I will live for my family (swasan os)

Hey guys Anniya here, sry for no ff or Ts today. Just this idea popped out so as usual I don’t able to stop my self..
Hope u like it…

Girl POV…
Now it had been since one year u had cheated me. The day u called me and inform me u want break up. That time I felt like killing my self. I have forgotten my self in your love. My world always started from u and end on u. I still remember our first meeting, our first kiss, our confession and our break up. I remember each and everything regarding u. How we met in CLG.

Xyz CLG,
“ oh common swara don’t be so stupid, these love is all waste of time. Concentrate on studies” kavita
“ no di, u believe it or not but I believe one day my prince charming will come and marry me” swara
“ u and ur prince, just go to hell.” Kavita
Both parted their ways,
“ why di never understand I wanted someone like baba, like he loves mom I want someone also love me like that” Swara to herself
She is still loss in her own thoughts, she dashes with someone.
“ oh god, why this wall is here.” Swara
“ oh madam, I am not any wall. I am human, u should be careful while walking.” Guy
“ listen mister, I am not lost anywhere . it’s ur mistake. Now leave me.” Swara
“ first I am not any mister, I have wonderful name. U should say thanks to me. I save u from falling. “ guy
“ don’t be over smart, I knows boys like u. First they knowingly dashes with girl. Then act to save them. “ swara
By listening it, he leave her and she fell on floor.
“ first I am not that type, like my name is Sanskar. My character is also like that.” Sanskar
“ u idiot, I will not leave u.” swara
First catch me then think about leaving. Sanskar went from there.
“ such a moron instead of helping me, he leave me here. One day I will surely take revenge. First I should go to class, today new professor is coming. I don’t want to spoil my image in front of him.” Swara to herself
She manage to stand up and rushes to her class.
“ thank god, I reaches before professor arrival.” Swara

Swara seated at front seat. Again lost in her own thoughts.
While whole students standup wishing someone good mrng.
“ miss, when some teacher entered u should stand up and wish him.” Guy
Swara is still in her world, he jerked her shoulder.
“ what r u doing in my class , are u following me. Listen I will complain to dean.” Swara
“ swara, he is our new chemistry professor. Mr Sanskar maheswari.” Alia
( swara last year m tech student, Sanskar recently join CLG as teacher)
Swara is completely in shock
“ vo sir actually I am just lost somewhere. Sry , don’t give me punishment. “ swara( said all these with puppy face)
Sanskar is just staring her.
“ okay relax , don’t be hyper I am not going to kill u.” Sanskar
Swara again seated,..
“ let me first introduce my self. I am Sanskar maheswari, ur new professor. U can call me by name outside the college. I don’t think so we have so much age difference. So we can be frnds.” Sanskar
Swara monologue
Oh god, why u always make me fool in front of everyone. Now what will he think about me.
Her thoughts broken by some sounds.
“ miss swara, is u have any problem. Y u always lost in ur own thoughts.” Sanskar
“ vo sir, nothing just slight headache.” Swara
“ u may go to restroom.” Sanky
“ sir, I am absolutely fine.” Swara
“ As ur wish” sanky

Next day …
“ swara, y don’t u ask ur doubts to sir. He may explain better.” Alia
“ it’s kk, just help me. I don’t wanna ask any help from him.” Swara
“ any problem girls” sanky
“ sir, if u have time plz help her . she has some problem in thermodynamic topic.” Alia
“ sure, okay swara tell me what r u not understanding.” Sanky
“ vo sir, whole chapter is going above my head. Not even little bit I able to understand.” Swara
“ if u always loss in ur imaginary world, this will always happen.” Sanky
Swara become embarrass by listening it.
“ okay , let me help u.” sanky
He began to teach her , like wise both began to spend time with each. Now more than teacher student. They are friends. They also not know when their friendship turn into immense love until that day.
CLG party
Swara and sanky both reach separately there,
Sanky don’t able to remove his eyes from her. She is looking extreme hot and s**y in red gown. Even swara is also staring him. He is also not less than anyone in red blazer and blue jeans. Both are lost in each other. They both come in sense by hearing some announcement.
“ welcome here, as u all know. This year our CLG has completed 25 years. On occasion of it, we have arranged success party for all of u. Hope u enjoy” host
Music start to play,..
Both began to dance with their partner but still their gaze on each other.

Swara monologue
Why I don’t able to see him with anyone. I am feeling like someone stabbed my heart. My heart is too much paining. Y god what is happening with me. U r in love. Her heart replied her. This Can’t possible. Again her heart jerked her thoughts love can happen with anyone and anytime.
Her thoughts are broken by Partner change.
Now swasan are dancing together on snam re.
“ swara, u r looking so beautiful today. “ sanky
This make her blush little, which is notice by Sanky
“ swara u r blushing, “ sanky
“ I am not” swara
“ I wanna say something to u today, only today I reliase it.” Sanky
Her heart beat raises by listening it.
“ what” swara
“ not here, come outside with me” Sanky
“ but y outside Sanskar, u can tell me here.” Swara
“ No shona, the thing I want to say need some quite place.” Sanskar
Both began to go from there, finally they reach at park.
“ Swara, from many days I have some strange feeling for u. But today after seeing u with dancing with someone. My blood began to boil , that moment I reliased my feeling for u. Swara , I love u from my core of my heart.( after listening his confession swara don’t know how to react. She remain silent) i will not say u to accept my love, just don’t break our friendship. I don’t able to live without u. Plz speak something, don’t remain silent.” Sanskar
Swara still don’t speak anything. Taking her silence as no he become disheartened. Tears start flowing from his eyes.
“ I am sry swara, I shouldn’t proposed u…” sanky

Before he complete his sentence, Swara smashed her soft lips on his rough lips. For some second he become shocked, he also began to respond her. Both broke their kiss due to lack of oxygen.
Swara become shy, she hided her face in his chest. Both tightly hug each other.
“ swara u still don’t rpy me “ sanky
“ u still wanna know my answer” swara
“ I want to listen by u” sanky
“ I …” swara
“What I… “ sanky( both are still hugging each other)
“ I can’t…” swara
“ why it so” Sanky
“ I am feeling shy, u should understand na” swara
“ I am not understanding anything. If u will not say then I will go and propose someone else” sanky
Swara broke hug, and hold his collor
“ listen Mr maheswari u r only mine. U have no rights to leave me. Swara gadodia loves Sanskar maheswari. Do u listen it. Fit that into in chemical locha brain.” Swara
Both again kiss each other,
Now they began to hang out together. Late night parties, dinner dates are common for them. Swara parents also know about them. Now their relationship going to complete 3 years. Both are madly love with each other, mainly swara
“ Sanskar, u will never leave me na. Without ur love I will die” swara
“ never” sanky
“ swara , I have to go Delhi . I haven’t met my family from long time. I will return after two weeks.” Sanky
“ why so sudden? Will u talk about our marriage this time.” Swara
“ they r missing me swara , I will surely talk to them . I will miss u . “ sanky
“ I will not miss u” swara
“ why? ,don’t u love me? “ sanky
“ Sanskar, we only miss them whom we forget but u always live in my heart. I love u more than anything.” Swara
“ I love u 2” sanky

After three weeks, …
Swara monologue
Sanskar where r u ? Now I am not able to live without u even 4 single second. From three weeks no phone calls, no news about u. Hope everything is fine there.
Her thoughts broken by phone call, by seeing name she became happy
“ hello Sanky, where r u? Why u don’t call me? U know how much I am missing u.” swara
“ oh, so u r Sanskar lover” someone
“ who r u? , why u have Sanskar phone?, where is Sanskar?” Swara
“ I am Ragini, Sanskar wife. Listen u cheap girl , don’t drool over my husband.” Ragini
Mobile fell down from her hand,
“ hello r u listening me….” Ragini
Phone cutted,…
Again Mobile ring, this time also same no.

By mistakenly she attended the call..
“ swara, listen me. I will explain u everything. “ Sanky
“ sanskar, is ragini saying right ? Are u married? “ swara
“ swara, I will..” Sanky
“ I ask u something dammit. Answer me .” swara( almost in breaking voice)
“ yes” Sanky
“ how many days, or years?” swara
“ 5 years, but swara I don’t love her now.This marriage is force one from my family. Now I only love u , after meeting u I reliase what is true love. Swara I promise I will give her divorce and marry you.” Sanky
“ how could u cheat ur wife, I hate u now . plz don’t come back to me.” Swara
Ragini snatches phone from Sanky
“ I told u na , why r u not leaving him. Atleast think about my son, he is only 4 years old. Plz leave him” Ragini cryingly
“ I am sry, I will never come between u 2. I am so sry…” swara
Now she completely breakdown…
Fb end
That time I decided to end my life, only ur betrayal is in my heart. I went shop and bring some poision to do suicide. But god save me..
After 5 hours,
“ swara u know, I never say u that more than kavita I always love u. U r youngest member in our family. Whenever u get hurt more than u its pain me. I don’t y swara, today I feel to say it. Swara u and kavita both r our world. If anything happen to you or her. Next moment me and ur mom also die. Always be strong, never loose from life.” Shekhar
Shekhar went from there, swara closes door
She open the cap and closes the eye…
“ swara y r u punishing ur parents and di.” Swara image
“ I am not punishing anyone. Just killing my self to get relive from pain” swara
“ u will get relive after dying but what about them. Does they able to live without u , may be someday Sanskar again fall in love with someone. For his mistake y r u punishing that parents, whom world are u only. Do they ever get their daughter back. “ mirror
“ I can’t die,…” swara( shouted while cryingly)
She open the door and run in her parents room.
“ I am sry…” swara( she lie down in her mother lap)
“ why r u sry shona” shomi
“ nothing mom , just feel to say it.” Swara

Kavita also come there,
“ swara, u always wanted my this purse na take it.” Kavita
“ but di,U like it so much na” swara
“ so what , more than this purse I love u. U r my sweet sister. Take it as ur birthday gift.” Kavita
“ one more surprise from ur father, u wanted scooty. I buy it for u.” shekhar
“ but dad u haven’t that much of money. How u manage it” swara
“ not any question,u r my princess. I will manage everything.” Shekhar
“ u r best parents and di u r best sister in this world” Swara
“ u r our princess. U r best in this world. We all love u.” all
Fb end
That day I reliase , I am their world, if something happen to me it may not effect u but it effect them. Today is my marriage with that boy whom my parents has chosen for me.
I am happy without u, I learn living without u…..
Sanskar place
Now he is alone, all left him . he is living in guilt cheating two women. Ragini also leave him after one month and his own family disowned him…
Thanks for reading it, I don’t know it’s good or not. I am not so good in writing. For any mistake forgive me …
Guys don’t punish ur parents for someone else mistake, just remember always u r their world…
If u like it then give me ur views…
If u not like it then sry…
Bye, take care and love u all…


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    Awesome Di..Superb Os .. Just loved it…Message was very nice….Keep writing my sweetu Di

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    Superb …. ur every os ends with a true message …. but in ur os never swasan meet at ending …. 😝😝😝 just kidding dear ….. sad but true ending keep writing dear …..

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    totally crap os I ever read. only just this pretty issue anyone not try to do suicide. any married man also not love with someone. totally cheap work…

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    Dear ragsan lover there are some cases where a married man falls in love with a other girl and it’s usual in India so pls think before you speak as many men cheat on their wives and this should only happen with them they should be left alone and if you don’t like it’s not the writer’s problem cauze half of the majority loved it so better stay away…!

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