Will gentle survive among the harsh? (Ek duje ke vaste) Shot 1

Hi guys,Thanks a lot for commenting in The promo.Here is the shot 1.
So let’s start:
A girl enters a cabin looking tired.
The girl:Shravan,here is the file,for the next project.
Shr …how many times I have asked you not to call me by my name,Suman?
Yes the girl is Sumo.
Sumo…Sorry .
Shr…Sit with me we need to complete this file,no lunch or .meetings today.just this file.
She gets all the materials and sits down,She works with full determination.Shravan orders coffee for himself but not for her.

Suman is feeling dizzy but doesn’t tell anything.Shr keeps scolding her and ketos telling her she is not doing properly. Sumo wants to just finish the work and get out but he is not even allowing her to drink water.Shravan is coughing a lot while doing the work.Sumo orders water and passes it to him.While keeping the glass,he spills a little on the project and becomes angry.he screams at her for reason at all. Tears roll down Sumo’s eyes.Shravan doesn’t feel a bit bad and asks her to complete it herself and give it to him by night.Suman leaves but is unable to walk and is about to fall on the floor.Shravan feels worried and holds her
Shr…What happened ?Are you okay?
Sumo…Yes Sir… I need to finish the file ,I need to go
Shr might be khadoos but he is very sensitive In health matters.
Shr…One minute, you didn’t eat bf and during the project also you didn’t eat anything.
Sumo…. Agrees with him politely.
Shr…Eat and then go home and rest,I will bring the file home and we can do it together.
Sumo…But Shr…
Too bad for Sumo..Shr had already ordered food .the waiter brings the food and Shravan feeds Sumo with this own hand as she was feeling to weak.
Sumo gets up after eating .
Shr…we will go home together and do the work.
Suman felt nice to see a caring side of Shravan but knows that as soon as she is fine he will turn ‘khadoos’ again.
Sumo smiles with that thought.Shr notices that smiles and says”You are sitting I’ll but still want to laugh”He smiles while saying this.
Sumo smiles fades and she sees Shravan’s first smile after marriage.
They go home together and complete the file.
Shravan falls asleep on the file while solving it.
(In both my FF Shravan is a sound sleeper…LoL)
He is about drool about a bit in the file.Sumo immediately puts her hand in between to stop it from touching the file .She tries to remove the file but fails.

In the morning, Shravan wakes up and is shocked to see them sleeping on the table.He also sees Sumo’s hand under his mouth to save the file .He wakes up Sumo by screaming at her and asks her to get ready fast.Sumo asks for a day off,he at first script screams at her he is angry and leaves without replying,tears start rolling down her eyes and she falls on the floor with a thud.
Shravan grants her a day off reluctantly.


Sorry for this very very very short update.Pls comment I will post 2nd shot by Thursday probably.Thanks a lot again

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  1. WeirdSister

    It was just way too awesome…
    I loved it totally…
    I mean u explained ur title so well..
    Waiting for d next part..
    Plz plz post soon..
    Luv ya..??

  2. Superb epi anu
    I loved it
    Nice peice of story
    But nxt prt Thursday itni door
    I cant eait
    Plz post it asap plzzz??
    Luv uh

  3. Sharmansangel

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor sumo but at the same time lucky too and v.v.v.v. nice

  4. pretty preeti

    Anu it was awwwwww
    I loved it darling
    It was super cool
    I loved it
    Post soon
    Thurs CHLO wait krege
    Love u

  5. Neeti

    Anu di, me phir tapak pari…
    I’m speechless, so nice stry…
    y is Shravan so harsh….y
    Sumo is suffering so much, I feel vry pity at d same time I remember dat dis is just a fiction…
    pst soon if possible…
    luv u – Neeti

  6. Marie

    Hey anu…..!!! Wow such a nice concept….!! N shr is sacchi Mai so khadoos….!!!
    Sumo beechare…..I hope everything gets fyn soon……. But the ep was totally amazing n great loved it to d core,….!!!
    Post nxt one ASAP ASAP ASAP 🙂
    By by
    Take care
    Love u !!

  7. Nice episode.
    Liking your story.
    Post soon please. ?

  8. Ufaaq

    This is soooo bad side of shrbt really wanna see his gud d
    Side extremely eager about 2nd shot so will u post it be for Thursday. If u r free?????
    That was short but was too gud
    Ok tKe care

  9. Ariana

    Feeling so bad for Sumo, bechari. But at least Shravan cares for her deep inside. Everything will b fixed soon. Fingers crossed. Btw wonderful epi…Awesome way to start with…Nd Shravan makes noise while sleeping!!! Lol!!!
    Post next part asap. I’m really excited.
    Lots of love

  10. nice epi . i really liked it . post asap

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice anushika !!!
    Amazing one ??
    Post next shot soon ..
    Take care ..

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