Will you be my happily ever after? Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

As Sanskar was engrossed in Swara and her act, Laksh silently noticed the changes in Sanskar whenever he was looking at Swara.He understood that his friend is in love with her but he was not able to understand why is he not telling her that.Laksh was also engrossed in his life still he could see the happiness in his friends eyes whenever he looked over to Swara.So Laksh thought of asking him.
Laksh:You love Swara.Am I right?
Sanskar(unknowingly):Hmm…more than you can imagine.She is my everything.My smile,my breath,my life… everything.You have no idea how much I…..
He realized what he was just going to say and stopped before someone else could hear him out.Laksh understood that his friend was trying to hide his feelings but why was his question.
Laksh:You can fool every other person but not me.I know you for quite a long time so don’t try to avoid me and tell me everything.
Sanskar knew that he cant his best friends question.So he turned to the other side facing the open sky in front he started his version of love for her.
Sanskar:Yes I love her a lot but I know that she would not be able to accept it.
Laksh:But why?
Sanskar:As if you don’t know?
Laksh(remembering something):That incident had occurred 4years ago.Still you think she wouldn’t try to start a relationship?
Sanskar:I don’t know.But I know one thing that is I cant hurt or betray her in any way.She trust me too much and I want to be her pillar even if it means to be lifelong.Do I have anyone other than her in my life?NO. Her presence and trust is very important for me.So I cant tell her until I get some hint from her that she is ready for any such thing or not till then……
“Ahhhhhh………”Hearing Swara’s scream,Sanskar ran to the source of it.Seeing the scene in front of him made him freeze in his place.Swara had fallen down and her foot was trapped between two big stones and her forehead had mild cut on it.He came back to his sense hearing her cry,”Aah…..”He immediately picked her up in his arms slowly as if she was a glass doll.She encircled her hands around his neck and placed her head on his crest feeling safe,homely and secure.She knew he would keep her safe and take care of her.So without any worry she closed her eyes.But her closed eyes caused a panic attack in him.He rushed her to his car and laid her on the back seat and started patting her face to keep awake.She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him assuring that she was fine.He heaved a sigh of relief.Laksh and Ragini followed them to the car.Ragini sat with Swara and with Laksh in the passenger’s seat in front with Sanskar.They rushed towards the nearby hospital.

Doctor was checking Swara and bandaging her head and foot.
Doctor:She has sprained her leg very badly and her injury on her head just a minor one.No need to worry about it.I would like to do an x-ray for her leg to check any cracks or fractures.But as much I can see it just a major sprain.
Sanskar(worriedly):Doctor I hope its not at all serious?If it is then you can keep her for a day here so that you can observe her…
Swara held his hand which was shaking due to nervousness.He looked at her and her small smile cooled his nerves down.Still he was worried for her health.
Doctor:Chill Mr.Dutta no need to get panicked.She is perfectly fine.Just some rest and timely medicine an proper food will cure her fully.
Sanskar was relieved hearing it and smiled at her.
Doctor:You can take her after sometimes.I will prepare the discharge papers.
The doctor left the room followed by Laksh.He pulled Ragini along with him outside to give some privacy to the two souls. Sanskar sat on the stool next to the bed still holding her hand in his.
Sanskar(teary eyes):How are you feeling Shona?
Swara:I am fine Sanky.See I am absolutely fine don’t worry.
Sanskar:How did you fall?You should have been careful na.
Swara:I’m sorry.I didn’t see my steps and fell down.
Sanskar:You should be careful and take care of yourself.You know na except you I don’t have anyone in my life.I will die if something happens to you…..
Swara instantly placed her hand on his mouth to stop him blabbering about his death.”And how many times I have told you not to talk about your death in front of me…You also know that I don’t have anyone except you,Ragini, Laksh, Mark, Jenny and Jenifer aunt in my life then…ha tell me.”
Sanskar:I am sorry. I am sorry.
He kissed her hand tightly showing his concerned for her.Laksh and Ragini entered the room disturbing their light moment.
Laksh:We got the discharge papers.Lets leave.
Sanskar nodded slowly wiping out his tears,he helped Swara to get down the bed.But her foot didn’t support her and she about to fall but he held her tightly and picked her up in his arms carrying her through the corridor to the parking lot.She encircled her arms around his neck securely and closed her eyes yet again feeling safe.He reached their house rather mansion, ‘SANGAM VILLA’ where everyone lived together.He carried her to her room and securely placed her on the bed,covered her with duvlet and felt the house hurriedly without listening to anyone….

Precap- Conversation Between Swara and Sanskar


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