Hellooo,, hii,, namste frndz
I m back with epi first of “Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP?”
Before staring epi I want to tell u that there will no heros…don’t be sad but when I will need it…I will add them…I thought that there are many ff with lovestory..so a m trying to show the frndship of frnds.
intro is posted on Sunday you can read that one http://www.tellyupdates.com/will-love-damage-friendship-introduction/
Now lets start the epi
Year 2016:-
In hospital…in ICU
Inside:A girl is shown treated by doctors
Man:ishita plzz wake up….nothing will happen to u (by seeing through window)
Man is none another than raman…..
Raman: I know ishita you miss your frnds everymuch…bcoz of a single mistake you all 5 best frnds forever have been separated..but I knw frm past two years you all have been seprated but u all love n care for each other…none of u have talked to each other frm 2years neither call each other…u also don’t knw how r they..where r they….bt I know after listening abt ur helath ..they will come running within hours…..raman u have to do something fast…..now you have to reunite them all…….
After thinking raman got an idea…I will call them to the hospital they will surely come… raman calls her all frndz
Ranam: hello thapki…I m raman…ishita’s husband
Thapki: soo why do you have call me….can’t u let me live happily..
Raman: wow….u r happy n ur frnd is in hospital….woww what a frndship
Thapki: what?? What happen to ishu….in which hospital she is….
Thapki was hell shock….
Raman told her address of hospital
after that raman called zoya
Raman:haa hello zoya..i m raman
Zoya:ohh…raman why u have called me
Raman: zoya I want to tell one thing..can i
Zoya:ohkk tell fast
Raman:actually zoya..ishu is admitted in hospital….
Zoya:what..can’t you tell before..how is she in which hospital she is????
Zoya was also in much shock
After thapki n zoya raman call next frnd n she is none another than pragya
Raman: hello pragya..i m raman..ishu’s husband
Pragya:how r u raman bhai..and……….(was about to ask abt ishu but stoped but raman has guessed that)
Raman: ishita…she is in hospital..will u come she is missing everyone
Pragya:what happen to her..is she fine..where is she ….which hospital she is…many questions raised in pragyas mind
raman told her the address of hospital
then raman called sonakshi…
Raman: hello sona…raman speaking
Sona:hii…hello raman jiju how r u n how is…(same as pragya)
Raman: sona where r u
Sona: jiju right now I m in hospital..why r u asking
Raman: actually ishu is in hospital will u plzz come
Sona: yaa jiju I will come tell me address but what happen to her..
Raman: I will tell you after you come here
Raman tells her address
After half hour…in hospital
First praya then thapki n zoya n atlast sona came there. All lagori gang was present in hospital…but they were angry to see each other at the time they were teary eyed to see each of them after two years with much change in them
Raman:wow all frndz gathered here after 2years…wow raman good job cont.
All:its not a time to joke bhaiya/jiju/raman …where is ishu
Raman:ohh…ur frnd ishu…see she is there pointing towards the room
All:ohkk we will go
Raman: why WE you alone can go na?
All stare angry look towards raman n said we will
n they go in room
Raman: (in mind) they can’t live one minute wid each other when they r together …but they have spend there 2years widout each other…I will help ishu to unite with her frndz back..n I also came to know their weak point ”TOGETHERNESS ”
In room:
All gets teary eyed seeing ishu in that state
Thay all surrounded around the bed n seated on chairs
Zoya hold ishu’s hand(right hand)..n all saw the 5stars on her hand (IPSTZ had drawn the tattoo of 5star on the wrist of right hand) the tears rolled down from all eyes
Pragya: ishu, what happened to u…open ur eyes see we all are with you plzz yaar open ur eyes..i can’t see u like this
Thapki: ishu plzz open u r eyes na
Sona: plzz…Ishu
Zoya:ishu jaldi jaldi open ur eyes see I will never eat more icecreams from now..pakka
Pragya sona and thapki laugh at her statement but after that they came to know that they are not talking with each other…in this time ishu gets consciousness
PSTZ get happy tears after seeing ishu…
Ishu was shocked to see all her best frndz after two years that with all together
A smile appear on her face
They all hold ishu’s hand..(pragya and zoya hold right hand and sona n thapki hold left hand)
Ishu: all here
Pragya: why can’t we come to see our ishu
Zoya: after all u r in danger aur tumhare frndz n aa jaye..aise kaise ho sakta hai
Sona: zoya plzz ek sher ho jaye iss sad atmosphere ko happy karne ke liye
Thapki:haa zoya…ek sher to jarur batna hai
Zoya : toh phir suno suno
Aahat si koi aaye to lagta hai woh lagori gang ho
Saya se koi aaye to lagta hai woh lagori gang ho
Aab lagori gang ko hi pata ki woh kisi bhutni se kam na ho
Ishu: wah wah zoya what an shayri…but ye hum sabse jyada
Sona: tum par suit hoti hai
Zoya: what..did u all mean that I look like bhutni
Thapki:then u mean that we look like bhutni
Pragya: okk guyzz now stop fighting …we all are bhutni’s ..now okk
Zoya: then now I think we should change our grp name frm lagori gang to bhutni gang…wow what a nyc name zoya
Thapki: noooooooooooooooooooo not at all…..you know na rules of our grp
Sona: yaa zoya..now don’t forget it..or shall I tell
Ishu gets happy seeing her frndz back to normal after 2years..ishu holds all hands together n said from now no one will be separated we will always remain together
All take their hands back…..
Sona: I need to go now u take care byee
Thapki:I also need to go
Like this pragya and zoya also leave being sad n teary eyed bcoz they remember their happy moments
Ishu:ishu ..you need to do something to unite ur lagori gang..jaldi jaldi
Ishu remembers their frndship from collage life(they are frndz frm childhood but I will show their frndship story frm clg)
Ishu gets into flashback…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note:from epi2 story will be from flashback…there will be maximum epi of past than present
RECAP:weekend masti of lagori group
All at theater to enjoy weekend

Guyz I hope you have enjoyed this epi…if not then I m sure that u all will enjoy the flaskback episodes.
N pllzzzz do cmnts..u r free to comment …you can share your –ve and +ve views also on this ff
I want to ask some question…
Which another character do you want to see in this ff…you can tell me..
n thanx to cutiepie achu, monesha, ayushi, shaz, nikita, somya, arshi, juggu, vanilla, maya, fatarajo, aditya, disha, dee(devaksha) for supporting my ff my giving valuable cmnts…..

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  1. Simplesweety1

    good .. but try to add heroes … and if u want u can read my ff kya ma manengi ? …… a devakshi ff .. 🙂

    1. Nivika

      thanx sweety..i will try to add heros..nd i will surely read ur ff

  2. Bhoomi

    Superb yaar… Its very diffrent… I appriciate u … Frendship is very imp relation in our life …. Ameazing job…. Keep writing … lots of luv …. ? post next one soon….

    1. Bhoomi

      Plzz add DEV in your ff ……

    2. Nivika

      thak you bhoomi ……i will post next epi asap…n i will add dev in this ff

  3. Awesome but plzzz try to add heroes plzz

    1. Nivika

      thanx ayushi..keep supporting n i will add heros don’t worry..but after 2nd epi…bcoz i have my work done on 2nd epi

      1. Juggu

        We most of them don’t know Hindi translate in eng too. Then today you made remember my friends jass school friends my part of life but now got separated……

      2. Nivika

        juggu i will tranlate it into eng too…for u…..i also remeber my schl days

  4. Nice but interpret in English as well pls

    1. Nivika

      thanx kumud…n i will give translation to you in eng.

  5. Nice one. It will be great if dev is there too?

    1. Nivika

      thanx balamira…n yes i have added dev in this ff in epi2

  6. Arshi

    Wowowowoo… superb yaar… i too felt the same… almost all ffs are love story… ur ff will give new flavour… and i like this new flavour… and wat a shayari.. wowowow… supee frndz…. super start…

    1. Nivika

      thank you soo much arshi…….keep supporting

  7. I like your fan faction . But please ad bihaan .I like your idea. I am exited why their friendship break up. But please add bihaan. ♡♥♡ ♡♥♡.

    1. Nivika

      thanks garima……after all you all are my supporters so it will go according to ur wish..i will add all heros..

  8. Cool…Lagori gang??…Continue dear…but add heroes in college life that will be cool! And rest is up to you ?

    1. Nivika

      thanx kashfai…yaa clg lyf is not full widout heros…

  9. suparbb yarrrrrr

    1. Nivika

      tysm nannu

  10. Awsm epi waiting for heroes entry???

    1. Nivika

      thank you soo much kriya…wait for one more epi to see heros


    Wow interesting story…pls add hero’s… Pls update soon next part…

    1. Nivika

      thnx for cmnting…i will update next epi on 23rd june

    1. Nivika

      tysm pinky

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey snehu ur ff is just fab u r doing a good job keep it up loved the friendship between IPSTZ i wonder what happened and ur ff is unique too

    1. Nivika

      thanx joyee…its suspence yaar…thoda wait karo plzz…keep supporting

  13. Amazing episode waiting for next episode realyyyyyyyy nice story

    1. Nivika

      thank you soo much disha…..next epi will be on 23rd june

  14. Sarayumane

    Very nice, simply superb

    1. Nivika

      thanx sarayumane

  15. Hi Snehal. But your ff is a copy of Marathi serial LAGORI.. It’s ditto. Only difference is you have named the characters from the serials.

    1. Nivika

      hello usha…i know its the copy of marathi serials lagori..but the only thing is that i know to show my readers how can be the frndship b/t frndz…nd if you not read my intro thn plzz read bcoz in intro i have told that it the copy of marathi serial…but don’t worry i will be adding new scenes not frm that serial..and i have also introduce heros

  16. Dibya

    Amazing story Dr , ishu thapki sona Zoya n pragyan wow what a thought Dr i loved it so much n waiting for next ep ……..?

    1. Nivika

      tysm dibya…cont. reading…n keep supporting

  17. Superbbb…waiting for next episode…

    1. Nivika

      kruti thanx soo much

  18. It’s gud

    1. Nivika

      tysm shobana

  19. Nice story yaar…

    1. Nivika

      thnx vennila

  20. you blo*dyful..plz stop writing this ff…its so irritating…

    1. Nivika

      hey ani…if u r not interested then don’t read…bcoz i m not going to stop this ff bcoz all are liking this

  21. Sanam (Sania)

    i love ths ff

    1. Nivika

      thank you soo much sanam

  22. Dee(devaksha)

    Awesome start. Luv it. Y is ishu in hosp

    1. Nivika

      thanx dee(devakshi)…thoda wait karo…reason will be revealed in upcoming epi

  23. Very nice ff on friendship. Actually I am from andhra Pradesh. I know Hindi but not so fluently. Please update it in English.

    1. Nivika

      thanx anjali…n i iwll give eng. translation from next epi

  24. Nusz Khan

    So sorry I am late, but this episode was amazing.

    But I didn’t understand much because it was in Hindi!! I hope you put it in English.

    Anyways I can’t wait for the next episode, keep smiling like always Hun and also do you like Ragsan??? because I started a Fan-Fiction about them… Here are the links xx.

    Link for episode 1:

    Link for episode 2:

    Love you xx..

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Nivika

      hanx nusz for cmnting…n will give english translation frm next epi….i love your density vs love ff…..its amazing dear..n will your ragsan ff

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