Will you love me back? – By Ninaku. Shot-3

Back with another shot!! It’s really making me jump when you guys like the story ?? keep loving❤❤ love?

Anika’s POV:

You still remember my birthday? He asks again.

“Err… you happen to have your birthday on the same day of my close friend Naina’s. So i remember it” i tell him.

Naina?? Whoever she is. That name popped in my mind at that moment. I cant tell him i remember it, or else he’ll find out that i have a thing for him.

“Thanks” he says with a smile. I should definetely get this smile clicked and framed in my room.

Suddenly he gets a video call. I peep in and make sure that i am not seen in the screen.

I see his brothers fighting to wish him first. The one with the abs is Rudra and the long hair one is Omkara. I’ve seen them in Shivaay’s instagram pictures. Shivaay loves his family the most.

Just when shivaay’s maa and dadi enters the scene pushing Ru and Om away.

“Billu, happy birthday” Dadi says.
“Beta, happy birthday” His mom says. Rudra and Om chorally shouts..”Happy birthday!!!!!!”

Following that, rudra sings..

“You’re born in the zoo
You’re born in the zoo
With monkeys and donkeys
And buffaloes kiss you”
(With the same Happy birthday tune)

“Same senseless song every time???” Shivaay asks rudra rolling his eyes.
I giggled.. and shivaay widened his eyes now.

“Bhaiya.. who is there? And where are you now.. why did you leave house so late at night??” Rudra kept shooting questions.

“Errrr.. im out at a client’s place. Her birthday today.. she is…. Naina” he stammers.

“HAHA.. my imaginary character helped” i think to myself.

“Omg!! Bhaiya tell me.. we are you first wish right?” Rudra asks.

Shivaay looks at me. Quickly like a reflex action, i shook my head rapidly indicating him not to tell them.

Shivaay turns to the screen with a smile, “You guys are always my first wish” he says and rudra sighs in relief. “Reach home soon beta” his mom says and cuts the call.

He turns to me now.
“Why didnt you want me to tell them that you were my first wish” he asks.

I smirk, “you know the reason. I can see that Your brothers love you the most. And your maa and dadi were also so sweet. They stayed awake just to wish you. They shouldnt get disappointed” i say.

He frowns a bit, “But im disappointed now” he says making my heart break a little.

“As soon as my mom wishes me, she kisses me on my cheeks every year. And this year it didnt happen” he says so sadly and was about to turn away.

I cant see him sad. Like ive waited 6 years to talk to him and i wont see him leaving with a sad face.

I grab his hand, tip-toe’ing myself i place a gentle kiss on his cheeks.

“What did you just do now?? If he says he missed his mom’s kiss, will you kiss him.. you are not his mom. Confirm, he’ll slap you now” i mentally kicked myself.

He looked at me blankly for few seconds and pulling out a small smile he walked to the roof again.

“Definitely he thought that i am desperate” i silently shout at myself.

He jumps in to my room with a bottle of beer. I guess he brought it along when he climbed up.

“Do you mind if i have it?” He asks.

I have always hated it when my uncle drinks. But when shivaay asks me, i obviously cant say NO. I shrug my shoulders and he settles himself beside me on my bed.

He starts gulping it in and we speak for a while about our college days.
Few minutes later, he gets the alcohols’s effect and he dozez off on my shoulder.

I am so Dead now!!!! His hair strands dancing near my neck gives me this tingling sensation in my heart. I breath in deeply with my hands automatically travelling to his hairs and i comb it so that i make him comfortable.

He was about to loose balance so i gently placed his head on my lap.

“My shivaay!!!.. in my lap!!!
I cant believe this. I guess god is giving me all the happiness which i had lost in the past 6 years. Im happy even if i die the next second” i think to myself and keep combing his hair.

Suddenly he turns to me. I guess he is awake from the effect now.
Before i make him sit straight he himself raised his head up and his eyes was fixed with mine.

He was now just an inch away from me. OM MY GOD!! Im getting goosebumbs. His breath is fanning my lips. Control yourself anika.. control !! I chant it like a mantra.

His effect on me can be clearly seen on my face. I try to control my harmones as much as possible.

He smiled again.
Damn it you!!!! Why do you make me go crazy all the time? I shout through my eyes.

“Good morning” he says with his s*xy hustky voice. Will this man stop making my knees weak? I muttur under my breath.

He gets up and walks out to the roof. I run behind him like a child and ask him.. “Are you going home like this??”

Ignoring my question, “I had a good time with you. Hope i meet you soon. Soon.. yeah.. very soon. Ill pick you up tomorrow for my birthday party. Be ready” he says and slides down the pipe.

I saw him going down the pipe. I smiled and thought.. “is this what people say as “good morning” cause This day is indeed the BEST ! I exclaim and run to sleep.

Strangely i slept too soon today. People say that, after meeting your loved one you’ll tend to stay awake thinking about them for long.

It was wrong in my case. Everyday i couldnt sleep, thinking “who do i have” .. but today.. i have him, shivaay. He considers me as a friend though. But that is enough for me. Atleast im under his notice. I dive into a deep slumber snoring so loud.

Next morning i get up late pulling my duvet above my head which eventually pulls all my hair strands up. I yawn and stretch my hands up.

Quickly taking a bath, i brush my hair and let it loose. I wear my pastel coloured dress.

Before i could hit the last step, i hear shivaay’s voice. I raise my head to see shivaay and uncle arguing.

Widening my eyes, i run to them and stand inbetween. “Anika dont stand in my way. This guy.. how dare he house-arrest you depriving you from the outer world.” Shivaay yells.

My uncle fumed in anger and asked me to go in. While shivaay grabbed my hand and made me stand beside him.

“She is not going anywhere. Im taking her with me” shivaay says stiffly.

My uncle, to my shock, raised his hands against Shivaay.

“DONT YOU DARE!!!” I shout and hold his hand. Both my uncle and shivaay was astonished. I have never raised my voice. This was my first. I will bear any insult on my face, but on shivaay’s?? Ill kill that person whoever it is.

My uncle looked at me in disbelief.
“Dont you dare raise your hands on him. Or dont you dare stop me from going. You think you are protecting me? You are killing me day by day. Ive been slowly dying inside me for the past 6 years. I cant even swallow a morsel of food hapily here. Im mature enough to live my life. Now please..let me go!” I shout pouring out all my grief in a gist.

He not only looked stunned but also lifeless. He was worth it. I’ve been stopping myself for a long time from this.

I quickly grab shivaay’s hand and head out. Once im out i stand there still, closing my eyes and take in a deep breath. I start to sob.

“Hey.. heyy… what you did there was right. You dont need to worry. Stay strong. Sometimes you need to stand up to stay happy” shivaay says and side-hugs me.

Gathering myself, “where are we going?” I ask him with a pink nose.

“My house” he says and we drive away in a blink. After reaching his house, i saw nearly fifty people enjoying the party. It was a lunch party. We entered his house. Nope.. it was like a palace.

Shivaay took me right to his brothers and introduced me. And then to his Dadi and Maa. He then was pulled away by some officials and he was quite engrossed with them. While i took Dadi’s and his mother’s blessing.

I had a good time chit chatting with his brothers. Rudra and Me silently teased the people at the party. Om showed me his amazing painting.

This guy is equally good in painting like Gauri. Gauri was the painting teacher in my school. I should introduce her to him” i thought.

Though i was talking to dadi, my eyes was fixed on shivaay. He was looking a gentleman in his three piece suit.

A few of the lady staffs gathered around him and took selfies.
NO. Im not jealous… maybe a little. No. Yes. No. Yes. Arrgghhhh shivaaay dont do this to me” i rolled my eyes and dozed off in one of their couches.

When i woke up, it was dark outside.
“Shivaay has thrown me out of his house!!” I thought to myself and sprung up to see myself still on the couch. The guests have left.

Face-palming myself i get up and see shivaay sitting with a magazine behind me. 

“Had a good time?” He asked with a smile. “Loved it” i reply.

“Bieleve me shivaay, i love every nano second we spend together” i said to myself.


So did you like it today? ? hope you did. Do comment about the story. Love ninaku. Have a great day guys ???? infinte love ?

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    Yeah it is awesome dear… Anika stand for her self….. Lovely update dear

    1. Ninaku

      Nikitha dear ❤ thankyou!!!!!

  2. Anitaaa3

    Very Good

    1. Ninaku

      Thanks anitaaa ???

  3. Amazing.. Loved the way she finally stood up to uncle and that birthday wish scenes.. All were awesome ❤

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou sammm ❤❤ always a pleasure ?

  4. Tarini

    Nina baby its the best i love it ?????✌pls post the next ASAP

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou tarini baby ???

  5. Fenil

    Superb update
    busy so short comment

    1. Ninaku

      That’s alright fenil ❤ thankyou ???

  6. Damn…this is so good…❤ thank u for updating soon…

    1. Ninaku

      Thankieee sabhya.. if updating soon makes you guys happy.. ill definitely update soon ???❤

  7. Jerry_36

    Hey Ninaku ! Read both the chapters in one go. You are a real inspiration. You write hell beautiful, can’t get tired of admiring your writings. To be honest, I felt a little bad when she raised her voice against her uncle, I mean yes but wasn’t it a little, thora sa rude. I know she loves Shivaay like anything but he has taken care of her for long, he slaps, that’s bad but he is overprotective na. I felt that way so shared, hope you’re not having any issues with that.
    Loved this one. Post soon❤

    1. Ninaku

      Aww jerry.. it’s completely alright to tell me anything. And i know it was rude. I have something in the next chap to do with that…glad you pointed it out. It was indeed rude. I wanted it to be rude. You’ll come to know what happens as a remedy in the next chap ❤❤ and thankyou buddy.. your compliment means a lot ??

  8. SMC

    Very nice episode..??❤️

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou SMC ??❤❤

  9. Niriha

    Awesome….loved it waiting 4 next

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou niriha dear ???

  10. Ashwinee

    Awww sooo cute update di loved it .

    1. Ninaku

      Aww thanks dear. ?? means a lot !!

  11. Archisha

    It is just so cool ! I loved it like anything ! Post soon

    1. Ninaku

      Thanks archisha ❤ your name is unique ?? i like it !!

  12. Sairish

    hey di…
    such an aweful chappy it was …like really i lovedd every bit of it….
    plzz do post the next one as soon as possible plzz??
    sorry for the chottu sa comment …your long comment writer is busy with some of the school works and exams..can’t help it…
    but Mark my words …
    you write exceptionally beautiful…
    TAKE CARE di
    lots of love

    1. Ninaku

      Eeee sairish ?? thankyouu!!!!!!!!!
      Not a problem my long commentor.
      Do concentrate on your exams dear ??
      You take care too. ❤

  13. Maryam_ishq

    I loved it !!! Ur update makes me jump frm my place ??.
    Finally anika stands up against her uncle and she vents out all her feelings which were hidden inside her frm the past 6 yrs. And her reaction when her uncle was abt to slap HER SHIVAY was too good.
    This would be the best night of her life. She even kissed shivay ?, wht more could she ask for ?… it feels as if all her wishes have been fulfilled in one night. The comments she says in her mind are so apt and hilarious ??. It looks as though shivay had come fully prepared tht night… beer and all. Haiii…. shivay was in her lap ???… so nice.
    Om and gauri’s setting… nice… is there any teacher for rudra also ??? (gym teacher).
    Shivay invited anika to his birthday party… so nice and anika dozed off over there.
    Can’t wait for the next epi… take care dear ???

    1. Ninaku

      Awwww maryam ?? dude i love it when you live in those scenes. Your comments are beautiful’er than my story ❤❤ year.. right ?? it looks like shivaay had come prepared ??Anika ‘s a sleepy head. She dozez off mostly ? thankyou maryam ????

  14. Lauren

    Amazinggggg ninaku…. loved it… it was awesome… post nxt asap….

    1. Ninaku

      Thanksssss lauren ??


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  18. Awesome….Loved it….
    Finally Anika taking a stand for herself….
    The family wishing Shivaay was too cute…
    Waiting fr d nxt….?
    Lots of love ❤

  19. Ankita27

    Wonderful update… u just nailed it…. Finally anika stands up again her uncle…. Superb…. shivika…?? Eagerly waiting for the next update.. plz post asap…

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