Will you be my happily ever after? Chapter 3

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Part 2
Chapter 2
Sanskar POV
It was the first day at college.I was sitting in a bench right at the corner of the room.I always hated attention of people on me.Many were clicking selfies and talking amongst each other but I was all alone as always.I had a best friend in childhood but she left me and went away to Mumbai.From that day itself I don’t have any close friend.I really miss her.I don’t know where she is now what is she doing in her life her career no idea.But wherever she is she should be happy.Before I never believed in the words ‘childhood crush’ or ‘childhood love’ but if people ask me now I would say yes I have one and she is very special to me.I know very well that I wont get her again but I would love to meet her again.

Suddenly a girl entered the classroom.Her entry bought a wave of refreasing air along with her.I felt so happy within me seeing her.She was beautiful with long black hair.She was wearing jeans along with a baby pink top.She was looking cute in her attair along with her spectacles.She was looking around the whole classroom searching for a place to sit.I knew she wont sit beside me so I looked away from her and concentrated back on my phone.”Excuse me.Would you mind if I sit here?”,said an angelic voice.I looked up from my phone to the source of the voice.The same girl was standing in front of my bench.
She (giving cute smile):Would you mind if I sit here beside you??
I (staring at her for a long time):Why do you want to sit here?That to at the corner of the class??
She:Because I want to.
I:Fine sit.
I shifted a little and allowed her to sit beside me.I was trying not to look at her but her cute smile was attracting me.
She:Hi! My name is Swara…Swara Banerjee from Mumbai. And you?
Her name clicked in my mind,”Swara?? No no there must be so many Swaras in this world.No no she can’t be my Swara.”I was brought out of the trans by her.
She:Where are you lost?
I:No where…I’m Sanskar..Sanskar Dasgupta from Kolkata.
I saw that her expression changed from happy to a blank one.I became worried.
I:What happened?
Swara(blank look):Are you my Sanskar?
I was confused by her statement.I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say.
I(confused):Your Sanskar??I couldn’t understand what are you trying to say.
She took out her iphone and started searching for something in it frantically.I was staring at her with wide eyes.At last it seems like she found out what she wanted.She held up her phone to me and asked
Swara:See this photo.This is you right?Please say so ……

After seeing the photo I was shocked would be an understatement.I kept glancing from the phone to her and back to the phone.
I(whispering):Shona………My Shona………..
Swara(Whispering):Yes your Shona…your Swara Sanky…Do you remember me now?
I(still astonished):How….where…..I mean…..
Swara:I know you are not able to understand anything right. This is our childhood photo only remember your mother had clicked it when we were having icecream in your garden.That was the best moment in my life.Do you remember?
I(still astonished):of course I do…It was the best moment of my life too.We both shared eachothers icecream and …….. and….mom was also their with us…..How can I forget that moment in my life………Shona…….. Swara……..
Swara:Yes Sanskar I am your Swara,your first best friend…..
Saying this she open her spectacles……Her bright blue eyes which always caught my attention again caught my mind and I was lost in it.
I(happily):Swara……. my Shona…….
Saying this I hugged her tightly showing my happiness. My best friend, my only support, my first love was back…. I was so happy so so happy.

Sanskar POV
I was brought out of my thoughts by the continuous ringing of my phone. Checking the caller id I picked it up.
I(bossy ton):I don’t want to hear any negetive answer and you know that very well.
Mark(chucking):And I wouldn’t give you also SIR…… All the arrangements are made properly.
I(Bossy tone):GOOD….And I hope everything for ready for tomorrow’s meeting. I want that contract by any chance you know that very well.
Mark:No need to worry about it sir everything is ready for the meeting and I assure you that tomorrow we will surely get the contract.
I(determined tone):We have to get it as it would be the first step to their destruction.
Mark(determined tone):Yes Sir. I wouldn’t leave any flaws in it.
I(sighing):This is the only way I can give justice to Swara for all the injustice she has faced.(determind tone)Their bad time will start soon and they will highly regrate about their act.(fisting the palm tightly).
Mark(determined tone):Yes Sanskar… This contract will be handled in Swara’s name right?
I:Yes.Bring the papers tomorrow for signing it.Rather do one thing you along with Jenny and Jenifer aunty come for breakfast. From here you along with Laksh and Ragini leave for meeting and Jenny and Jenifer aunty will help Swara for her concert.Say what??
Mark(smiling):As you say my BOSS…. Now you leave all tension and sleep Good Night..
I(sigh):Mark….Good Night…
Hanging up the call I went towards the bed to get some sleep which I know that I wouldn’t get so soon.Peaceful sleep has left my side since a long time when my mom had left me in this cruel world. With those disturbing thoughts in my mind I tried to grab some sleep.

Precap: Some moments of Swasan and some more flashbacks
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