Will you be my happily ever after? Chapter 2

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Part 1

The restless waves of the sea always depicts the current situation or state of mind of a person.It shows how restless a person is and how is he feeling at that moment.The depth of the sea shows the depth of the emotions in him. Sanskar was drown in the sea of guilt.He thought that Swara got injured due to him as he did not look after her. He was immersed in his thoughts when the ring of his mobile bought his out of his thoughts.He frowned at the caller who was trying to disturb his peace of mind,but seeing the caller id his eyes went wide.He immediately picked the call and started his questions.
Sanskar(panicked):Shona what happened?You are calling me now.So late at night?Any problem?
Swara:Stop your ranting first and come back fast.Yes there is a huge problem.Come fast.
Sanskar(worried):Problem? What problem? Tell me Shona you are scaring me…Please
Swara:Just shut your mouth and come fast otherwise I will not talk with you.
Sanskar:Fine I am coming back.
Swara:Better and fast.
After cutting the call Sanskar almost ran to his car and drove back to their mansion ‘SANGAM VILLA’.

Sanskar parked his car in the driveway and almost rushed to the front gate.Ragini opened the gate and saw an exhausted Sanskar standing.
Sanskar:What happened to Swara?
Ragini(shrugging her shoulders):Why don’t you yourself see it.
Sanskar gave an angry glare to her and rushed towards Swara’s room to check her. On reaching there he saw her sitting on the bed with a pout face hugging her favorite teddy.Sanskar rushed towards her and began interrogating her.
Sanskar:Shona what happened? Are you feeling pain anywhere?Tell me what happened?…..
Swara(pout face):I am hungry.
Sanskar:Huh? What you are hungry so why didn’t you eat anything till now.Its already past midnight and you need to take your medicines too.Why didn’t you have your dinner?
Swara(pout face):You were not there to feed me and how can I eat when you are hungry.
Sanskar:Oh god Shona!!(Taking a deep breath)Why are you waiting for me?You should take care of yourself naa.(Nodding his head in disbelieve).You wait I am going to bring dinner for you….
Swara(cutting him in between):Not me its us.UNDERSTOOD?
Sanskar:But I am not hungry….

Seeing Swara’s angry look,he defeated in front of her and accepted it.
Ragini(entering the room):No need to go anywhere. I bought it for you both.Oh god you both are very stubborn.If one doesn’t eat other will also not eat.Great!!!From the time you left she is being stubborn and not listening to us only.We tried to contact you but it was coming unreachable.Thank god your call got connected after some time otherwise we didn’t know what to do.Here take this tray and you both have your dinner.I will go and check my hulk boyfriend who is waiting for me for a long time.Bye.Good night.
Ragini left the room after placing the tray on the coffee table.Sanskar turned towards Swara who just shrugged her shoulders to Ragini’s talks.Sanskar shake his head in disbelieve and chuckled at her.He took the tray, took a morsel of food and kept it in front of her.She say it and turned her face away.This used to happen everyday.
Swara(pout face):Don’t princess me.I’m not your princess.
Sanskar:But I thought there is only one princess here.Okay you won’t have it toh fine I am having it.(Eating the piece)Yum it’s so tasty.Shona you are missing out the awesome taste I must say.(Taking another one)Are wah so yummy…
Hearing the praises from Sanskar Swara turned towards him and quickly took the bite from his hand before he can eat it.
Swara(angry pout face):How mean!! I am hungry here and you are eating without giving me.
Sanskar:How could you think I can eat without giving?I was just acting to make you have it.Now complete your food fast you need to take your medicines and take rest too.(suddenly remembering something)Oh god I totally forgot.Tomorrow you have a concert and forgot to cancel it.Wait let me inform Mike about it.(taking out his phone)
Swara(stopping him from calling):Who said you that I will not do concert?I will of course do it.
Sanskar:But Shona you are injured.You can’t stand on your feet and you want to do concert.No never.I am calling Mike he will canc…..
Swara(determined):And if you do it then I wont talk to you.

Swara:No ifs and buts.Sanky this is the only place,the only thing which gives me peace and satisfaction.I don’t know what would have happened if I could not sing well.I don’t know where would I go or what would I do after my father’s and Sahil’s betrayal.If on that day you would not have seen me then what would have happened? And…. and…..(started crying thinking about her past)
Sanskar(trying to calm her down and hugged her sideways):Sshh..sshh…Shona don’t cry.Forget your past now you are living your life with a new identity,new face,new name and new voice.For the world you are the famous singer’Shanaya’ but for me you will always remain my Shona my Swara.Understood?Now stop crying and complete this.I won’t cancel it but I can make some arrangement for you naa?
Swara(releasing herself from him and wiping her tears):Arrangements?What arrangements?
Sanskar:That’s a surprise….Now complete this.
He made her eat her dinner and had his too along with her while chatting about their childhood memories, gave her medicines and made her lye down on her bed.He entered in his room, just beside hers and started calling Mike,his personal assistant.

Sanskar(bossy tone):Mike tomorrow is Swara’s concert.I want you to make some special arrangements like…………….(would be revealed later) I want it to be prepared perfectly.Is it clear?
Mike:Yes sir.But can I ask you something?
Sanskar:Go ahead.
Mike:Why suddenly so many arrangements for the concert?
Sanskar(with a sigh):Swara met with an accident.Still she wants to do the concert.I can’t make her understand only.God know why is so stubborn?
Mike(worried):Swara met with an accident?How?Where?
Sanskar narrated him the whole incident with a sigh.
Mike:Don’t worry Sir she is very strong she will get well soon.
Sanskar:I also hope the same.
Mike:Sir I will let you know about the arrangement within a short time.
Sanskar:Yaa.(hangs up the call)
Staring at the moon he was constantly being nagged by Swara’s crying face and her words which forced him to back to their past life. He started thinking about the first time they meet after so many years…….

Precap-Some flashback scenes……
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