Will we get united forever – Ragak fs shot 10 and final shot

Will we get united forever 10-final plot
So guys…here is the final shot of this ff…it happened because of you..thanks a lot everyone who spend their valuable time in reading this ff,am extremely happy with your responses…I just want to write on my two favourite couples RagLak and Devakshi and I completed it successfully too and now it’s the time to go…thank you all once again…do comment about devakshi’s role in uniting RagLak in this ff…
Thank you…

Sanjay got confused hearing the prison warden’s convo..
He then reminisces that how prathap asks him to accept the crime and says that he will take him out from jail…!!
“Sir ji…you cheated on me..wait I will hung your life…”Sanjay holds his fist…!!
He cuts his hand using the steel sheet nearby and screams and falls unconscious on floor..
Everyone gathered and opened the door and lifts him up and admitted him in hospital…
Ragini and sona sleeps restlessly in their bed…sona sleeps on ragini’s lap …Ragini lifts the water jug and drinks water…
She kept it aside and dozes off in that position itself…
It’s 12:45…
Ragini gets some flashes and her body started sweating…she opened her eyes with a sudden jerk and fear occupied her mind…she looks around to confirm something and found nothing.
She takes a sigh and stares sona who was sleeping peacefully…
“dev…!!”sona too woked up with her sudden scream…
“Ragu…dev…!!”sona panicks..
Ragini (consoled her):sona relax..,,kuch nahi hoga bhaai ko…please relax…(she offered her water)
Ragini buzzed laksh and informed him that they are feeling feared being alone in house…!!
Laksh:Ragini…calm down first.,I have one important work…will send police protection to both of you..don’t come out from your house and lock all the doors and windows…don’t worry nothing will happen to you..am there na..!!
Ragini hanged up and bolted each and every door of dixit mansion…ragsona sits on the sofa and gazed each other…they felt that they were in the cliff hanger.
Sanjay was treated by the doctor and he requested a nurse to do what he insists,initially she refused but at last she accepted.he gave laksh’s number and asked her to say that he wants to met him…!!
She did the same,and laksh peeped into the block where sanjay is hospitalised and enters the room in disguise,..
There in dixit mansion ..,police protection were given to ragsona and ragini buzzed laksh again to inform him about the protection..
Laksh mobile beeps in his pocket ..,but he didn’t picked it up instead his hands touched while picking the recorder from his pocket..

“hello laksh..!!helloo”ragini called out his name but there was no reaction at the other end..!!
She was about to hung up the call but at that time she heard his voice…!!

“tell me…!!”laksh said and hid the recorder behind…!!

“laksh..first promise me that you will save me from that evil prathap..”he said…!!
Laksh:from mamaji…what he did to you,you were partner’s in everything right(he asks casually)
Sanjay:you are right laksh but he tried to kill me itself..!!
“what the hell..!!”laksh acts like he was shocked…
Sanjay:haan laksh..!!am sorry beta we have betrayed you…prathap was the one who is responsible for your current state and he did all this for money and to take over the maheshwari empire and that devil rana is behind it..he wants no one to compete with him and he wants both dp’s and dev’s property,so that he mesmerised your dad and created rift between dp and dev ,and everything happened as per plan but …(it gets muted)…
Laksh was shocked and was happy too…ragini who heard everything gets happy and hanged the call..
“sona…sonaa..!!”ragini drags sona who was sitting restlessly and dances in happiness…
Sona:ragu…kya hua…are you ok…
Ragini:everything is sorted sona…everything…bhaiyya will gets freed..!!
Sona blinks and gets happier…but asks “how ragu..!!”
Ragini(excitedly): sasur ji is alive..!!
Sona: sachchi…!!
Ragini nods and both jumps in excitement…!!

The guard who was standing outside and comes near the door and heard everything..!!he then informed the same to someone…
Laksh then reaches to their old godown as said by sanjay…he peeped inside without making noise and found only darkness..!!
Suddenly spot lights fall on him..,
“welcome..!!welcome laksh beta…!!”
Then another spot light falls on Ragini and sona whose hands were tied on the pillar…Ragini looks at Laksh painfully…!!
“Ragini..!!”laksh screams and was about to run towards her but the goons held his hands tightly..!!
“it seems like you got to know about us hai na Laksh…!!but what to do your poor fate you got strucked with us again..”prathap smirks evilly…
Laksh hits the goons and gets freed from them and grabbed prathap’s neck and tightened his grip…prathap chokes due to his hold…
{bullet sound..!!}

Rana kept the gun on dp’s forehead and threatened laksh…goons took this chance and hits laksh back to back…laksh got hurt at his head when one of the goon pushed him on the floor..!!
“laksh..!!”Ragini cries bitterly and tries to free herself from the rope where she gets tied.
One of the goon neared laksh with the rod and was about to hit his forehead..!!
Before that, the goon got hit at his mouth and splashed the blood on the floor..!!
“dev..!!”everyone gets shocked…
“bhaiyya..don’t leave them…”Ragini screams crying badly…!!sona gets happy seeing dev…
Laksh goes towards ragsona and untied them…Ragini hugged laksh and wipes the blood oozing near his ear,and broke down seeing her love in that condition..!!
Prathap neared them and was about to hit laksh…sona comes for laksh’s rescue and hits prathap at his back head.
“areyy,lady jet lee..!!thank you so much..”laksh teases sona..!!
Sona hits laksh playfully at his abdomen..
“ouch..”he acts…
“sona…!!”Ragini glares her and stares laksh painfully…
He drags her into hug and consoles her…some men reached towards them and parts raglak apart..
Laksh frees himself from their hold and beats them black and blue.On the other side,Ragini and sona beats them using the things like stick ,rope and rods…
Dev fights with Rana and Rana punched dev’s face repeatedly and tooks the knife nearby and was about to stab him..
Ragini thrown the stone and it hits rana’s hand and the knife falls down.
Dev beats him hard and rolled over,now dev is on top of Rana and hits him black and blue…!!
“stop it..”

Police arrived..!!
They arrested everyone.Ragini wraps laksh’s hand around her neck who is stumbling to walk and made him sit…
Dev neared them and hugged Ragini..!!and thanked laksh for helping him..
{yes..,Sanjay reveals that dp is not dead and is alive,he just hit him on his forehead and fall unconscious and also says that he tied dp In their old bungalow.laksh’s friend (SP) entered the room and takes Sanjay as an witness and orders the inspector to arrest prathap and their gang and to release dev.they released dev first and when dev gets to know about everything he reached the godown in shortcut before police reaches there to save laksh.}
Dev untied dp and splashed water over his face..
Dp comes near them and says”mujhe maaf karo beta!!(folding his hands)”
“you are like my father sir..!!don’t do this to me..”dev holds dp’s hands…
Dp:no you are saying so for name sake only…
Dev blinks simply can’t understand his words…dp says that if you think like that then you should call me as dad hereafter..dev hugged him..
Dev(searches):sona kaha hai Ragu..!!
“she was here only…sona…”Ragini searched sona..!!
Sona comes holding her forehead from which blood is oozing continuously..
Dev rushed to her and holds her shoulders and makes her sleep on his lap.
“sonakshi..”he chants her name…
Laksh start the car,dev says.dev it got punctured,laksh replied.”dev..i won’t survive,I know but I want to die as your wife,will you fulfil my last wish..”sonakshi asked in her death bed…
“no sona,you can’t leave me..don’t lose hope,am there na..”dev holds her hand..
But she was adamant and makes him to accept it…
Dev nods and tooks the nearby knife and made a crack on his finger and applied his blood on her maang and hugged her…
Laughter surrounds…
{yes..it’s our RagLak who were laughing…}
“bhaiyya..she is acting ..”Ragini bursts out laughing..!!

Dev blinks and finds sonakshi winking..he twisted her ears..and they continued their sweet fights…
“then this blood ..!!”dev quizzed them…
Sona(casually):oh this one..!!I mixed the red sand with water and applied it near my ears and head and I cuts my finger slightly and added final touch…how is it(she smiles sheepishly)…
Dev beats her continuously and hugged her..laksh wrapped his hands around ragini’s shoulder and stares her fondly…
“take your hand…”Ragini jerked his hands ..!!
“you shouldn’t see me and touch me for 100 days from now on as a punishment for your act yesterday…”Ragini said casually…
Laksh:no way…!!(with determination in his eyes)
Ragini:then let’s break up…!!
Laksh opened his mouth in. ‘o’ shape..
Dev(pats laksh’s shoulder):just 100 days na…it will go just like that…
“why won’t you say..”laksh said under his breath…
Laksh ran behind her saying”Ragini…don’t do this to me…”
Ragini (smiling inside):deal is deal orelse break up confirmed…
Laksh pats his forehead…
Everyone laughs seeing their silly fights…

The end•••

So guys the story gets ended here and comment your views…and am extremely sorry for not replying for your comments in my ff’s.because tu gets hanging in my mobile and I face troubles in posting the updates too…sorry for the typos too
Take care dears

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  1. Mintu

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    1. Darshini

      Aww tq so much da sissy…
      Haha!!aama dev believed it…
      Adaan punishment da..!!he have to survive 100 days without wtchng her…
      S dear it ended…
      Will strt the next ff asap…
      Tc dear…
      Love u ????

  2. Dharani

    awesome darshu… another beautiful ff of urs is ended i am going to miss it so much… love u… take care

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      Aww…that’s so sweet of you dharu..
      Am hpy that you liked it…
      Don’t worry I will be bck soon..
      Tke cre dear and love you too ? ?

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      Thnks a lot dear ? glad that you liked it…


    1. Darshini

      Tq tq tq so much Arjuna ? glad that you liked it…

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      Tq so much dear ? glad that you liked it…

    1. Darshini

      Thnks a lot dear ? glad that you liked it…

    1. Darshini

      Tq so much dear ? glad that you liked it…

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      Aww my sweetie doll??
      How are you dear??
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