Will gentle survive among the harsh? (Ek duje ke vaste) Shot 2


Hi guys,I have been thinking to post this episode from yesterday because I am free and all your sweet comments made me melt.Well this the second shot,the next shot will be the last one.

Recap…….Sumo takes a leave
Sumo is looking at the window with tears rolling down her cheeks.She is crying terribly.
Shravan feels bad and thinks Only two more days then
Sumo breaks his chain of mind.When did you come?
Shr…no why do I need permission to enter.?I am just about to leave for work.
Sumo…I am feeling a lot better,wait for 10 mins I will join you.
Shravan….OK sure.He was extremely happy cause his scolding did do a lot of effect,He wanted her to do file which he didn’t want do to do.

Sumo… I am here.
She was wearing a beautiful pale pink saree And minimal make up.Shravan was mesmerized by seeing her but controlled.
Sumo…Let us go
Shravan took the keys and they both sat in the car.Sumo was lost in her own thoughts while Shravan was continuously looking at her suddenly
Sumo…Shravannnnn,As she quickly turned to the steering to the left.In front was a big truck coming and Shravan wasn’t paying attention.
Shr…Sorry,I was not paying attention.
Sumo…It is fine,Even I did that with Aditya once.
Shr felt a pang of jealousy .
Shr….Who is Aditya???
Sumo…Why do you want to know?

Shr…Oh okay.
Let’s continue
Sumo was remembering of how she was made to give up her position and now she is his PA.
Sumo was coming home in the evening.She was wearing a crop top and Capri’s.She enters the house and is shocked to see Mr Shravan Malhotra and his Dad Mr Ramnath Malhotra.
Sumo…What are you doing here Mr Malhotra any work??
Mami….They have brought a marriage proposal for you,I have agreed to it.
A tear rolls down her eyes which goes unnoticed by the Malhotras.
Ramnath…What is your decision in it??
Sumo looks at her Mami who glares at her so she has no choice but to agree.
Ramnath… OK then we will get them married as fast as possible.
Mamiji…I agree with you.

Shravan… We should leave now.
Shravan and Ramnath leave and Sumo runs in the room crying.The next morning,she goes to work,Her face is all dull and pale and her eyes are swollen.
All her employees ask her but she didn’t reply to them.
She gets ready for a meeting with Shravan .
In the conference Hall,
Shravan calls Suman as Suman not Ms Tiwari as he always called her but Sumo didn’t forget to call him Mr Malhotra.
After few days
Shravan sends a contract to Suman….
It was that they have signed a deal but Sumo didn’t read the super fine print saying that you will have to work with me as my PA.
When Sumo came to know she was devastated, no one knows how much she ever cried.
That’s how she is his PA.

End of FB.
For Shravan this silence was making him feel awkward by any chance he wanted to end it but there was no chance.They had reached the office,Sumo got of first saying thank you and exited while Shravan gave the keys to an employee to park the car .Suman keeps ignoring him during the whole day.they work without talking to each other. Each of them had separate files to work on and that were working late,so only both of tgem
While she was exiting the office,she saw Aditya entering.
Sumo..Hey Adi
Aditya… sumo How come you are here???
Sumo…Are yaar I work here….If I am not here then where will I be.Why are you here then???
Aditya…Oh,I just entered the wrong building by mistake.
Sumo….Tomorrow dinner together… Call Urvashi as well(Adi’s wife)
Aditya… And you your husband.
Sumo….He won’t be able to come,we three will go together.
Aditya…Up to you
Aditya… Should I drop you home??
Sumo….No it is perfectly fine.
Aditya… I ‘ll message you the place,OK then bye
They hug and they go
Sumo resumes her work.
Shravan comes to her and asks who was he

Sumo with full attitude why do you care ?
Shravan…Just like that and you can’t go tomorrow for dinner with whoever he was,you have a meeting.
Suman…. One can’t stop people of they want too meet their…How will you understand? I will cancel the plan then.
Shravan….do whatever.
Sumo…Actually Shravan you gave me a better idea.tomorrow I can do lunch with Adi,I have no .meetings then. I will also get some time to spend with Sumo,My princess.

Sumo is Adi’s daughter.
Shravan knew that he can’t stop her anymore do he says oh than you can go.

Precap…Last episode

Sorry guys,Here is another short episode
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Love Anushika

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