi lagaya to bhi chalega..(let it be..nothing will happen if door is not locked)
Pragya: waise kaise….ishu tum jarur jao (no no.. ishu go)
ishu comes back in 10 min
sona: ishu kinta time lagaya (ishu how much time)
ishu: sorry frndz
Thapki: zoya start the car now
Zoya drives the car with full speed…
Ishu: dheere chalao na…itni spped (drive slow…how much speed)
Zoya: if I miss my fav movie then I will see at you…pehle se hi itni der hui hai..aur main ab aur wait nhi kar sakti
Pragya:plzz yaar dheere chaloa na…(plzz yar drive slow)
Zoya:okk..i will slow down
Within 20 min they reached the theater
All get down from the car n walked towards the ticket centre
sona: ohhh god..i forgot my phone in car only….now I have to go again
sona reach near the car nd took her phone….she was seeing her phone by that time she collide with some handsome, dashing man..her phone fell down
he picks up her phone and gave it to her by saying sorry
sona: ohh hello mr.something can’t u walk properly..shall I give u chasma(specs)so that u can see n walk properly
man: hey ms.whatever I gave u r phone which was fallen down..nd also said sorry and my name is not mr.something ..my name is DEV DIXIT(DD) understand or better understand
sona: ohh mr. Dixit…byee I m getting late..my frndz will be waiting (talked in attitude manner)
dev: to jao na kisne roka hai(then go..who have stopped you)
sona started to go but stopped n say
sona: btw I have seen u somewhere
dev: han han jarur dekha hoga …….dream mein..mein hun hi itna handsome?? (yaa you have seen me in dreams after all I m handsome)
sona: ohh hello…kisne kaha ki tum handsome ho(who yold you that u r handsome)
dev: meine kaha abhi abhi (I said now only)
sona: pr mein kyu aapse baat kar rahi hun…my frndz have been waiting(but why have been talking to you)
dev: to jao na..meine kaha roka hai aapko(then go..i have not stopped you)
sona: ha han jaungi(yaa I will go) mr.khadoos
by that time dev left from that place and IPTZ came to that place and stare an angry look towards sona
sona: what happened why are you looking at me like this ..what i have done
thapki: see the timing
zoya: tum 10 mins ke liye aayi thi aur 3omins ho gaye phir bhi yahi ho(you had came for 10 min nn after 30mins also u r here)
sona: haan yaar zoya…uus mr.khaddos ki wahaj se..der ho gayi(yaa zoya..bcoz of that mr.khadoos..i m late)
pragya; kon mr.khaddos(who mr. khadoos)
ishu: lagta hain dreamboy mil hoga(think so she had found her dreamboy)
sona: nhi yaar…tha koi ek khaddos banda(not yaar…)
zoya: ohh…soo bcoz of him we have missed our movie plan…
thapki: we have been waiting for u there…n u were quarrelling with that mr.khadoos
sona: sooryyy yaar ..bcoz of me we have missed our plan…poor we!!
Zoya: frndz esi baat pe ek shayri jarur hogi
IPST:bolo ji
Zoya: to suno…
Arz kiya hai…dil mein hai dard
Dream me hai mr.shahid
Wah wah…dil mein hai dard
Dream me hai mr.shahid
Par manzil mein hai mr.khadoos??
(I now that its not at all good…will try better next time)
Sona stare an angry look towards zoya n other laugh at zoya and sona’s angry eyelock
Pragya: but what can we do now…this plan is failed bcoz of sona’s mr.khadoos
Sona; pragya.. you also plzz stop it yaar
Ishu: so ccan we go
Thapki: no…not at home
Ishu: but I was not going to say that..i was going to say that can we go somewhere else
Zoya: can we go to park….long days happen that we did’t go to park
Sona: ohhh..soo lets go
All reach at park within 10 min…..
Episode ends here….
Precap: some incident take place in park…
Bihaan’s entry

So guyz how was my this epi…hope u liked it…..i will add more masti scenes in next epi
A special msg to ani…if you want me to stop this ff…I will not stop bcoz according to me all are liking my ff…so if u r getting irritate then plz don’t read…

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    Hey Snehu ur ff is just fab and ur doing a great job dear keep writing love u and I love the IPSTZ bond and Dev-Sona part was funny and I have no idea about Marathi shows so is completely new to me btw which character Dhara played I mean which one from IPSTZ is closest to the character Dhara played in her Marathi show? Haha just curious 😛

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