Hi guys. This ff is for a 10 episodes only . I think it wont come beyond that as I have my school starting and then I wont be able to post.
Few days later.
Ragini and sanskar were trying to say their family members but couldn’t inform them.
Swara and sanskarwere now very close friends than angry birds..

This is the day of sanskar and ragini engagement.
All the guest were arrived.
Swara came with riya wearing a orange chudidhar and riya wearing blue chudidhar..
They all were enjoying..
Sanskar’s mom and dad was also present. Sanskar mother ap maheshwari and his father was dp maheshwari also there..

They both were invited to the stage..
Sanskar whispers to ragini.
Sanskar: ragini.
Ragini: its ok sanskar. we will inform everyone late. We cannot say now. it will be disowning for both the families.
Sanskar: ok right. please ragini. I dont want to interfere.
Ragini: sanskar . u r really good from heart. I promise u . I wont betray u.
Sanskar: I know .
Ragini: ok.

They both exchanged their rings.
Swara was somewhat feeling uncomfortable but she managed..
Swara: riya. Leave application.
Riya: yes we will give to sanskar. he will convince arnav.
Swara: yeah . we will give after everyone leaves.
Riya smiles.

Soon the engagement ceremony finishes
Everyone starts leaving.
Swara and riya comes to sanskar.
Swara: sanskar . actually we both want 3 days holiday.
Sanskar: for what?
Swara: going for a trip with my friends.
Sanskar: where?
Riya: lonavala sir.
Sanskar: ok. I will ask arnav uncle and tell u.
Swara: please sanskar. make sure I get leave.
Sanskar: ok madam. Sure. Its my duty.
Swara: thank u.
Riya : swara will we leave..
Swara: ok bye sanskar. will meet u in office tomorrow.
Sanskar: ok fine.
Swara and riya leaves.
While coming our swara notices laksh siting silently.
Swara: riya u go. I will come home..
Riya: what happened.
Swara: go na. I will go myself. Bye.
Riya leaves..

Swara goes and sits near him.
It was a bench near raizada manshion.
Swara: some one is sad?
Laksh realizes swara is near him.
Swara: what happened?
Laksh: nothing swara. he controlled his tears..
Swara: laksh. Look at me.
Laksh looks at her and starts crying.
He hugs her.
Laksh: I lost everything shona.i lost my love..
Swara: laksh. She hugs him back.
Swara: what happened?
Laksh: she left me and got engaged to some one else.
Swara: whom?
Laksh: ragini.
Swara: what u love ragini raizada.
Laksh:yes. she too loves me.
Swara: u r saying this late?
Laksh: I thought I can forgot her.
Swara slaps him
Swara: is love for forgetting. Now don’t cry..
She wipes his tears.
Swara: I promise u . I will unite u with ragini.
Laksh: really?
Swara: yeah. I will help u. I will speak to sanskar.
Laksh: thank u shona. thank u so much.
Swara: ok . ate anything?
Laksh: no.
Swara:r u planning of being devdas?
Laksh nods no.
Swara: come we will go to hotel and have food.
Swara and laksh leaves…

It was all noticed by a person.( will reveal the person later . but he couldn’t hear their conversation).
Swalak leave to home after finishing dinner.

The next day .
At office.

Swara was seated in her cabin .
Swara: what I am going to do now? how will I speak to sanskar. i will go to his cabin and speak. He may be free.

Swara goes to sanskar’s room and enters.
She sees sanskar standing in the edge of table and taking some things above the cupboard. Some files.

Swara sees this and shouts.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar with sudden voice slips and falls on swara.
Sanskar was above swara..
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Swara: get up . u r so weight..
Sanskar: who told I am weight. I will be like this only.
Swara: please. Get up.
Meanwhile arnav comes to give sanskar some important information and enters the cabin and gets shocked seeing this.

Sanskar gets up and swara then gets up..
Arnav angrily.
Arnav: whats happening here?
Sanskar: uncle I slipped and falled her.
Arnav: it is not ur fault. It might have been this girl fault. What can I expect from a characterless girl like her.
Swara: what characterless . its ur son In law mistake and how can u say like that sir.
Arnav: I know about u girls. If u see rich boys
Swara: enough sir. She said angrily. Without knowing anything u cannot say anything like this .without knowing anything.
Arnav: I know everything about u through background verification. U r a nachaiz . u will have the same character of ur mom only na. who is ur father…
Swara: enough mr raizada. U spoke a lot. That man left my mom for his personal issues . u tell ur employees that keep ur personal and office work separate . what r u doing?
Arnav: this is my office .
Swara: oh ok. I don’t want to work in this office anymore. I will give my resignation now itself. I don’t want to work in a company where they don’t respect women. So u decided with society tauntrams right. then I will tell u mr raizada. What u r called outside. U r called as a husband who tortured ur wife. A wife who left u not able to tolerate u. u also deflamed her character right. u thrown her out. what type of husband r u? u r known worst than my name. for the mistake u do why should we people like ur wife and everyone should suffer. What is the difference between mine and u.
Arnav closes his hand in fist.
Arnav: how dare u..
Swara: I will dare mr raizada. If u say wrong about me and my mom. I will not be silent. I will tell ur character. I have heard a lot.
She leaves the room angrily and goes to her cabin and writes her letter.
She picks her things.
She sees arnav in the corridor.
She throws the paper In his face.
Swara: u don’t have the rights to say about anyone. See urself. What r u before telling others. About sanskar. I will surely stop ur daughter marriage. This is my challenge mr raizada. U don’t know about me. if u can don’t search ur wife and spoil her life again. it is very happy to be single than being with a person like u.

Swara leaves angrily..
All of the office members including ragini and riya was watching this
Sanskar: uncle it was not her mistake. Whatever u spoke was wrong.
Ragini: yes chachu.
Arnav: I never make mistake.leave me alone.
Saying this he went to his cabin and closed the door harshly..
Riya seeing swara going angrily called advi.
She informs advi everything happened in the office.
Advi: ok beta . I know where she would have gone. U don’t worry.
Advi leaves hurriedly from school.

Meanwhile swara sits infront of the beach. She sees the waves and closes her eyes. She recalls everything and gets teary eyed…

Meanwhile sanskar and ragini decides to find swara and they both leaves.
Riya informs sahil and laksh about this and she too leaves.
Snaskar and ragini both reaches the beach as swara stopped her scooty there.

Sanskar sees her seated there hurted.
He was very broken seeing her like this . he wanted him to give her an embrace and give her space to cry ..
He was above to go when he sees a women almost going there.
She turns her face and seats opposite to swara.
Sanskar and ragini gets shocked seeing her.

Advi sits opposite to swara.
Swara: what r u doing here. please leave me alone.
Advi: shona listen.
Swara: why u brought me to this world. Onstead u could have killed me na when I was child.
Advi slaps swara.
Swara: u r the reason for everything.
Advi: what happened swara.
Swara: why u gave birth to me. I am falling very weak by hearing everyones words. I am.
Advi hugs swara.
Swara cries loudly.
Swara: why this is happening to us.
Advi: swara . its ok. what is the company name? who was the one told like that.
swara: I thought to show u my company when we both go there. I worked in raizadas company.
Advi gets shocked.
Swara: my boss that arnav singh raizada told like that.
Advi gets totally shocked.
Swara: what happened ma u r that much shocked?
Advi: no nothing. Its better u resigned ur job. we will prove everyone what u r . u need confidence shona.thats it.
Swara nods
Advi: come we will leave to house.
Meanwhile sahil and laksh came there. They didn’t notice ragini and sanskar..
Sahil: who is he shona. we will see whoever he is.
Laksh: how can he tell like that. swara.
Swara: leave it . whatever has happened it had happened.
Sahil: why r u like this. u r crying for his words. This doesn’t suit u .
Laksh: yeah u may get black marks and who will marry u. he says dramatically
Swara smiles.
Sahil: this suites u. we will do something. He should face for whatever he told..
Laksh: yeah . riya Is there na. we will move every thing with her.
Swara: I don’t want to face that man in my life. u leave him. his past deeds will relflect him. I say it. he will suffer for what he did to his wife. I feel pity on her wife. Really.
Advi: ok leave that all. Today we were to leave to lonavala na.
Sahil: no need. She is in cry baby mood and we cant take this cry baby there.
Swara: sahil.
She starts beating him and he starts running. They were chasing each other in the beach..

Meanwhile riya comes.
Riya sees them playing.
Riya: he can make her smile within a minute.
Advi: yeah..
Laksh: what happened exactly there?
Riya tells them full thing with detail.
Advi closes her eyes.

Advi: he has a habbit of defaming others.
Laksh: what advi?
Advi: nothing laksh.
Riya: advi . we will go to tour surely. I don’t want to work in that company.i wil try someother else company.
Laksh: no riya. Its pay back time. U r staying of there Is compulsory.
Riya:ok lucky.

Swara: I cannot run like u..
Sahil: I am an ips officer.
Swara: yes. it is very tough.
Sahil:compromise cry baby?
Swara: don’t call me that.
Sahil: cry baby.
Swara: please sahil.
Sahil: ok fine.
He hugs her.
Sahil: come we will go..
They all reach them..
Riya hugs swara.

Advi: if this session is over then we will get ready for trip.
Laksh: yeah aunty.
Sahil: so strict rules for all.
Swara: what rules.
Sahil: no mobile phones or laptops or I pod or I pad. It’s a trip only for us. Only camera allowed.
Swara: wow this will be awesome.
Wiya: why did u gave a challenge that u will stop ragini’s marriage.
Swara: because laksh loves ragini.
Riya: oh my god.
Sahil: u r doing everything silently laksh.
Laksh:sorry yaar.
Swara: so I gave him promise. I will fulfill it .
Laksh: thank u.
Riya: ok chalo. We will leave.
They all leave.

Meanwhile on the other side.
Sanskar and ragini was awestruck seeing everything infront of their eyes. While seeing them coming. They both leave to car.

In car.
Sanskar: ragini. That is..
Ragini: yeah. Khushi chachi..
Sanskar: why everyone r calling her advi.
Ragini: may be she changed her name for swara. I don’t know that swara Is my cousin. My sister.
Sanskar: whatever arnav.
Ragini: he spoke very wrong about his own daughter. I don’t know how swara will handle.
Sanskar: I too don’t know. I am very worried for her ragini. I don’t know why I stood do dump there. I should have supported her. I am feeling very guilty for her ragini. I feel like I am dying seeing her in pain. I cannot see her like this. he has tears In his eyes.
Ragini: do u love her sanskar?
Sanskar: I don’t know. whatever it is . I feel broken when she gets broken . I feel happy when she smiles.
Ragini: this is love sanskar. u can go to any extent for her. laksh is also like that. u know swara’s friend laksh is my laksh.
Sanskar: yeah I love her. he smiles.
Ragini: hello with than I told about laksh also.
Sanskar:oh that man. Then that is why swara told like that.
Ragini: yeah. We need to take chacu’s class. Today he whave to realize. I will not leave him..
Sanskar nods.


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