Will you like Zee Tv’s Sarojini without Mohit Sehgal?


Mohit Sehgal currently seen in Zee Tv’s Sarojini as Somendra will be soon having an exit from the show. The character of Somendra will be dying in an accident, followed by a three months leap on the show. Mohit is best known for his role of Samrat Shergill in the show Miley Jab Hum Tum aired on STAR One. He also played the role of Siddharth in Mujhse Kuch Kethi Yeh Khamoshiyaan on Star Plus in 2012. He was then seen as Haider Sheikh in Qubool Hai.

According to the track, Munna’s brother Komal gets a call during Sarojini and Somendra’s marriage. He leaves from the marriage to attend the warehouse emergency. Komal reaches the place and beats Samar. He wants the crime free place for his brother Munna. Later, Samar breaks out the truth to Komal that one acting as Munna is actually Somendra. Komal cleverly confirms about Somendra cheating him as Munna. Sarojini is worried of Komal’s reaction. She warns Somendra to beware of Komal, who can turn dangerous the moment he gets to know Somendra is not his younger brother Munna. Sarojini’s prediction turns true. Komal ties up Sarojini in his revenge. Komal tells her that he will take his brother Munna’s death revenge from her family. Komal will be killing Somendra. The fatal accident will mark the exit of Somendra’s character from the show. Will you like Zee Tv’s Sarojini without Mohit Sehgal? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. When a main character leaves the show….it never ever feels the same. I lose my interest in the shows.

  2. No, the show already lost his importance and now without Mohit it is nothing. no dushyanth, no somendra . I guess the story lost its direction and they need to end it rather than trying to make it run with only Sarojini. If they can end it in a good note rather than trying to move all characters out of the play it will be meaningful.

  3. without Mohit it’s nothing

  4. I thnk sarojini is already going to end…. coz 6:30 plot is now allotted to VISHKANYA…….bt I’m sure… may be timings will change…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      From when that show will start? I mean vishkanya

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        28 march

  5. I guess they are ending Sarojini! But end it on a happy note atleast!! No fun without Mohit!! Will miss him a lot!! Love you Mohit❤️

  6. I hope she’s pregnant from Soumendra. At least that will make up for losing Soumendra.

  7. No soumendra no show that simple

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    First Dyshyant now Somo only Sarojini cnt possiblely keep show alive? Rather end on happy note than drag drag…I hate tis dragging….

  9. This show will be a total fall without soumendra, I think they should just end the show.

  10. Dushayant was the heart of the show, his acting was the soul of the show, we miss him so so much and now? Saumendra? They have left nothing for us to watch.. Very sad without the duo.. 🙁

  11. Sir, please end the show . All the main characters have left .

  12. without Mohit Sehgal this show is nothing im not watching sarojini will miss Somini

  13. Without mohit nothing is worth…no mohit no sarojini

  14. Nothing left in the show. Mohit and Pankaji sir, had been the sole reason of watching the show, and with both gone, there is no reason to watch a show, where the charm is gone. No matter who the new lead, the show wont be the same again. Mohit was the heart of the show, and have no interest in the show anymore. Definitely won’t watch.

  15. no this show doesn’t exist without Mohit Sehgal. Somendra was the soul of the show.. There is nothing left to watch in the show without Mohit Sehgal as Somendra

  16. noo way i think the show was going on because of mohit slowly he was moved away from the screen space at times mohit got another elemnt to the show i have stopped watching the show alrerady
    neither the story is sooo appealing to watch it now
    he got a a charm
    also even whn pankaj sir left the show was a bit dropped now tht mohit is nothere there has been no reason to watrch the show

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