Hlo everyone. I am Rhimjhim. I am here to write a ff on one of my favourite serials Dehleez that ended last Sunday. So here we go.

Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, a lawyer is seen working with a boy in her room, arranging all the papers that were scattered around.
Swa: Asad hurry up… we will get let for ur college…
Asa: Freedom… calm down….
There was a knock at the door.
Swa: yes….
There a man was standing at the threshold (dehleez) of the room.
Asa: oh… Adarsh sir…plzzz come in….
Swadheenta stands up in shock. While Adarsh keeps looking at her surprised but was eventually mesmerized.
Asa: Freedom… meet IAS officer Adarsh Sinha….
Ada: hii….
Swa: hlo…. And she leaves the room….
Asa: plzz sit….
Swadheenta goes to the kitchen and sits on the counter. She takes a deep breath and goes back to an incident.

A month back:

Swadheenta is looking at the arrangements in her friend’s marriage when she collides with someone and falls in his arm. The person was the same Adarsh Sinha. They share an eyelock. Swadheenta composes herself and goes while Adarsh keeps looking at her. He takes out his camera and takes her pics.she comes to know abt this from her friend when she points it to her. She gets a bit uncomforyable and goes straight to him.
Swa: excuse me… yes… wh is ur problem???
Ada: me… nothing…
Swa: then why r u taking me pics????
Ada: it is my camera… my hands… my wish…I can do anything… who r u tell me???
Swadheenta frowned. She can never accept a boy… rather a stranger talking to her like that. She stamps his foot with her and leaves. Adarsh sits on the ground holding his foot withering in pain. Swadheenta turns and makes a face and leaves.
It is time for sangeet. The guests sit there ready to get entertained by the young generation. Swadheenta goes to get ready for the sangeet when someone pulls her from side. It was Adarsh.
Swa: wht the hell is this????
Ada: u shud consider urself quite lucky as I never let anyone talk to me like that…missss…..
Swa: oh cut the crap… u know boys like…ok…I am a lawyer and I know how ti handle u guys… wait just let me get a hold on my senior…. Suhasini maam….
A lady comes searching for her son. Swadheenta sees her and is about to go to her when Adrash runs to her and hugs her.
Ada: mom….
Swadheenta was shocked. She could not believe that the boy was her senior’s son.
Suha: adarsh where were u son???
Ada: mom I was teaching someone that one shud never ever underestimate one’s competitor… right miss….
Swadheenta managed to bring a smile on her fash. Suhasini sees her and smiles.
Suha: swadheenta… how r u??? wht r u doing here???
Swa: maam actually…. It is my friend’s wedding….
Suha: oh.. I see… nice to meet u dear….
A girl comes and takes Swadheenta from there to get ready for the dance. The dance program starts in a short while. The girls assemble there and plan to get the boys into the dance too. Swadheenta does not like the idea and her friends call her unromantic. Atlast she agrees and they go to the dance floor. The song is played naavraaii maajhiii from English vinglish. The girls dance. Adarsh goes and sits in the first row to see Swadheenta properly. She was dancing the best of all the girls. Then the song changes to lundin thumake da from queen. The grils were ready to invite the boys on the dance floor. The elders were also encouraging them. The first to get up from the seat was Adarsh. Following him was the other boys most of them were his friends. They move up to the floor and the sond changes to dilliwali girlfriend. He starts dancing slow to Swadheenta who tried to run away from him. She runs down from the floor and goes to a corner and megs her brother Asad to come to pick her. Asad comes on his scooter and takes Swadheenta away from there. When she turns she finds Adarsh standing there biding her bye and again turns back in anger.
Then the next day when Swadheenta goes to the shopping mall she sees Adarsh there with his friends. She turns to leave when Adarsh comes and blocks her path.
Swa: now what???
Ada: I am really sorry for the last night’s behavior…
Swa: I wont forgive u…ok… now leave my path….
Adarsh moves and lets go from there.
Ada: I will keep saying sorry until to agree to forgive me miss…. Areeyy…I don’t know her name even…. But still she is totally different….


She was still sitting there while Asad was going on calling her.
Asa: freedom…. He shakes her and she comes back to her senses…. Wht??? Where r u???
Swa: wht????
Asa: I am calling for so long… wht were u thinking????
Swa: nothing…. Who was that man???
Asa: I told u na… he is IAS officer Adarsh Sinha….. he wants to meet u????
Swa: how did u meet him???
Asa: he came to my college for a seminar… there I met him….
Swa: then wht is he doing here????
Asa: i invited him to meet u….
Swa: wht??? why????
Asa: becoz both of u r similar….
Swa: wht do u mean by similar????
Asa: see both of u work for the country….. he protects it… and u give justice to the people living here… so aren’t u two similar…. come fast he wants to meet u….. Asad leaves.
Swadheenta looks on tensed.

Hope u guys liked the first part of my ff. plzzz do read and comment.

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  1. Really NYC rhimjhim its NYC to see aadarsh and swadeetha I loved it….

  2. Y again from starting u can start from ending of serial right coz every one want it from ending of serial any way it was nice pls continue and sry if u felt bad

  3. Seems interesting . . . Felt good reading asad swadheenta convo which i was missing much

  4. Akansha

    its awesome… as d serial got over… nw only fans ca keep it alive…
    i love it rhimjhim………plz continue writing

  5. Nice ff

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