Recap:.lagori gangs first plan spoil….fight b/t amma and lagori gang abt what to make food
Amaa: wow ishu looking gorgeous
Zoya: jab abhi ishu ko dekhega toh…uski bolti band hogi
Ishu: shut up now..
Pragya: sacchi ishu
Ishu: tumhari bhi bari aayegi…is phase se bahar niklne ki
Pragya: awww…ishu….gussa mat karo…..
Amma: okk…stop it now…all r ready na??
IPSTZ: yes amma….
Zoya: don’t know about ishu..but we r ready for today
Sona hits her with her leg to stop saying further
Ishu: what happen zoya
Zoya: nothing
Aama: just listen to me
Thpaki: what??
Amma: aaj kuch shaitani nhi karni…don’t do any acts which will embrassed us..ok na
Sona: okk aama…(with sad face)
Just then door bell rings
Aama: I will go and open
Aama: ishu ke appa…how I m looking guest had came
Appa: you r looking so cool madhu
Guest lady: areeee oyee….koi hai ka ghar ke…garmi ki wajah se tadap rahe hai hum log
Amma: haan ji…hum hai….can I open the door now
Guest lady: don’t open…I will go now
Aama: arreee aise mat jao…ishu ko dekhke jao na
Guest lady: nhi ji…hum ghar ke bhar se hi dekh lenge
Amma: to andar aayo na
Guest lady: now open the door…garmi se marwayegi kya
Amma: ayyo…main toh bhul gyi reeee
Aapa: now plz for gods sake open the door
Amma: haan haan..i m going
Amma opens the door and appa and amma welcome them….
They seat on sofa…….

Amma: how are you
Lady guest: I m fine
Appa: was there any problem to come here
Gent guest : no no…nothing was problem
Lady : where is your daughter ..we want to see her
Amma: yeah..i will call her
Aama: ishu…plz come and bring water for guest also
Ishu came and gave water to them…amma was shock to see her
Lady guest: so how was your exam
Ishu: it was very nice…I will get passing marks
Lady guest splits some water
Lady guest: what only passing marks
Ishu: yess!!
Amma: sona…why are you here…where is ishu
(guys she was not ishu but she was sona)
Sona: ishu….woh…she might be coming……I will go and call her
Amma: no…you wait here…..ishu now plzz come don’t be afraid
Ishu: yes yes I m coming
She came and brought tea
She gave tea to three of them
Lady guest: you look nice in this sari
Ishu: thnx aunty

Aama: thapki beta plzz call ishu…..what r u doing this thing
(yes guyzz again she was not ishu bt it was thapki)
Thapki: yes amma..she will be coming
Aapa: ishu….come here
Now yes it was really ishu……
Zoya and pragya brought ishu in hall…
Guests + abhi confused to recognize ishu
Abhi: who is ishu
Aama brought ishu and make her seat beside her
Amma: she I s my ishu…and they four are her best frndz
Abhi: ohh…wow…you r looking nice(he was mesmerized seeing ishu in sari )
Zoya: ohh hello…why r u saying this things…who r u….
Pragya: you don’t have any rights to speak like this..
Sona: yess…only her to be husband have this right
Abhi: soo ..what I m the only one who was going to come here for seeing your frnd
Pragya: but it was abhi..the rockstar
Lady guest: no no..it was my son…the raman bhalla
Aamma: then your son only told me that..he is abhi the rockstar
(guyz…..it was not abhi who was going to come to see ishu…but it was raman…so the lagori was also talking with raman to success their plan 1)…hope your confusion is clear now..
Raman: ohh know…he is my frnd..and I was talking with him that time…so ..think so you had confusion…
Zoya: aise kaise…
Raman: think so I have heard your voice earlier….and yours three also (pointing towards PTS)
Sona: he na…I also think I have heard your voice earlier
PT pinches her…ask her to be quiet…bcoz they remember their talk with raman
Pragya: you might have some misunderstanding…and smile to him
Raman understands that there is something thing fishy……
Raman(in mind): raman beta…kuch to bahut badi gadbad hai…do something
Aama: so..how is our ishu
Mrs.bhalla: she is….
Mr.bhalla: she is really beautiful..nice girl..i like her..hai na santoshi
Mrs.bhalla: yes yes I also like her….raman how is she
Raman: she is okk…

Ishu gave an angry look towards raman as he said that she is ok
Raman: I want to talk with ishita alone..can i
Amma: yes yes why not..
Zoya: now we can talk with him..
Sona: but he said that he want to talk with her alone
Zoya: then what….no problem when zoya is here
Amma: come..i will take you both nd there you can talk peacefully..no one will disturb you…looking towards lagori gang
Zoya: amma…you don’t take any tension..i m here na….i will manage,,,,,we will take raman with ishu…
Pragya: and ha don’t take any tension we will not disturb them
Thapki: haan aama..we will take him
Lagori gang takes ishu and raman with them…
They took them towards balcony
Zoya: now you can seat here and talk…we will go….
They went and hide somewhere from where they can see and hear them
Raman: hi
Ishu: how dare you to say that I m okk….why?? I m not perfect…
Raman: ohh hello…..plzz keep quiet ……and I know you don’t want to do this marriage
Ishu: who said
Raman: your frndz call me and said that they want to cancel the marriage…
PSTZ widens their mouth as raman understood that they were trying to break the marriage alliance
Ishu: what?????
Raman: yes!!!
Ishu: accha kiya…..i am also not interested in this marriage
Raman: but I m
Ishu: what????
Raman: yess!!!
Ishu: then find some another girl…why me
Raman: no…I want you only….
Ishu: but ..why?
Raman: don’t know…
Ishu: but I don’t want
Raman: thats ur problem…..now plzz tell me why don’t you want to do this marriage …koi reason hai kya…bass aise hi..
Ishu: haan hai na
Raman : then tell me
Ishu: if I will do marriage then my frndship will be broken na
Raman: who said that so
Ishu: cant you listen…know only I said
Raman: if this will not happen then …
Ishu: then also I will not do…
Raman: aree ..meri maa….kyu yeh sab kar rahi hai….then why did you say yes to amma…
Ishu: for aama
Raman: or…you thought that it will be abhi ..thats why
Ishu: nooooo………I don’t love him….bt I like him only
Raman : then for amma..plz say yes for this marriage,,,,
Ishu: wait..let me ask to my frnds
Raman: its your maarige..then why r u asking them
Ishu: they are my life…and if you again try to say anything against them….direct yahan se niche jayange aap…..(it means that she will throw him down from balcony)
Raman: ohhkk..i m sorry
Ishu: its ok
Raman: but how will you throw me down..you cant do anything
PSTZ: but we can to anyhitng…
Raman: areeee…kaha fhasa diya mujhe…
Sona: what were you saying now
Raman: n..n..no..no..nothing
Zoya cam towards him said…: you want to do this marriage..right
Raman: yes
Sona: then we have some conditions….if you agree to all conditions…then we will say yes..
Raman: okk tell now…
Episode ends here…….to know the conditions…be ready for next epi..

precap: lagori gangs conditions to raman..
will raman agree to all conditions…


  1. abhigya

    awesome but praGya have chashma if have then remove it coZ your story is different that is why show pragya different

  2. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    hey snehu ur ff is awesome is getting better n best day by day is so fun ipstz friendship is too good and wow what a twist yaar abhi turned out to be raman :O 😛 and that was funny when ishita turned out to be sona and then thapki and then finally ishita 😛 i was thinking ishita-abhi? :p then when i read raman lol tab thik hain 😛

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