Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (Introduction)


Happy FATHERS DAY to all readers
Hellloo everyone how r u….i m snehal…starting a new ff based on five shows
1.Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
2.Yeh hai mohabbtein
3.Qubool hai
4.Thapki pyaar ki
5.Kumkum bhagya
Name of ff: Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP?

1. SONAKSHI BOSE(Sona): an independent college going girl…loves her all friends much more than her life…loves to wear modern dresses and can do any thing for her frndz
2. ISHITA IYER(Ishu): is very insecure and confused and dependent on her four good friends sona, zoya, pragya and thapki who are a very loving group of friends and ishu looks up to them for every decision in her life. She is a simple girl without any ambitions.
3. ZOYA SHARMA: a totally independent, funny girl,,can make everyone smile with any solution and shayri lover girl, can do anything for her frndz..and hates her family the most(reason will be revealed in upcoming epi)

4. THAPKI SINGH: she stammers,,she gets full support from her friends.. She can’t stand infront of wrong things,,loves her frndz more than her life
5. PRAGYA ARORA: independent girl..who have ambition to bcom a good professor ..listens to her frndz most…never disobeys her frndz decisions..her life is her frndz..

Group name: LAGORI GROUP
Lagori is the game played in Maharashtra(don’t know where where it is played)…lagori is played using ball and pile of plat stones. Stones are arranged one upon another and we have to hit with ball at the stone…and tap of ball can tumble the entire group of stone if the ball is hitted to the last stone and this signifies that if one the frnd is hurt then all others can be hurt..lagori signifies the bond b/w five group of frndz..all frndz are everything to each other…all are dependent on their frndz..

Anyone can recognize there group by the fice stars on wrist of right hand
Note: the first epi will be the present day epi …in which you will understand that all frndz have parted their ways…n from second epi one of the frnd will get into flashback to their memories…
It will be the fun to watch their memories..which will show the frnd bond b/t lagori group
Maximum epi will be of flashback..and minimum will be of present…story will show “2 YEARS AGO”

I have got this storyline from one Marathi serial.
Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP…if you want to know then plzz read upcomimg epi….
Whats ur views on this story..plzz tell in comment box
And once again happy fathers day

And thanx to Fatarajo(aka random fan for helping me out)

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  1. Cutiepie Achu

    Nice.. Continue this..

    1. Nivika

      hey..cutiepie achu….thanx for commenting …n will cont. this story

  2. Nice plz continue

    1. Nivika

      tysm monesha……keep supporting

  3. Amazing thinking snehal

    1. Nivika

      thnx ayushi….loved your name”ayushi”

      1. Thanks snehal ur name is also good and do u know it’s meaning??

      2. Nivika

        oops sorry don’t know meaning of ayushi

      3. Not of ayushi but of ur name

      4. Nivika

        ohhh…thn i know meaning of snehal…..but dont know meaning of ayushi ..what’s it?

      5. One with long life and where r u from?? I live in Delhi

      6. Nivika

        i m from pune….btw why u have not register an acc for tu

    1. Nivika

      thnx shaz…

  4. Great plz continue and what about our heroes

    1. Nivika

      thnx for cmnting…sorry to say that there will be no heros….but for first epi raman will be there…n in middle epi there will be another heros

  5. Somya

    lovely concept keep writting

    1. Nivika

      thnx somya….keep supporting

  6. Arshi

    Wow… superb snehal… excited to know more….

    1. Nivika

      tysm arshi…i m happy that u liked it….keep supporting

  7. Juggu

    S fr sooper and u r s fr smart my dear s fr snehal

    1. Nivika

      hehehe juggu…thnx for this wonderful comnt…n keep supporting like this

  8. Awesome start…

    1. Nivika

      thnx vennila……

  9. Wow it will be interesting.

    1. Nivika

      thnx maya

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey snehu its awesome dear loved the intro and I didnt help u at all anyways thanks for giving me credit 😛
    i wonder what happened between the 5 frndz

    1. Nivika

      thanx farin for liking it…if u want to know what had happen b/t five frnd you have to wait for upcoming epi 😛 suspence to supence hi hota hai na ??..keep supporting?????

  11. its awesome
    update soon

    1. Nivika

      thnx aditya..will update next epi asap

  12. Really nice intro please continue soon

    1. Nivika

      tysm disha…i surely cont. this

  13. Dee(devaksha)

    Can’t wait. Pls tell me wen u gonna publish da first epi. Has some of me fav shows. Really CANT WAIT!!!

    1. Nivika

      hey thanx for cmnting..n keep supporting ..encouraging me to write…i will post my next epi tomorrow….is your KRPKAB fav show??

  14. Dee(devaksha)

    Yes one of n urs

    1. Nivika

      mine all are fav 😛

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