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So at evening . everyone starts arriving. Friends and everyone..
Swara was making riya ready.
Swara: u r looking now ony like a girl.
Swara: ok fine. where is my dress. I have to get ready.
Riya goesand takes the dreess.
Swara: this is so awesome.
Riya/: go and wear. Go..
Swara gets ready and she goes out to greet the guest. She wears the same dress she wore for kaurachat in swaragini.

Swara: laksh is sahikl ready or not?
Laksh: he is ready shona. swara. can u give ragini her medicines please. I have a little work.
Swara: sure..

She goes to ragini and her eyes gets teary eyed seeing that person sitting near to ragini. It was the great sanskar maheswari.
Swara smiles and goes to them.
Swara: lucky told to make u have this medicine have it
Ragini: I hate medicines. He na. she haves them with unwanted looks. Swara smile.
Sanskar: hi swara.
Swara: hi sanskar.

Sanskar: how r u?
Swara: yeah fine. how about u? how is ur family?
Sanskar: yeah all fine. how is ur mom.
Swara: she is good. She is busy with her works there. I will come back after a few mins.
Sanskar: sure.

She leaves..
Ragini: sanskar she is already married.
Sanskar shocked: what?
Ragini: laksh didn’t tell me at all. I don’t understand.
Sanskar: no it wont be truth. I am sure.

Ragini: what if it is?
Sanksar:it wont ragini. I have faith. U go . I will ask her.
Sanskar leaves and finds swara in a corner arraning things.
Sanskar drags her and takes her to a room.
Swara: what r u doing?
Sanskar: what have gone to u swara. r u married.
Swara: yes. she said without looking into him.
Sanskar: look into my eyes swara and tell.

Swara: vo..
Sanskar: u r lying. How can u lie like this. u know I am waiting for u from the past 2 years.
Swara: I don’t care if u r waiting or not mr maheshwari.
Sanskar: u don’t care? Really..
Swara: yes.
Sanskar: then why u ask ragini always how am i. why do u care?
Swara: that is due to..
Sanskar: that is due to u love me swara and I too love u. but u r afraid what will everyone say. u r a mahaan like thing to sacrifice ur love.
Swara : no.

Sanskar holds her shoulders.
Sanskar: u r afraid of my family right. what will they say. they wont say anything as u know u r not that girls what everyone thinks. U r not even connected with these things at all. They r ready to accept u for whatever u r. they r not selfish people who can understand u swara. did u get it.
Swara cries silently.
Sanskar hugs swara.
Sanskar: if u again think about it then I will tell u a truth. will u be able to bear it.
Swara: what.
Sanskar: u r father who u r searching is none other than arnav singh raizada.
Swara gets shocked.
Swara releases from hug.

Swara: no this cant be truth.
Sanskar: this is the truth.
Swara: no u r lying.
Sanskar: I am not lying.ur mother is khushi kumarigupta singh raizada.
Swara: I . she starts crying heavily.
Sanskar hugs swara tightly.
Sanskar: its ok swara. any day u should know the truth. why not this day. U have to be strong swara. for ur mother. U know she have faced everything alone. She hid her pain only for u. this is ur time for not letting ur mother down. U cant allow any person to discriminate ur mother. U have to be her support.

Swara wipes her tears.
Swara: yes . why should I worry for that man. He is nothing to me. u don’t tell anyone I know the truth. please sanskar.
Sanskar: sure swara.
Swara: I am sorry sanskar for hurting u for my selfishness. I am sorry.
Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips.
Sanskar: shoo. Don’t speak like that. I dotn know this is the time swara. I love u swara.
Swara: I too love u so much sanskar. she hugs him.
Sanskar: we will go out.

Swara: thank u so much sanskar.
Sanskar: no thanks or sorry between us. come.
They come out..

Sahil was already seate din the mandap doing mantras.
Swara smiles seeing him.
Swara: I will go and get the bride. She leaves and gets riya with her.
Swara whispers in her ears.
Swara: congrats makeup kit.
Riya: killer.

Swara smiles.
Swara brings riya and makes her sit with sahil.
Riya’s mom and dad does her kanyadhan.
Sahil’s mom: swara u do the ghatbandhan.
Swara: me aunty?
Sahil: yeah u do.
Swara smiles and goes to do ghatbandhan but she hears some one speaking ill about her. she without hearing does that.

Sahil and riya smiles at her..
Sahil and riya takes the pheras and he ties her mangalustra.
All were blessing the couple.
Swara closed her eyes at that time her eyes fall on a person. Anger raised in her eyes but she controlled seeing that person. He was none other than arnav.
Swara: laksh. I am feeling some what not well. so I will go inside.
Laksh: ok go.
Swara leaves to her room and closes the door.
She sits there drinking water.

She washes her face 2 to 3 times.
Swara: u cannot fall weak swara. it is payback time. U have to payback for ur deeds mr arnav singh raizada . this is swara’s roy oath. U will never ever been forgiven for ur mistake. I will make u bend infront of her for the things u have done to her. I wont leave u. I wont.
She comes out refreshing.
At that time all rituals got over except grahpraveshesh and all were enjoying seated in chairs. She too joins them.
Sahil: what is my gift swara?
Riya: sahil
Sahil: tell me.

Swara: wait I will bring it.
She brings with a box.
Sahil opens the box and finds a lot of watches of different model.
Sahil: wow this is so awesome.
Swara: whenever I go to any shop first I buy this for u. this is 2 years collection.
Sahil: thank u..

Swara: riya this is for u.
It was a bracelet with a heart in the middle which encarved their 4 photo.
Riya: wow. Shona. this much awesome git.superb.
Swara: its ok baba. So its time for my flight. Have to leave.
Sahil: what time is ur flight.
Swara: 12 pm and the time is 10 pm. It si already late . next time I come I will permenantly come. this is my promise ok.
Sahil: ok fine.
Swara smiles.

Meanwhile arnav interrupts in.
Arnav: how r u miss roy?
Swara: I am very good mr raizada . how is ur wife mr raizada? She says in a winking tone.
Arnav: she is good. I think so
Swara: yeah she will be .if u leave my way then I can leave ? please mr raizada. If u don’t want to insult me again.
Saying this she leaves.

She goes inside and starts packing her thing.
Meanwhile sanskar comes inside her room.
Swara: sanskar help come.
Sanskar: yeah sure.
Swara: keep that dress and the specs there except pack the dresses. All this sahil work. He purchased more dresses and asking me now to take to London. Huh.
Sanskar smiles at her .

Swara: staring is not good mr maheshwari.
Sanskar:staring at ur love is good mrs maheshwari.
Swara: what I am still roy. Remember we have not got married yet.
Sanskar: u r soon going to be na.
Swara: will see at that time.
Sanskar holds her by the waist and comes towards her.
Swara tickles him.
Swara: will see everything at that time. I will go and change.
She goes to washroom and comes wearing a jeans and a t shirt with her specs.
Sanskar: what is this specs. U r wearing it now only?
Swara: power. and I am not comfortable with lens.so.
Sanskar: but u r more beautiful and natural in this.

Swara smiles.
Swara: if u r flirting is over then can we go.
Swasan comes out and bids bye to everyone.
Sanskar goes to drop swara.
At airport.
Sanskar: bye swara.
Swara comes near him and kisses his cheeks.
Swara: bye. Will see u soon.

Sanskar smiles at her.
Sanskar: have a thought that I will be waiting. Message me . have my number right?
Swara: I have.
Swara goes inside.

no precap..

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