Will you love me back? – By Ninaku. Shot-2

Since you guys are liking it.. im making it five shots ? Enjoy !! And thankyou everyone who commented. Means alot ❤ dont wanste time and read this interesting chap. Love ❤??

Anika’s POV:


Totally lost in his blue-green orbs, i dont move a bit. Inhaling his cologne and feeling pampered by his touch. I breath so deeply just so i dont miss any part of the air around him.

I’ve never seen him so close. It was last when in college during one of those cultural practice sessions he held me tightly when i was about to fall from the stairs.

I wasnt aware that he was calling my name for so long until he snapped me out and made me stand straight. Tucking my hair behind my ears, i stood quietly.

He looked at me with a curious face.
“Why are you here at this time?” He asks.

“Errr.. Errr… was going to buy some CDs” i tell him.

He nods and looks around, maybe was making sure that there are no rogues around.

“Shall i come along?? He asks making me freeze for a moment.

Im probably one of those silent girls who never utters a word. But these feelings im going through.. butterflies fluttering inside my stomach, dizziness in my mind, legs those are literally flying off the ground, dancing fingers, uneven breath can clearly speak millions of words.

I so wanted to tell him an YES. But what if he thinks im Desperate. What if he feels i accepted it so quickly.

“Err.. why do you take the strain??” I tell him with a heavy heart fidgeting my fingers.

“Not at all. It’s so dark and lonely here, I just wanted to accompany you. Are you alright with it??” He asks.

He doesnt have any idea how much this means to me. I so wanna hold his hands and ask him to accompany me throughout my life. But i cant. I look into his eyes and just smiled.

He asked me to move forward and he followed me. We reached the nearby store and i bought some CDs.

He looked at the music CDs and smirked.”Im a music teacher” i chuckle and tell him. He smiled and i smiled back.

I just cant expect him to know my profession. “He isnt a stalker like me” i thought and smiled to myself. I stalked his entire facebook and instagram accounts. He is the owner of their oberoi companies and industries. And as far as i know, he isnt married nor he loves anyone. And that made me go on cloud nine. I know im being selfish *bites my tongue* ?

We were heading back, just when the street dogs started barking at me. Probably because of my skirt. I’ve heard dogs hate skirts, do they really??

I was so scared that I wasnt in my senses when i held his hands so tightly.

A second later i realised it, and before i could release my hands from him he kept his other hand over mine comforting me and assuring me that he’ll take care.

He took the nearby stone and shooed the dogs away. I sighed in relief..and we started walking.

Little did i realise that my hand is still on his’s. I immedietly took it off and stood on the lonely road silently with him near me. I saw that the road was too dark now.

Did i leave his hand so soon?? I should have held it longer atleast till i cross this road.

He saw my face turning embarrassed.
He, with a heavenly smile, intertwined his fingers with mine..

” I am scared.. can i hold your hands??” He asks childishly.

I know he was acting that way to make me feel less embarrassed, so that it would be him not me who wanted to hold hands.

I hummed and mentally slaped myself for making him feel uncomfortable.

We walked down the road mostly quiet, with our fingers intertwined.

Eeeeee can someone pinch me.. im literally having khushi ki aasun now. Can we just walk this road forever like this??? I smiled to my other side not showing him my happiness.

“You never changed” he says and i look at him blankly. Like.. i’ve grown up, my height is taller than what i was 6 years back, i’ve grown mature, what else is he expecting?? I thought.

“Same old quietness” he says.
I scratch my head cause he’s true.
I have never talked to anyone or met anyone after college, except at where i work.

I smiled. “You haven’t changed as well” i say.

He threw a curious face, raising his eyebrows. “Same old khidkithod smile” i slipped my tongue.

He giggles..”same old weird words” he says.

Making myself comfortable now.. i ask him “We weren’t friends back then. How did you know i speak such words?” I ask him out of curiosity

“Only you didnt talk to me.. all your girl friends did. They used such words. And i got to know that You were the one who spread such words..” he says chuckling.

“Why wont they?? They drooled over him all the time” i rolled my eyes and we continued talking until we reached my house.

To my great shock, uncle was standing infront. He looked at me first and then at our intertwined fingers.

That old man always ignores the other person. It is only me who is always slapped or shouted at. But this time i really didnt want him to scold shivaay. So i immedietely slipt my fingers out and walked to him.

“He is my classmate. Few dogs were chasing me. He helped me and brought me home safely” i say.

My uncle wasnt ready to take any reason. There goes count two. Another slap.

I was about to cry. I took a look at shivaay and ran inside. I cried for a while not because my uncle slapped me.. i am used to it, but because shivaay and i couldnt have a good goodbye. He must have felt uneasy.

I had my dinner and came back upstairs. By then It was 11:30 at night.

I was looking at shivaay’s picture and reminiscing our walk together. Just when i heard some creepy sounds outside my window.

I walked slowly towards it with fear. With every step i make, the wooden floor makes usual sounds as well. I isnt usual anymore, making noise that scares me.

Suddenly a shadow arises which scares a hell out of me. I gush out air immedietly when that shadow turns out to be shivaay.

What is he doing here at this time??? I ask myself. And rush out to help him in. But he signals and asks me to come out.

Before i could say something he made himself comfortable on my house rooftop.

I climbed out and sat beside him.
“Why are you back? And at this time..” i ask him.

“Saw you cry when you ran inside your house. I couldnt leave with guilt inside me. It was because of me, you got slapped. Im sorr..” before he could complete i placed my finger on his lips.

I realised what i have done and quickly took my finger off.

“It wasnt your mistake.. ” i say and let my eyes wander.

“Why arent you standing against your uncle? He is slapping a woman who is probably 26 years now. This is domestic violence. You should speak up.” He says.

I give him a faint smile. “He is my guardian. He is just protective over me. My parents wanted him to take care of me. And he is pretty obsessed with his assignment i guess” i say and giggle.

“Sing me a song” he says all of a sudden, which leaves me dumbstruck. Like seriously.. it’s like 11:50 at night and he wants me to sing.

I roll my eyes and he laughs seeing me do that.

“Please please.. you are a music teacher and you shouldnt mind singing one” he says.

I can sing infront of children, teachers, even my uncle.. but him.. out of everyone he is the one im quite concerned about.

I dont wanna tear his eardrum by singing” i think to myself and hesitate a bit.

He doesnt mind it. I could see him getting interested. I dont wanna spoil his mood.

I clear my throat and sing a song. He probably should have forgotten this song. He sang this song at one of our college events.

He started to sing along with me. And could i ask for more? I really loved my day today. Him remembering me was my first surprise, our walk together with intertwined fingers was the next and our roof talk must be the last i guess. Im sure this day is getting into my “Best day” section in my personal diary.

Just when my uncle taps my room door. He never came upstairs. So i panickly run towards the door. And answer it without opening.

“What was that sound” he asks me.
“I was singing” i tell him.
“Why does it sound too rough? Are you alright? He asks me making me stumble.

I turn to see shivaay controlling his laughter. I stick my tongue out to him and was imagining what to say.

Finally “i have my cramps” came out of my mouth. Seriously?? I asked myself and did a face-palm.

My uncle gulped in..”take care. Make sure you take your tablets” he says with a bit of concern striking his voice.

I hummed and turn to shivaay looking everywhere but me. I know i shouldnt have spoken about “cramps” infront of him.

“Nice room” he says diverting the topic.
“Duh… he’s one of a richest guy in town and he is complimenting my little clumsy room” i think to myself and say “thanks” in a sarcastic tone.

Just when my clock ding dongs at 12’O clock. I look at him and decide to say it.. ive been waiting for this minute.

Happy birthday ! I tell him.
If i can remember him for 6 years, why wont i know his birthday. Im glad he came back again. It was as if it was planned, and i guess I was meant to be the “first wish”.

He looks at me with a satisfied smile.
You remember it? He asks me.

“You idiot!!! I remember each and every second of ours” i scream in my mind.

Hope you guys liked it?? ??❤ do drop in your comments. Have a wonderdul sunday evening guys ❤❤

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  1. SMC

    Wow it was amazing..❤️???

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    Very cute update di ?

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    Awesome…fabulous part loved it eagerly waiting for next update soon

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  4. Zaveesha

    Wonderful… amazing… I’m totally loving it…

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  5. Awesome loved it cute sweet

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  6. Sam-99

    Superb part love it post next asap

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  9. This is sooooooo damn lovely!!!! ❤❤❤❤

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        *mona ❤❤ glad you liked it !

  11. Fenil

    Awwww so fantastically written.
    The way they are walking so romantic.
    Talking on rooftop was so classy.
    She wished him first.
    His care for her cute.
    Loved it to the core.

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou fenil ???

  12. Wow….the story I growing so beautifully…i wish I could read whole 5 shots with one go….plss update the next part soon….

    1. Ninaku

      Awww so sseet. Thankyou sabhya ???? next part on the way.

  13. Amazing.update soon

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  14. beautiful discription of feelings I lvued it tooo the core.

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      Aww thankyou vennila. ❤??

  15. That was soo beautiful❤??…..
    Each and every line was having soo much of feelings, just so magical?..

    Just her uncle is kinda really overprotective i guess ??…

    While reading my hands really went numb,my heart was going all the way Shala lala la?…
    I was feeling as if i am at Annika’s place…

    And you know what,that’s the best thing about your ff …
    Your writing make us soo engrossed in the story ….

    Am eager to know the next part ….
    Post soon dear?…

    1. Ninaku

      Making me you people to love my story is my job. Im happy i could do that. ?? thankyou so much sofi ???love ?

  16. Sairish

    heyyy di…
    ufff maar dala ….
    you write so very well yaar …i hope you remember that I once said in your last chappy of “when the Cupid goes blind we create our destiny” that I will surely be waiting for another stort to fall in love with…and with full surety….this is the one ??…
    wish I could write like you once in my lifetime that would be a great achievement…please teach me how to write so good so that i can do well in my writing skills …????…
    this was as usual a super duper cute chappy (for me) …how both shivika remember each ..thier entwined fingers…thier singing…their concern for each other….annika’s POV..everything is perfect beyond perfection…..and the SONE PE SUHAGA was that “first wish” …that left me in an awwwww literally…it was his birthday …so great thought of yours ..i really feel like killing annika’s uncle ….
    at last ..
    di plzzz post the next one soon..sooner soonish
    TAKE CARE di
    lots of love

    1. Ninaku

      Heheh.. you are making me feel special sairish. Im just a writer. And a budding one tho. Im happy my writing could satisfy you. Love you sairish!!!! And thankyou!!! This Means a lot ❤???

  17. Dhar

    Superb to the power of infinity… Loved it to the coreeeee… Plzz do post the next update ASAP… Lovely little update

    1. Ninaku

      To the power of tiffany ??❤❤ next post is on the way.. ??

  18. Maryam_ishq

    Mind blowing epi dear !!! U just made my day with this epi… and plus u made it five shots ??… can’t control my happiness just like anika.
    I love ur story so much caz u can actually relate to it in real life. Shivay ??? was just too good in this epi… he held her hands so tht she isn’t afraid anymore or embarrassed… tht was just so sweet of him. He even came to check on her aftr she went home crying ??… and thn they sang together.
    Anika sayin abt cramps to her uncle when shivay was there ????… i was literally laughin when she said tht. This was like an unexpected date of shivika… walkin hand in hand on the lonely,dark road and thn singing together on the rooftop and she being the first one to wish him on his birthday… it’s no less thn a dream come true for anika.
    Anika’s comments in her mind are hilarious ???. Nice to see shivay remembers her weird words frm college ?.
    Can’t wait for ur next epi… do update soon.
    Take care dear ???

    1. Ninaku

      Awww thankyou maryam ❤❤❤ you notice all the moments so beautifully and im happy that i could make you relate to it. Love ???

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely dear ..

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou nikitha ❤❤??

  20. Awesome….Loved it…❤
    Everything was described so beautifully that I could imagine it….
    Seemed Magical~Walking in the night,Singing song on roof top & now birthday….?
    Waiting fr d nxt….?

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou ‘shivika’ (my fav name ??) whoever you are, you are just so sweet and lovely❤❤?

  21. Awwwwww… So NYC….. Luvd it to core… Post asap

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      Thankyou sweet sweety ❤❤??

  22. Mindblowinggg update yr….. Just luv it 2 d coreee….

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      Thankyou banita ???


    1. Ninaku

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    Wonderful update… loved it..

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