Will you be my happily ever after? Prologue

Swara’s POV
It was a pleasant day.I was very happy that my friend Ragini had got her love,her soul mate,her life,her Laksh.They both loved each other so much.I could see the stars and moon witnessing the unique and god made jodi and blessing them for their bright future ahead.They were lost in each others embrace and continuously telling each other those three magical words.I had played the role of a cupid in their love story.But I shouldn’t be talking all the credits you know.The person standing me also had a great role in it.Yup my best friend cum childhood friend,Sanskar too played a vital role in it.I tuned towards him and saw him also witnessing the magical moment.
Me:”Thank you so much Sanskar for all that you have done.I couldn’t have done it all alone by myself.Thank you so much.”
Sanskar:”Half century CONGO!!!!!”
Me:”Hai??Half century??”
Sanskar:”Yes Swara your 50th thank you to me in this month.I mean seriously Shari you are such an excellent student,scholar and topper where you can easily remember such big big laws and theorems then why can’t you remember the simple rule of friendship.”
I playfully hit him on his shoulder and turned around showing my fake angry look to him.He understood that I was angry so he took out something from his pocket and held it in front of me.I shrieked seeing the thing and grabbed it instantly.
Me:”You surely know how to lighten up my mood.”
Yup right he surely knew that a packet of Milky Bar chocolate would surly change my mood.I started having it like a kid and forgot about the surroundings.I held a piece of it in front of him but he refused it saying,”Its all yours.Enjoy.”While having it I saw the love birds coming towards us and when Ragini saw that I was having a chocolate all along she became angry and started demanding her share.I stuck my tongue out to tease her and ran away with my chocolate all over the place to save it from her.

Sanskar’s POV
‘Swara’,the name had some magic in it that caused my world to rotate around her only.She became my life, my world , my everything.Though she considers me as her bestie, but she is more than a bestie for me in my life.Yes,I love her but I haven’t confessed it to her yet because I am afraid to loose her friendship and trust she has on me after years of darkness in her life.So I have left it upon destiny to decide my love life.Her childish nature,bubbliness ,laughter and smile made me fall for her.Not only that she is my only friend from childhood till now.So she is too special for me.Watching her eating her chocolate and running around the place made me fall her again.Though she remains strong in front of the world but I know how much of darkness is there in that smile of hers.I just want her show that all person are not bad there are some who are very good and whatever happens I would never leave her hand.But I guess her trust over men was totally broken by those two person who ruined her life completely.Seriously speaking if I ever get a chance no I will surely ruin them for what they had done to Swara and currently, I am trying to focus on how to ruin them totally.While I was engrossed in my thoughts Swara’s laughter brought me back to reality.Ragini was still chasing her to have share.Truly speaking the union of Ragini and Laksh is totally her credit still, she thanked me for it.Her smile and her childish act made me smile unknowingly.

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