Will gentle survive among the harsh? (Ek duje ke vaste) Shot 3 Last shot ek duje ke vaste

Hi guys,I am back with the next and the last update of this FF.
Hope you all will like it.Thanks for all your comments.

Soo let’s start:
Recap:Sumo to have lunch with Aditya.
Sumo reaches the restaurant the next day,she sees Aditya entering the restaurant from the other side.She shouts “Bhaiya,Didi”
They see eo and during this whole lunch she was calling him Bhaiya.
Shravan was spying on her and he was shocked to see Sumo calling him Bhai
He goes to office peacefully.
They continue the day with no disruptions.

The next morning,There is a workload for Shraman so they reach early in the morning to start completing it.By the time they go home it is late in the night.Shravan starts feeling feverish and says I am feeling sleepy I am going to sleep.
Sumo feels odd as he has never done something like this before.She goes and checks his temperature.
It is 102°C .She immediately brings a bowl of water and a cloth,She better dipping the cloth in water and keeps changing it.She also makes sure that Shravan’s sleep would not get disturbed.
The next morning,Shravan wakes up feeling much better.As he tries to get up he sees Sumo lying on his chest and sleeping.He also sees the bowl and cloth on the side table.He understands that she stood up all night just for him.He caresses her hair softly.
He also sees the calendar and says the day has come.
He let’s her sleep on him and keeps his hand around her.
After 10 -15 mins Sumo wakes up and and is surprised to be sleeping like this. She recollects whatever happened last night .She apologizes to Shravan and starts getting ready for office.
As she comes out,she is about to exit the room when Shravan pu
lls her hand and she lands on his chest.
He says…today we both have a leave,I want to reveal something to you..
Sumo…What do you want to say?
Shr.. Sit down
Sumo sits down and Shravan starts revealing his reason
When I first saw you I fell in love with you immediately.
Sumo. .then why did you treat me like This??
Shr …let me continue..
I told my dad about my wish,he agreed to bring the proposal…I was extremely happy that you had accepted it.The next day when I saw your
pale face,I knew that you were not happy and realized that even if you will marry me you will not love my money .My dad sent that contract without telling me

Shravan was about to continue when he saw Sumo crying .He extended his hand to wipe the tears but she moved her head away.
Sumo…I am no one to you, I am going away
Shr..Sumo wait!
Sumo…Why should I wait???For the man who ruined my life completely.You don’t value love at all.Had you loved me truly ,you would have surely not treated me like this .
Shr….Pls listen to me
You dont know what all I had gone through to achieve my company…what all I suffered. YOU GOT YOUR COMPANY BECAUSE OF YOUR DAD BUT THATS NOT THE CASE WITH ME .You don’t know anything about my life .You just cared about my money.
Shr…Then I want to know about your life…What is that you have experienced..??
Sumo…If you want to know then listen
I was an orphan my parents died in a car accident after my birth.They was only Nanu to take care of me .All my education was mostly on scholarship or what I earned.
Shr….What do you mean by you earned???

Sumo..I started doing jobs after the age of 13.
Nanu died when I was 14…this came to me as a big shock but I decided that when I will grow up. I will work hard and become a big person.But destiny did not favour me.I was sent to my Mamiji’s house where I was treated like a servant .I had to Cook, mop floors and what not did I do.I brought up this company by Aditya’s help and that’s why I call him Bhaiya. but he also withdrew support and that’s why he had asked me for lunch.
Shr…Very sorry .
Pls hear me out at least.
Sumo… Fine

Shravan starts to narrate.
After I came to know about this I asked my dad about it.
Ramnath:I have asked her to stay as your PA so that she can stay near you.She is marrying you because of her mamiji’s will and not hers.
Ram:I want to see if she’s a trust worthy wife or not if she is then she will not stay away from you.only for 3 months I promise.
Shr. Okay papa.

Shr…So now you know why I did all this??
Sumo..Shravan, you did this for your own convenience just to test me.You never cared how I would be feeling about this.I forgive you for whatever you have done to me.
Shr…Thanks a lot,I promise you that I will not do anything like this again.It was also very tough to for me to see you like this but trust me I had no evil intentions.
Sumo…I believed on you and thats why I have been living with you.
Shr.. Pls continue to stay here as my wife.
Sumo. .I will tell u my answer in the evening.

In the evening.
Sumo…I have decided to stay with you as my wife.

Shr…I knew that you would agree.
Shravan makes gives her a equal post in the company.
After 1 yr
Shraman have twins-Preeti and Pushkar.
Preeti and Pushkar were fighting
Sumo…Pushkar come to me ,I will give you something.
Pushkar shows Preeti his tongue and moves to Sumo and sits on her lap.
Preeti…Not fair Papa

Shravan…Preeti come to me even I have something
Preeti this time shows her tongue to Pushkar. Like this both siblings continue their fight and live happily ever after.

The end

Thanks a lot for all the support in this FF.Once again sorry for the short episode.Sorry if you felt bored reading this FF.
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  1. pretty preeti

    Anu it was superb my jaan
    I loved it
    Tune kya likha I truly liked ur three shots a lot
    It was an amazing ff
    I loved it
    Now what r u going to write
    I loved it
    Love u

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Pretty Preeti… Firstly will continue you on my FF Hatred to Love.planning to post a one shot soon.

    2. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Pretty Preeti… Firstly will continue you on my FF Hatred to Love.planning to post a one shot soon.
      Love you too

  2. Nikita

    Oyye.. Loved it bhot saara…
    The reason was genuine..
    The shraman scene in the between when shravan wakes up n everything was just adorable.. I loved it..
    Keep writing more shots !!
    Love you loads,

  3. This was such a cute three shot. Loved it so much. You wrote amazingly. ?

    Btw what’s your age (if you don’t have a problem to tell that) ?? And where are you from?

    Anyway, take care ?

    1. Anushika

      Thanks Zainab for liking it.
      I am 11yrs old and I am an Indian living in Singapore

  4. WeirdSister

    What a twist in d story…
    Love ya..

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwesome fantastic awwwwdorable one ?????? Really amazinggggg ..
    Take care. .

  6. Ariana

    Aww such a cute ending. All happy. It was sooooo sweet. Shravan was gd!! Not harsh. Nd the fever part….tht’s beyond words. Its sooo sweet. Make more shots of ShraMan. Loved it aloooooooot.
    Love u
    Take care

  7. Ufaaq

    Ohk so the epi was amazingggggggg so the gentle survived among the harsh right???
    Very well written bt short ham Bt let it go awesome one
    Liked ur 3 sshots
    Ok take care

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