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Sahil: what r u typing riya?
He comes and sits near her as they all were in swara’s home. After getting ready for the trip.
Riya: mail to sanskar.
Sahil: for what.
Riya: read it.
Sahil starts reading it.

Respected sir,
I am going to take a week leave to office as u know about swara’ condition. so my need for her is must. Don’t see this from ur boss side but from a friend side. Hope u understand and u cant contact me for that time as I will remain unreachable so please do excuse.
Your truly,

Sahil: wow superb. Come shut down.
Riya: u know sahil this will be so interesting . we r going to enjoy for a week. I want the best to enjoy.
Sahil smiles…
They all reaches hall.
Swara: so ready for lonavala.
Laksh: who told lonavala?

Swara: then where r we going.
Sahil smiles and brings a india map with many place.
Sahil:select one. Closing ur eyes. We have 1 week gap. Let us enjoy.
Swara: wow these will be the best journey.
She closes her eyes and keeps her hand on munnar.

Sahil: munnar not a bad place.
Advi: so we will go to Coimbatore and then take a cab.
Swara: what is this sudden planning.
Laksh: just thought to enjoy. Sahil will leave na. so.
Swara: so so thank u. we will leave.
They all leaves..

Meanwhile on the other side..

Ragini and sanskar reaches that house.
Ragini: chachu come out now. she shouts..
All comes out ..
Kavitha: what happened ragu?
Nikhil: why r u shoutin now.
Arnav meanwhile comes out and stands.
Ragini: ask him what he have done?
Nikhil: what happened arnav.

Arnav: office work.
Ragini: office work chachu. U violated a girl’s image. How can u..
Arnav: ragini . it is ended now.
Ragini: chachu look at me . if anyone says me like that how would u feel? tell me .
Arnav: I will kill them.
Ragini: what will swara’s father came to know that his daughter was told like this because of him.

Arnav: why the hell I should care? He says angrily.
Ragini: because u r solely responsible for this. that time and this time it was ur fault.
Arnav: ragini don’t trigger the past now.
Ragini: I will trigger chachu. U know that day u didn’t believe ur wife knowing that mistake is not her and spoke ill about her and now. u know what u did now?
Arnav: what?
Ragii: without knowing she is ur daughter. Ur own daughter . u.. ragini cries.
Arnav gets shocked.

Sanskar: yes uncle swara is ur daughter. I have seen khushi over there with swara.
Ragini: whose mistake is it chachu? Blaming her na . what u told. Who …
Arnav couldn’t answer a single word also.
Ragini: u as a father speaks this much then what about this society chachu? They would have tortured them.
Arnav closes his eyes tears starts coming in his eyes..

Ragini: u thought her she is trying to behave bad with sanskar na. u know I don’t want to marry sanskar and I want to marry laksh gadodia. Sanskar loves swara.
Sanskar: yes . I love swara very much. ragini first itself told about everything. u should have asked her permission as her parents. kavitha and Nikhil gets shocked.
Sanskar: please it is a request please do unite ragini and laksh..
Ragini: u know who is laksh. That day u saw swara hugging a person an. He is laksh. He is my lover. Seeing my engagement he got broken and as a sister she did her duty. U easily get believed by first look. That was ur mistake at ur past and now too. Don’t speak to me chachu. If I speak to u , it will be against swara…
Ragini goes inside her room.
Sanskar: I will leave. Saying this sanskar leaves..

Everyone left and arnav was only left in the hall.
Arnav couldn’t just come out of the shock .
He was just angry at himself for speaking that much to his daughter. He took his car and drive harshly..

Meanwhile all gets ready and they took a taxi and moved to the airport.
Sanskar came to swara’s home to see her once. He sees them all leaving in a taxi..
He follows them and sees them reaching airport. He thinks to follow them as he wanted to know about swara.

A few hours later they all Coimbatore and they all stayed their night at Coimbatore.

The next day they reached munnar.
The day passes for them seeing places and night they all decided to stay in a tent…

they lit a camp fire outside the room. It was nearly some where near to the dead end of the mountain..
swara and sahil were seating over there cover with sweater meanwhile riya and laksh were arranging the things..
sahil: swara. don’t be sad yaar. smile. I can see u very well seeing ur face. atleast sanskar could have supported u..

swara: he is helpless sahil. U know sahil I feel sorry for him. he would be disappointed na when he comes to know about laksh and ragini.
Sahil: swara , why r u worried about him. do u love him?
Swara: no. I don’t think so. But I feel ..
Sahil: why r u feeling sorry then?

Swara: dotn know may me he is also my one of my close friend.
Sahil: ok my dear.
Meanwhile all of them reaches the place.
Advi: shona decision is urs
Swara: what decision.
Advi: u have 2 choices. One is u r going to work with laksh company and u can prove mr raizada that what u r . second is i made ur admission in a top university in London for ur mba as u have already written ur g mat.
Swara: ma how u done the admission. How u have that much money?
Advi: u don’t worry about that.

Swara: tell me the truth advi. How did u get that much money.
Advi: I am not the advi roy u think, I am the owner of gupta industries once and I saved a lot during that time. I was the one and only daughter of Shashi and garima gupta. My name is khushi kumara gupta.
Swara: ur name is khushi?
Advi: yes. I don’t want that name so I changed. I didn’t use that money I earned there. i saved it for u and I know one day it will surely be useful. So I used that.
Swara: ur parents ?
Advi: they believed him.

Swara: so they didn’t accept u even knowing that u r pregnant.
Advi: no one know about u.
Adarsh: aunty wont u tell us who was that man
Riya: yes aunty we will make him deserve his place.
Advi: I don’t want anything. I just want my daughter’s life to be happy. I want u to do anything u like. Tell me ur opinion.
Swara: I want to read mba then I will take this company and prove him.

Swara: I love u mom. Thank u.
Swara hugs advi.
Advi: so we will leave in 10 days.
Swara: fine. before that I will surely arrange a way for lucky . I promise.
Laksh: sure. Thank u..
Laksh hugs swara.
Adarsh: then we wont be able to meet u for so many days.
Swara: u r anyway going for training then?
Riya: but too we all will miss u..

Swara smiles.
Swara: I will surely prove myself. I now think I am in an exam and I should defiantely pass. I need all of ur support.
Advi: we all r with u.. so don’t think about that incident and think that these r the last few days u r going to be with ur friends
Swara: sure mom. We will dance.
Swara ons ths music player..

The song plays sooraj dhooba hain..
All were dancing enjoyingly.
Swara with laksh and sahil with riya.
Swara felt something.
She closes her eyes.
She could sense sanskar in her eyes.
She sees that she and sanskar are dancing together for that same eyes with eyes full of love.

She comes and sits near advi.
Advi: what happened?
Swara: nothing mom. Very tired. Can I go and sleep..
Advi: go..
Swara leaves to the tent..
Meanwhile rest of them comes and they sleep.

Swara’s pov.
What is it shona. do u love him. I think yes I love him. but I don’t have the right as first I need my future to be safe. What if his family rejects me? no shona. u don’t deserve anyone. U r one and only goal should be to study and prove everyone. This all r disractions. Please god help me to come out of this dilemma.

At backside of the tent.

Sanskar: u r very lucky swara. to get these much supportive people like this. I love u swara. I will surely give u ur time to enhance in ur life. I will wait for u for ages . but all I need is ur love in return. Don’t forget me swara. don’t forget me.

precap: will they ever unite???

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