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The next day sanskar goes back to Mumbai..

At munnar.
Swara: so we saw almost here . so where next.
Laksh: no we have a place to visit more.
Riya: what place?
Sahil: u all will know. advi ready?
Advi: yeah..
Swara: what place.
Riya: suspense. We will leave.
They all reach that place.

They ties swara eyes.
Swara was made seat in a rope made seat..laksh behind her for balancing her.

The people over there pushes them..
They both fly in the air in a parachute.
Laksh unties swara’s eye.

The vision was of the mountains beautifully visible from the top of sky. The cool breeze feeling around.
Swara: wow. Lucky its awesome.
Swara: u know how to balancena. I don’t know?
Laksh: I dotn know. I thought u know.
Swara: lucky.
Laksh: ok we both will live or die. Its ok.
Swara: laksh stop this funny tauntrams.
They were followed by sahil and riya.
Sahil: hi killer.
Swara: hi bulldozer. She shouts.

They all enjoyed a lot.
The tour comes end while they visit many places in kerla.
They all reach Mumbai.
Swara: sahil u r leaving in 4 days na.
Sahil: yeah. Will miss u a lot. U r going to U.S On the same day with ma.
Riya: u will come back na?
Swara smiles.
Swara: for u guys for sure..
Laksh phone rings.
Laksh sees ragini’s name.
Swara: put it in speaker.
Laks nods and attends.
Ragini: hello laksh.
Laksh: tell me. when is ur marriage date?
Ragini: laksh. Don’t ever speak like that. I told all fo them about us and they to accepted us. sanskar knows all this. I am sorry laksh. I know I hurted u for loosing my family. But the truth is I love u a lot. I want to say u some truth laksh. If can please come by 5 pm to our meeting pt . please. Bye.
She cuts the call.
Laksh: what truth. Don’t know.
Riya: thank god everything is well. congrats lucky..
Laksh: thank u.
Sahil: so ok. swara we have to prepare everything for ur leaving.
Advi: I arranged things over there but here?
Laksh: we will do aunty. We will finish the formalities of this house.
Advi: thank u so much.

Soon the days passes and the day comes when swara and advi leaves to London and sahil to his training camp…

A leap of 2 years..

A house Is shown and the house is beautifully decorated with flowers. It seems some one’s marriage is going to happen. Music is oned and everyone where dancing happily.
We can see a person with a little grand sherwani. It was none other than sahil and it was sahil and riya marriage that day night. riya was also dancing with them.
What was the missing happiness was of a childish girl. their angel. Swara’s presence.
Ragini was seated as laksh told her not to dance as she was 2 months pregnant. laksh and ragini were married and its been 2 years since they met swara. they all blackmailed her to come but she told she is a little buzy..

Meanwhile in a flight. A girl was seeing all the magazines with a smiling face.
Swara: don’t know how u guys r going to be shocked with my arrival. Now it is swara’s turn of giving surprise. Wait and see.

She was same like before. she wored a long full handed frock with a specs in her face.
The flight landed and she immediately rushes out in excitement and boarded a taxi.

She arrived the destination.
Swara: sahil weds riya. Wow.
She takes her luggage and enters the house and sees everyone dancing.
No one yet noticed her.
She silently goes and takes the mike.
Swara: hello hello hello.
Everyone where stunned hearing her voice.
Sahil: devil.
Swara: haan my dear bull dozer. Stop ur all bashings. I am just a girl yaar. if I am not able to make it u will curse me like that. devils. Ok . I just wanted to say my bulldozer happy wedding life and my pyari make up kit to be always happy with my bull dozer.

Sahil,riya ,laksh sees her an dgoes to stage and hugs her.
Swara: why r u being this much senti yaar. come on.
Sahil: what is this spectacles.
Laksh: u r looking like an aunty.
Swara: laksh u. u always does this.
Riya: u r totally changes swara. what is this sudden changeover.
Sahil: but ur character never change.
Swara smiles.
Laksh: so how much day stay here?
Swara: don’t scold me . today midnight flight I am leaving..
Riya: what is this shona. not even fair.
Swara: arrey the internship company I am doing is giving me a lot of works. What can I do?
Sahil: ok come . first change ur dress. Its like some foreigner here.
Swara: hello. This is too too over.
Sahil: come in na.
Sahil takes swara leaving laksh and riya alone.

Sahil: swara I don’t know how u will take it but we have invited the raizadas also here and sanskar’s family also here.
Swara: its ok sahil. Past is past. And my life changed now. I will take revenge on his accusations once I complete my internship there. let him enjoy.
Sahil: I really know u will surely come.
Swara: waah. Self confidence?
Sahil nods.
Swara: ok give me my dress.
Sahil: its in ur room.
Swara: what my room..
Sahil: our study room. Go and get ready and for night also riya selected a dress.
Swara smiles.

Swara changes her dress and comes out.
She too enjoys with them. she goes to ragini.
Swara: hi.
Ragini:hi . u didn’t make up with oru marriage at all notfair
Swara: sorry I had my exams. By the way congrats ragini. Ia very happy for u both
Ragini: thank u vaise how is ur studies there.
Swara: it is awesome. U know I am very happy there with my husband and a new family.
Ragini gets shocked.
Ragini: u got married?
Swara: yes. laksh didn’t tell u. he always forgets. My husband name is Nikhil singhania.
Ragini: but laksh.
Swara: wait I will call laksh.
Swara: laksh.
Laksh comes there.
Laksh: what?
Ragini: swara got married and u didn’t inform me?
Laksh: yes. I forgot. They both did court marriage.
Ragini: how can u hide these things from me laksh.

Laksh: I am sorry ragini.
Ragini: don’t speak to me.she leaves saying this.
Laksh: ragini.
Laksh: swara. why u messaged us like that in group. To say like this.
Swara: sanskar loves me a lot laksh. That day I saw him munnar and I heard him speaking with himself. He cares for me a lot. I feel really happy but He don’t deserve a girl like me. he deserves a very good girl not a girl from this background. I don’t need him to suffer because of me. if he knows this he will surely try to move on and I want that only.
Laksh: don’t u love him swara?
Swara: I love him a lot.for that only I am ready to sacrifice my love for his happiness. He should be happy. she gets teary eyed.
Laksh hugs swara..

Laksh’s pov.

U r still considering that u r a girl from that background. U r framed as nachias because of that man. U don’t know that . that man is arnav singh raizada. Ur father. U have a family swara . we all want u to be happy. we don’t bother if u unite with him or not . we as ur friends just want ur happiness. I know sanksar love will win u. u wait and see swara. I am afraid for the day when u will learn the truth , what will happen. But whatever is the decision we will be with u. we know ur truth and will never let go off u to a bad side swara. its our promise as ur friends.


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