Will you love me back? – By Ninaku. Shot-1

Haii lovely readers. Back with my shivika shots as promised. This is the first of the three. I loved this concept but i dont know whether ill be able to put it in words that impresses you. Do tell me if this is good. Love and love only to you all. ❤❤

Anika’s POV:

TRINGGG!!!!!!! Goes the school bell.

All these 3rd standard students look at me with disbelief in their eyes and i give them a puppy face.

“Dont worry students. We’ll sing Your favourite song tomorrow” I say with my wide smile.

And i can see some faces turning into bright smiles as well. Karan, the chubbiest boy of my class has a angry face now.

“Uh oh!! I should somehow console him” i think to myself and walk towards him. I kneel beside him and cross my arms infront.

“Someone is angry..” is say. And he turns his face away. I drop my jaw seeing his cute antics.

“Aww. Sorry karan i couldnt attend your birthday party. I know im your favourite teacher and you really wanted me to come. But please understand. I had work baby…” i say and give him hug.

While he jerks me off.
“Dont lie mam. I know that your uncle is too strict with you. And he wont leave you out after school” he says and this could be the actual truth.

I stay with my guardian uncle as my parents passed away few years back. I started teaching after completing my college and this boy is my favourite as he reminds me of someone from college. I tell him all my secrets. Though being half my height his advises are double my thoughts.

I quickly ruffle his hair and bid him goodbye. The next minute he steps out of the classroom he again peeps in.

“Atleast smile at Mr. SSO today. Dont act like a 3rd standard girl, Totally shy” he says.

I pretent to act angry and i raise my eyebrows. He laughs and runs out.
Shaking my head, i head out to see my uncle right at the entrance.

Fine, he is protective. NO!! Over protective. Short tempered. Angry. Very angry. He never allows me to spend a minute late at school. He picks and drops me right infront of the entrance.

Luckily there isnt a driveway to my classroom or he’ll drop me right in front of that already.

He never allows me out of house. He buys me everything and doesnt even give me a chance to visit the neighbouring shops.

He gives me a cold deadly look.
“You are two minutes and twenty three seconds late” he tells me getting on to his old scooter. I roll my eyes and mock him under my breath.  I quickly climb behind his scooter.

My school was just five streets away from my house. We turned around the corner of the street of my school to enter into the busy street. Crowded shops on either sides of the street.

Bakery shops mostly and a few tea stalls and one cafe.

My eyes searched through this huge crowd just to find those eyes. Those blue or green eyes whatever they are at right now. They look green the first minute and blue the next. Those dreamy eyes.

I finally got to see him talking to Rohan, My street guy. They both chit chatted everyday at this cafe. I saw him laughing at one of Rohan’s jokes or maybe one of his’s.

But damn i want this laugh to be recorded right now, so that i can hear em whenever i feel the pain. This laugh is indeed a pain killer.

Amidst all the commotions and confusions all i could hear is my raising beartbeat and his laughter.

My eyes is fixed on him the whole time my uncle was struggling to pass through this crowd. Once we are out of the crowd, i started getting tensed.

“What if if i dont meet him tomorrow?” That question haunted me everyday. But 6 years passed but never did a day come without seeing him. Fortunately he always visited Rohan. I never Knew Rohan and shivaay are best friends.

Cutting me off from my thoughts, i hear a loud cry. “ANIKAAAAA!!!” it sounds. The clamour of the crowd stops.

I turn to see HIM, SHIVAAY,  running towards me. He immedietly bent down and this had my heart skip a beat.

What is he doing??.. i squealed inside me as my uncle was infront us.

Shivaay quickly pulled out my dhuppata which had enterd into the wheel. Any minute later my neck would have been twisted by it.

I had this teary eye. I dont know why..
Was i crying because i was afraid of losing my life the next moment? or was i crying realising he still remembers me?

Whatever. Now I just know he remembers me. I looked at him, Into his eyes. “Thankyou” i whisper audible to him.

Just when my uncle comes down parking his scooter and grabs me breaking my eyelock with shivaay.

He slapped me so hard that his fingers had their imprint on my cheek. I turn to him in disbelief.

“If he calls your name, will you turn back? So whoever calls you, you’ll run behind them?” He shouts and i drop my head down in disgust.

“Sir, i was just trying to help” i hear shivaay talk to my uncle.

My uncle joins his hands. “I beg you.. please mind your own business. We know how to take care of ourselves” he says with anger clear in his tone.

We both sit on the scooter and my uncle drive me quickly to our house.
He signs me to go to my room upstairs. Im glad atleast he gives my private space after entering the house. He never disturns me inside our house. I rush to my clumsy yet compact room.

Serial lights hanging across my room.
My pictures hanging here and there. I managed to tear out shivaay’s pictures from our collage year book.

He was an all rounder. I dont know, to what his participation in college programmes helped, but im sure it definetely helped me in getting more of his pictures from the yearbook.

I stretch my hands and fall on my bed, thinking how few minutes back he shouted my name and came running to me.

“Ahhh!!!! He still remembers me!!!!!!
Ahhh!!!! I love him” i silent-yelled.

I had stuck few of his pictures in my cupboard and i used to drool over it everyday.

Who wouldnt love this Kanji aankhen boy. His smile.. damn that smile, is what made me fall for him. He used to be the most naughtiest of our class.

Throwing paper rockets inbetween classes, teasing teachers, having a mad gang always around him, stealing all our lunch boxes. Damn, how i miss my college life.

I never spoke to the boys. and sometimes to the girls. I just studied, studied and studied. But i always took glares at him. I had this tiny little thing called Crush on him at first.
But i heard one of the girls, telling that “if a crush lasts more than 6 months, then it is nothing less than love”

I never knew i could love. How could some nerd like me, LOVE ? But my doubts got cleared, when i started feeling jealous whenever he was around some girls,  when i felt chills going down my spine whenever we had an eyelock after dashing.

It’s been 3years at college and 6years after that. Still i never met anyone like him or i never do i want to meet anyone like him.

Spending my entire evening thinking about him and my memories with him, suddenly i think about my uncle shouting at him. I feel so sorry for shivaay.

I was not okay with my uncle for being too protective for me and isolating me from the outer world but i literally hate him today for shouting at SHIVAAY.

My “inner bulb” turns ON or what you call as an “idea” clicks my mind.

I pull my loose hair to a bun and i wear my knee length skirt and a cute tee over it.

I run downstairs and see him lying on his bed with Vicks smell gulping everywhere in the hall.

“Cold??” I ask him.
He gently nods lying in his bed.

Seeing me in my changed dress..”are you going somewhere?” He asks me with stiffness in his voice.

I gulp in and answer ” i was wondering.. if i could go with you to the nearby CD shop and buy a music cd for school tomorrow. I have a class with the new students. I should probably give them some entertainment” i say and wait for an answer.

He sighs and grabs his head. He must be having head ache too i guessed.

“It’s 9 already. It is not safe for you to go out now. But i cant come now too. This head ache is such a mess” he says and there was silence was for a while.

I cleared my throat and knowing he wouldnt leave me out i turned to go upstairs.

“But be back soon” he says and my eyes widen in shock. “He is okay with me going alone??? Wahhh!!!” I say to myself and i control my excitement and walk slowly outside pretending to be normal.

Once being out i jump in joy and walk straight to that busy road.
It was amusing to find it empty. I have never been out of house after school so i never knew how the streets looked after my departure. 

Admiring the lonely street like a little child i take a glance at the glowing moon. I walk on the street with my eyes fixed at the moon, not noticing who i was about to dash on the road.

Once, after hitting the person face to face i slip and was about to fall back. When the tender hands of HIM, caught me by my waist. 

“Anika!! Are you okay?” I hear his voice.

“What do you know? Im more than okay now” my mind voice said seeing his dreamy blue-green eyes locked with my eyes.

So how was it? ? And silent readers of mine, Haii !!!! Drop in your comments too. Infinite love. ??

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  8. Tarini

    This such an awesome update a girl who never sees tge world before, a protective uncle and a crush in the streets of mumbai. My dream is to stay at india and seeing the world cause i stay at Malaysia such a boring place my wish is to live in mumbai and starting my life there.???INDIA my dream place in the world

    1. Ninaku

      Wow tarini. I wish you’ll come back to India soon. My prayers dear ??❤❤ and thankyou ??

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  12. Jerry_36

    Hey Ninaku !
    It’s just wow ! You are an amazing writer, such a beautiful concept, can’t thank you enough for writing this.
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  13. it was realy too good… I jst lvd it . U r really a good writer .

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  14. Fenil

    Excellent work Dear.
    Interesting story.
    The girl who has not seen world after school evening,love with her college boy ,street crush, protective uncle,Loved the bonding of Rohan and Shivaay.

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou fenil ?? both her street crush and college love was our one and only shivaay. And yeah.. you’ll get to kbow about rohan’s and shivayy’s bond in my last shot ? love ❤

  15. Sairish

    heyyy.. …
    so happy to have u back …
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    I know you have written an article on either rumya or gaurika after “when the Cupid goes blind we create our destiny ” ….but my heart na…….only beats for “#shivika”
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    truely inspired by you
    plzz post the next one ASAP plzz plzzz
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    1. Ninaku

      Heeeeyyyyy sairish !❤❤
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  17. Maryam_ishq

    Awesome epi dear!!! So good to have u back aftr a long time.
    Very different concept and it’s really nice. Anika and shivay were college mates and she had a crush on him since then ??… and when he said her name, it’s such a different feeling tht someone remembers u even though they haven’t met u in a long time. U have written it so well. It was a surprise tht her uncle actually let her go out at tht time.
    Do post the next one soon

    1. Ninaku

      Maryam dude missed you so much ❤ and thankyou ?? your comment always inspires me. And yes indeed that feel is bliss ?next update is on the way ?

  18. heyyyy………..it was a nice one and i enjoyed reading …………….

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    1. Ninaku

      Seriously dude ?? ??? im literally laughing here. My writing skills are good. If you say so…and i wish you do your exams well ❤ thankyou??

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    Really nice plot ? Wonder what will happen next?

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      Keep wondering.. interesting chap on the way. U’ll like it ??

  25. Wow!!!! Ninaku it’s Mindblowinggg yr…. Luv Anika’s character soooo much…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

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      Hey banita.. missed you dude ❤❤ and thankyou ??

      1. Miss too yr….

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    Great start… Beautiful concept… anika’s portective na not protective but over protective uncle … clg crush… felt bad anika’s uncle slapped her… Eagerly waiting for shivika story… update asap…


  29. Awesome…Loved it…❤
    Amazing Concept!!!
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