I will leave u forever…os


Hi,everyone.This is my first os.So here we go.
Its starts from where abhi leave pragya alone on her birthday while beleiving tanu.Pragya was completely shattered.She sat on floor and started to crying vigrously.Dadi,purab,racho and akash consoles her but she didn’t even listen to her.She was continuously crying and all of a sudden her breaths become heavy,her eyes were red and she put her hand on her chest .At the spot she faints.Dadi asks purab to lift her and take her to the room.Akash calls docter.Abhi was in his room.When purab comes lifting pragya and lay her down on bed.Racho brings water and sprinkles on her face but there was no response.Meanwhile,doctor comes and check her and said that she is having heartattack.we have to take her to hospital immediately.Abhi was shocked.He wanted to go with them but dadi stops him and said him that agar pragya ko kuch bhi hua tou mai tujhe kabhi maaf nahi karoun gi (i will never forgive u if something happens to pragya) Abhi was damn shocked.They all rushed to hospital.Purab and dadi pleaded docter to save pragyA.Operation started.It was almost half hour spent when abhi enters hospital he ask dadi to tell him about pragya’s condition.When purab comes and started shouting at him and explains him all the sacrifices of pragya which she did for him.And tears started flowing from abhi’s eyes.After sometime doctor comes and all rushes to him and asks about pragya.Doctor said that if gains counciessness in 24 hours then she will be fine but…Abhi asks but…Docter said that than we can’t do anything.Abhi rushes to meet pragya.she was laying on bed with so many wires attached to her.Abhi just sit near her and he noticed that she is trying to say something.He goes near her and she says that she only loves abhi.She is innocent.She had not betrayed him.And machines tik tik tik started.And a straight line appears on the machine.And she left him forever.
Sorry,for gramatical mistakes.Guys,this is my first ever os.Actually,i am really frusted and i want pragya to leave abhi.(aisey pyar ka kiya karna jaha trust hi nahi).I hope u like it.This os is nothing infront of others fabulos os,ff.And i wanted to thanks surbhi for motivating me.Only because of her i able to write.She gives me confidence to write in english.Thank you so much surbhi.

Credit to: Aytac345

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  1. Yes u r right this serial is top of my anger this should happen In serial it’s really vry good tht cvs don’t have brain DNA test say bhi proof karsakhthai no they just now dragging

  2. no.need to thank aytac I am.extremely happy that I wrote and.let.me.tell u have written it perfectly seriously yr and what u have written I.was also.thinking the same and I.too want that she should leave him anyways comming to.the point u were fanyabulous yr superb I.loved it 😀 see the smile.on my face after reading your name in credits

    1. *that’s not I wrote its u wrote 🙂

      1. Thank you so much surbhi…? .Actually u r the only one who gives confidence.Surbhi….I just love u.You really made my day.

  3. VarshaVenkat

    Hey….it was crisp n clean OS…..I love this part than dat real kkb…..its diff one too….u did a gr8 job in ur first OS itself….cool….all d best for ur further OS r ffs…..

  4. It was really awesome os I loved it

  5. This is awesome hope this should happen in real kkb

  6. u r right………….os is superbbbbbbbb

  7. seriously this is thousand times better than real kkb..nice job

  8. Maya

    Truly amazing!???

  9. jasmine Rahul

    poor pragya had heart attack when Abhi didnt trust her.In d last moments she confessed her luv 2 Abhi n closed her eyes 4ever.sad that Pragia died.But plz write one more part 2 know abhi’s reaction n life after pragya left him 4ever.very heart wrenching os

  10. Nice yaar. …..pragya will have to leave abhi. …abhi itself would find the truth. …If she doesn’t do anything

  11. Adhya

    it’s really very awesome…yaar.. i just love it….thi is million times better than real kkb…. keep going on..ALL THE BEST..we r always there to support u..hope u will be back with another superb ff…

  12. Sharaya

    Awesome awesome I also want pragya to leave abhi because he don’t deserve her. You made my wish come true thank you

  13. Very nice yar just love it..keep going..

  14. Nice yaar rather than living such a life she can die…thn really awesome n amazing OS yaar I really liked the way u wrote

  15. The perfect ending for the stupid Show! Seriously my frustration ends when i read these types of OS ?? seriously awesome!!! Loved it truly! should appoint you as writer of Real KK so that we can see this End in Real KKB ??

  16. Riyashri

    Hope this happens !!! But I know this won’t happen never ever !!!!Awesomeness Overloaded!!Loved it soooo much……????
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️U truly deserve this .

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOME….. Loved it truly…..

  18. Vaishali

    awesome it was reallly really nice yaar

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