Will you be my happily ever after? Chapter 5

Swara had freshed up and was sitting in the room along with Jenny and Jenifer aunty and chatting with them.While they were busy in their talks Sanskar came there to call them for breakfast.
Sanskar:Well ladies if your talks are over can you all please do the honour of coming down for breakfast?
Swara glared while Jenny giggled.
Swara(fake angry):Sanky how many times do I have to tell you to knock the door and come in.I will not leave you idiot.

Sanskar gave her a puppy eyes look and she melted in it. Her heart was having some changes. It was started to feel sometime for him.
Sanskar(snapping for his finger in front of her):Where are you lost?Breakfast nehi khana? Aar medicine bhi lena hai.Jaldi chalo..

He picked her up and brought her downstairs to the dinning table where everyone was waiting for them. Everyone was having their breakfast.Laksh andRagini were romancing under the table.Sanskar caught it and indicated to Swara.They smiled naughtily to eachother and thought of teasing them.
Swara:Ragini what’s wrong? Why are you eating with your left hand?Whta’s wrong with your right hand? Saying so she smirked at her.Ragini was shocked and glared at Laksh.
Ragini(stammerring):Nothing like that Sha….Swara ….. actually……
Swara:I know the reason.No need to tell me…Laksh if you want to romance with her do it in front of us only..We won’t mind…Would we Sanskar???

Sanskar agreed with her and enjoyed their embaressed situation. All started laughing at it and Ragini was blushing and Laksh was rubbing his neck in embaressment.Swara was laughing like anything.Seeing this Sanskar was very happy.A lone tear escaped from his eyes but he wiped it off before anyone could notice it.But alas mark caught him.He placed his hand on his shoulder giving him a slight smile.Sanskar composed himself and indicated Mark something.He nodded in responce and gestured him to go ahead.

Sanskar:wo….. actually….
Swara:Kya Sanky bolo na kya bolna hai??
Sanskar(in one go):I need your signatures in some papers for business purpose please…..(and closed his eyes in fear).
He opened his one eye when he didn’t hear anything and was shocked to see her having her food without any concern.He was confused and looked around the table to witness everyone else also eating.

Sanskar:Shona I just asked you something and you didn’t reply me.
Swara(shrugging his shoulder):What should I tell when you have already decided something.Just give me I will sign it.
Sanskar(guilty):Shona it’s nothing like that actually this was sudden so I couldn’t inform you…..
Swara(cutting him):It’s okay. Just give me I will sign it…

Sanskar:Shona please I am sorry naa…please…aab gussa jane bhi do na…. please….
But Swara kept on ignoring him.He felt off.He was feeling guilty of not informing her about this.He feared when she will come to know about it how will she react.Will she think him like others or will she trust him enough?He was thinking all these when he heard her hissing in pain.She was trying to stand up.He came forward to help her but she showed her hand stopping him.He backed off.Sensing the situation Ragini and Jenny helped her get up and walked her to her room.Sanskar saw her going without even looking at him.He couldn’t help but let his tears fall down.Swara is ignoring him.He couldn’t take it anymore and walked out of the house.Mark and Laksh tried to stop him but he had ready walked out. Laksh went behind him and Mark went towards Swara’s room.

Swara’s room
Mark entered the room and saw Swara sitting on the bed with her eyes closed.
Swara:Sanskar if you have come to ask for forgiveness then I can’t give you right now. Leave me alone for sometime……
Mark(cutting her off):It is me Swara not Sanskar……
She snapped open her eyes and looked at him.
Swara:Aare bhai you here…. I thought it’s Sanskar…..
Mark:Now you have started calling him Sanskar… Hmm….
She looked down……..

Mark(continued):I know he has done a mistake and didn’t inform you about it.But you only think.. You were never interested in all these so he never informed you and moreover he didn’t want to burden you.Already you were busy with your shows and recordings then how can he put extra burden on you? Right……
Swara understood her mistake and looked up at him.
Swara:I am not angry on him but disappointed that he didn’t inform me about it.I know thinks about me so much but I feel ki I am not helping him in anything……. I want to know what he is doing and what are reasons behind me signing some papers….I want to know…….

Mark(affectionately patting her hair):When right time will come you get to know everything…… Why is he doing this and what is he actually… Everything……But right now just do as he says or as we say you to do…..At the right time you yourself will find out everything…….
She nodded in understanding and Mark passed her the documents to sign… She signed it as ‘Swara Roy’ without reading the documents.She noticed that Sanskar was missing.
Swara:Bhai… where’s Sanky?
Mark(sighed):Don’t know…He left the mansion when you refused his help….
She panicked hearing it and started searching her phone.She found it and opened it to see a message from Sanskar.

Sanskar(message):Please don’t ignore your health and take the medicines.Don’t show your anger on yourself please… Take your medicines please……..
Swara(thinking):He never forgets about my things and health.How could I just ignore him like that?His first priority is always me then how could I ………

She was brought out of her thinking by Ragini
Ragini:Swara your medicines…… Aare have it otherwise Sanskar will kill me….. Now come on take it….
She took it and gulped it. But she was still wasn’t quite…
Swara(to Mark):Bhai where is Sanky? I want to talk to him please bring him to me please….
Mark(sighing):I don’t know where he went(saw Swara’s shocked face).Laksh went behind him…
Swara:Par….Laksh…..Ra…Ragini….Ragini call Laksh and ask him where are they? I want to talk to Sanky…Please…..

Ragini:I am trying his number but it’s coming unreachable… I am trying Youdont panic and concentrate on your concert…. Okay…. You practice we will leave… We need to attend some meeting…. Jenny and Jenifer aunty is here and your outfit for today is also ready… I will come back before the show and help you out…..(wiping her tears) don’t cry nothing will happen to him……
Swara(stammering):But…But…he hasn’t come back yet and I don’t know where he went….I ….want…to……go to him……(trying to get down)AAhh…..
“Swara”,both Mark and Ragini shouted

Mark:Swara calm down… Nothing will happen to him…Okay…You just practice and be ready for the show….Sanskar will reach by then….I promise you okay…He will be with you during your concert I promise… Trust me okay…
She noded at him and wiped her tears.They moved out and Swara started practicing for her show but in her heart she was very scared….

On the other side-
Sanskar has driving his car very fast. He was feeling very guilty.He wasn’t in his control.He reached his office and went inside.The secuirities got statelled seeing him. He ignored them and walked into his personal room and started throwning everything present on the table.There was a mirror in the room.He punched it and the glass shattered around the room.His hand was bleeding but he was least bothered about it.He kept on repeating,” I have hurt Swara….I have hurt her…How could I do that…How could I” and he shouted.He held his head in his hand and fell on the ground on his knees.His tears kept on flowing from his eyes and he was still in that position.
“Sanskar…”,shouted Laksh when he entered the room.He was shocked seeing the state of the room and moreover the drops of blood over the floor was terrifing him.
Laksh:Sanskar what is all this? And blood? Where did it come from? And…..(when he saw his hand bleeding) Sanskar…your hand…. is bleeding…. how… Are you crazy?

Sanskar(murmuring):I have hurt her… I have hurt her…..
Laksh(shouting):Sanskar…..(shaking him back to reality)….Sanskar come into senses Sanskar you haven’t done anything…….You haven’t done anything……
Lakshe pulled him up and made him sit on the couch.He went inside the washroom and brought the first-aid box and started bandaging his hand.Sanskar was lost somewhere else and didn’t flinch when medicine was applied on his wound.While he was doing his work,the door opened and Mark and Ragini entered.

Ragini:Oh My God…… what’s this? And Sanskar OMG how did you get hurt? If Swara comes to know naa she will kill all of us….

Mark:Have you gone crazy Sanskar? Here you are breaking things and
there Swara is…..
Sanskar(instantly):Swara….What happened to her??….Tell me goddammit………
Mark:Sanskar calm down nothing happened to her.She was just getting worried for you(Sanskar shocked hearing it).Don’t get shocked.She was really worried….
Sanskar(happy):Really….You are tlling the truth right??

Ragini and Mark nodded their head in agreement.Sanskar was happy that atleast she noticed him missing and was worried for him.But the thought that she was angry on him didn’t go away from him completely.
Sanskar:We will not continue this project…… And that’s final…
Everyone else were shocked.

Mark:Sanskar did you just back out from this project?? And why would you do that??
Shreay:Yes Sanskar why are you doing like this?? Everything is set all the preparations are done and now you are backing out….Why??
Laksh:I don’t get what is going on in your head. Someday before you were like a hungry lion trying to grab that project and now you are just leaving it…. Why???
Sanskar(shouting):Because Swara is upset and angry about it… And when she isn’t ready for it then how can I continue it….
Mark:And if I say that she isn’t opposing it then??

Mark:I made her understand your point of view and I also said that she has to wait for the right time to know everything….. And tell me one thing you are willing to leave those bustards who has ruined Swara’s life. Tell me…….answer me Sanskar!!
Sanskar(shouting angrily):No I haven’t forgotten anyting… I can never forget anything and for that reason only I was doing all these things……… for Swara I have to do this…… I will do this…….
Mark and Laksh patted his back and Ragini nodded with determination. Everyone except Sanskar left the room for attending the conference….

(I have no knowledge about business so please spare me).
The deal was done and SD group of companies got it. Everyone had a smirk on their face thinking about the storm that would be coming up in their lives and the most happiest of them was Sanskar.
Sanskar:Now the Game begins Mr.Sahil Sengupta…..

Evening time
Swara was getting ready in her room but Sanskar was still missing. She was worried and sad too.Her friend hasn’t returned to her till now and he isn’t even bothered about her concert.She was least bother about her costume and everything.Jenny and Jenifer aunty wasmaking her ready along with Ragini.She was wearing a peach colour long gown with a bow on her waist and looking very preety.
Ragini:Swara you are looking just spendid.I must say Sanskar has a very good sense of dressing.
Swara just smiled but was least interested in these.She was concerned about him more.

She was feeling void in her heart due to his absence.Why is it so?? She was brought out of her thoughts by Ragini. They helped her and brought her to the car.They drove towards the place where the concert was to be held.It was packed up with people and everyone was hooting for her.She smiled at the scene in front of her. She was thinking about her journey till date and her eyes were getting filled with tears.She composed herself and the car halt at the back stage. The side of hr door opened and all the guards took their position while others came and helped her out. She was taken to the green room and made her comfortable.Swara was still tensed for Sanskar.She couldn’t hold herself anymore.
Swara:Will you tell me where is Sanky? And why hasn’t he come yet?

Swara:Woh… woh…. kya…. Has something happened to him? Tell me please where is he and how is he please(folded her hand in front of them)
Laksh(catching her hands):Swara please don’t do like this… Actually till the meeting he was with us only but after that when he searched for him we couldn’t find him.….. And we have no idea where is he…He is just sending us messages regarding the works we need to do that’s it….he isnt even receiving our calls….
Swara(crying):So tell him in message only that his Shona is waiting for him and she is very sorry for her behaviour….Please tell him come back please….

All tried to calm her down but failed.The show sponser had come and informed them that the show would begin within 20minutes.Ragini and Jenny helped her set her makeup and made her presentable.Then they helped her reach the stage which was beautifully decorated.A white swing was placed at the centre of the stage with red flowers at the top and white flowers flowing downwards.She was very happy seeing it and then she noticed her dress that was covering her foot very effeciently.The curtains were not opened yet and she could hear hooting and shouts of people.She was placed on the swing and mike was attached from her ear near her mouth.Dancer were ready, the Star was ready and the audiance were getting impatient and were shouting,”SUHANA….SUHANA…….SUHANA….” The certains were pulled up and the show was on……
(From now Swara will be addressed as Suhana)
Suhana:Good Evening Mumbai……… So are you all ready for the show????

Suhana:So as it’s Valentine week so why not a romantic concert what do you say people????
Suhana:So couples held on to your partners and singles dream about your heros or heroines as I take you all in this romantic melody journey for the evening…..So my first song for today is dedicated to all single ladies………….
[Song-Sawaar Loon (Movie : Lootera)]
She started singing while closing her eyes:
Hawa Ke Jhonke Aaj Mausamo Se Rooth Gaye

Gulon Ki Shookhiyan Jo Bhawre Aa Ke Loot Gaye
Badal Rahi Hai Aaj Zindagi Ki Chaal Zara
Isi Bahane Kyun Na Main Bhi Dil Ka Haal Zara
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon Haye
Sawaar Loon

Balam Ji Purane Hain Nayi Si Dhoop Hai
Jo Palkein Khatkhta Raha Hai Kiska Roop Hai
Sharartein Kare Jo Aise
Bhool Ke Hizaab Kaise Usko Naam Se Main Pukaar Loon
Sawaar Loon Haye
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon

Hawa Ke Jhonke Aaj Mausamo Se Rooth Gaye
Gulon Ki Shookhiyan Jo Bhawre Aa Ke Loot Gaye
Badal Rahi Hai Aaj Zindagi Ki Chaal Zara
Isi Bahane Kyun Na Main Bhi Dil Ka Haal Zara
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon Haye
Sawaar Loon
Yeh Sarre Koyale Bani Hai Aaj Dakiyan
Kuhu Kuhu Mein Chitthiyan Padhe Mazakiyan
Yeh Sarre Koyale Bani Hai Aaj Dakiyan

Kuhu Kuhu Mein Chitthiyan Padhe Mazakiyan
Inhe Kaho Ke Na Chupaye Kisne Hai Likya Bataye
Uski Aaj Mein Nazar Utaar Loon
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon

Sawaar Loon Haye
Sawaar Loon
Hawa Ke Jhonke Aaj Mausamo Se Rooth Gaye
Gulon Ki Shookhiyan Jo Bhawre Aa Ke Loot Gaye
Badal Rahi Hai Aaj Zindagi Ki Chaal Zara
Isi Bahane Kyun Na Main Bhi Dil Ka Haal Zara
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon Haye
Sawaar Loon

Audiances clapped and hooted for her.She opened her eyes and scaned the place and bowed down in appreciation.While looking around her eyes stopped at a particular direction and the colour of her face drained seeing the person in front.
Swara(murmered in shock):SAHIL…

Precap:Some flashbacks and end of concert may be…..


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