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next day swara enters sanskar’s cabin..
Swara: may I come in sir.
Sanskar: come in . little angrily.
Swara thinks.
What is his mood today?

Sanskar: prepared for presenting? A little harshly.
Swara: yes sir. If u want I will present it now sir for ur clarification.
Sanskar: no need. And miss roy don’t u have a basic decency of telling someone when he asked u he will drop u.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: wont u say and go with ur boy friends before u leave. I told u to wait down.. he told angrily…
Swara then realizes she forgot everything.
Swara: sorry sanskar actually …
Sanskar: I don’t need any personal explanation. Just thought to help u so that u have to go alone. U don’t have that sense miss roy. So lets keep work with work and I dont want any conversation now. so lets leave to the conference room.

They both went to the confrence room.
Swara: swara what u did? R u idiot of doing like that. seeing them u totally forgot. How can u forgot like this. she thinks.

She connects the laptop to the projector . meanwhile sanskar was seeing her.

Swara stands up an tool to adjust the projector to fall on the white board .
She almost finished adjusting the projector but the stool broke as it was already broken and swara falled down..

Swara: ouch..
Sanskar couldn’t stop smiling but laughed a lot.

Swara was shocked as her khadoos can laugh to this extent.
Swara: if ur laughing session is over can u please give me ur hand.
Sanskar: yes.
Sanskar gives his hand and she gets up . but due to force of his pulling they both get closer.
They both have a eyelock.
Swara realizes and moves away embaressed.
Swara: I am sorry for that incident. I totally forgot.
Sanskar: its ok. who where there?
Swara imitates him.
Swara: lets keep work with work.
She laughs.
Sanskar gets a little angry but fake ..
Swara: sorry. they r my best friends. Sahil and laksh.
Sanskar: oh ok.
Swara: all set. Just ask the peon to clean the things.
Sanskar: yes I will inform him. be confident . u can do well.
Swara: thank u..

After sometime the clients came and arnav welcomed them. all were seated and swara started her presentation. Her presentation was crystal and clear telling all the important points and no one couldn’t aske her anything. arnav was clean bold by her talent as she handled the exact way of he handling the presentation..
Swara: so if u have any doubts then u can ask me..
Clients: no doubt..
Everyone her congragulates her and the deal goes to them….

Sanskar: u made the presentation well..
Swara: thank u..
Sanskar: arnav sir called u to the room.
Swara: what that angry bird wants?
Sanskar: what angry bird.
Swara: yes yaar . he is..
Sanskar: u r talking about my future father in law to me.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: yeah I am going to marry his brother’s daughter ragini. U know she works here also.
Swara gets shocked . but some where she felt upset.
Swara: wow superb. Congragulations. U have to introduce me to her.
Sanskar: oh for sure. For some days she is in holiday as we have our engagement the next week and preparations of it are going on..
Swara: hmm good.
Sanskar: do u know why he is so angry?
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because he lost his family. He knows that his wife was no wrong but he didn’t accept and throwed her out of his house. without his wife he became like this. a stone hearted.
Swara: how do u know?
Sanskar: ragini told..
Swara: ok I will go and see him.

Swara enters the room..
Swara: may I come in sir.
Arnav: come in..
Swara comes in..
Arnav: u have done excellent job in ur work. U r not as I expected. U r far more than better. Keep it up and I want ur best in next project also..
Swara: ok sir.
Arnav: u may leave..
Swara: ok sir.
She leaves the room.

She goes to riya’s cabin.
Riya was seated biting her pen,
Swara: u don’t change this habbit.
Riya: it will never ever change in this birth.. whole office is shocked by swara’s performance…
Swara smiles.
Swara: I should reach to that extent that my marks on my name and my mom name will be removed and I will show that man what am i..
Riya: got any information about him?
Swara: no. didn’t even start. But I am thinking why should I search for a man like that. why should I waste my time. So thinking to give up and concentrate on work.
Riya: I promise u shona . one day ur life will be such that u will have everything. u will have ur love , family , friends everything and that day u will surely think of my words.
Swara: lets see.
Riya: yeah. Ok I have works we will catch up later.
Swara: sure . ok I am leaving.
Swara leaves the room.

Meanwhile sanskar reached raizada mansion..
It was a lavish manshion surrounded by a garden.
When we enter we can see a well interiored designed house.

We can see a photo of a old lady hanging there. It was of nani.. arnav’s grandmother. Near by that his parents photo.
Meanwhile a house servant sees sanskar.
Sanskar: ramu kaka where is everyone?
Ramu: wait I will call them.
Ramu: bhaisa bhabisa see sanskar has come..
A man of age 45 with his wife comes down..
That man was Nikhil and his wife kavitha..
Nikhil: when did u come sanskar?
Sanskar: ji uncle now only.
He takes blessing of them..
Kavitha: kush raho beta. What happened that u r here beta..
Sanskar: no aunty ragini has invited me for both going out.
Nikhil: oh sure. She is in her room. U can go and see.
Sanskar: ji ..
Sanskar goes upstair to ragini’s room.

Ragini was seated in the sofa with having phone in her hands.
Sanskar: hi ragini.
Ragini: hi sanskar..
Sanskar: where r we going?
Ragini: to a coffee shop. I want to tell u something. I will tell u there.
Sanskar: ok fine.

Meanwhile kavitha comes in.
Kavitha: ragini, go and take the albums from the store room na.. sanskar u too go with her na.
Ragini: ok mom. Come sanky..

They both leave to store room which is present in the ground floor.
Ragini opens the door and ons the light.

As soon as sh eons the light sanskar’s eye falls into a portrait of a women.
Sanskar: who is she?
Ragini: chachi. Arnav’s chachu’s wife.
Sanskar: she is really awesome. What happened to her?
Ragini: don’t know. each and every memory of her is in this store room. U know her name is khushi.
Sanskar: khushi. wow awesome.
Ragini: chachu ordered no memory of her is to be in this home so we kept all her things in this room.
Sanskar: what happened between them?
Ragini: don’t know. but everyone in the house says it is chachu’s mistake.
Sanskar: her eyes r very pretty. U know it is same like someone. Swara.
Ragini: what how can it be? Who is swara?
Sanskar: our office new joinee.
Ragini: u r kidding a lot. Ok we will take the albums and leave…
Ragini takes the albums and they both leave the room..
Ragini takes sanskar to a coffee shop..

Ragini and sanskar sits opposite to each other.
Ragini: sanskar. I want ..
Sanskar: what u want..
Ragini: I want to tell u that. she stammers.
Ragini closes her eyes.
Ragini: I love laksh gadodiaa..
Sanskar gets shocked.
Ragini: yes sanskar. I love him a lot.please I cannot marry u.
Sanskar: why r u telling this late?
Ragini: I am feeling very guilty sanskar. for..
Sanskar: ok its fine ragini.
Ragini: how can u ok this much easily.
Sanskar: even I didn’t want this marriage ragini. Due to my parents wish I told ok. its ok we r not destinated to be together.
Ragini: really. Thank u . thank u . thank u so much. u r really good. U r really a good friend of me.
Sanskar: its ok ragini . I am very hungry. Can we eat something.
Ragini: of course.
Ragini orders food and they both has it..

Here on the other side a person was seeing these all things with a teary eyed. It was none other than laksh..
He goes out hurtedly seeing his love being happy. he decides to sacrifice his love for her happiness.

After the office swara decide to go for shopping.
Swara was doing her shooping like buying vegetables in the market tc.
She carried her bags and started her scooty. Suddenly it started raining heavily…

Swara: wow rain…
She kept the vegetables in the storage of the scooty and slowly drove. We can say she enjoyed the weather.
She sees a few children playing in the water.
She stops the scooty near them and starts enjoying with them..
One can say she was a child among them.

A person was standing a far away from them and admiring her .
Her beautiful smile . her beautiful childishness in the rain. One can easily fall for this character of her. a word came from his mouth . beautifull..
After playing for some time . she leaves in scooty and came to an ice cream shop. She brought 2 cornetos and went a little fast.
She went home and dragged her mom to the rain and they both get seated in the tank of the house having their ice cream in the rain.
Advi: u could have brought chocolate for me.
Swara: next time for sure.
Advi: everyone might think we r crazy for sitting in the rain and eating ice cream.
Swara:yes mom. Thank u so much mom. U gave me a lot of freedom. u know u r the superb ma I have got. I love u so much..
Advi: played with children?
Swara: yes.
She smiles.
Advi: this is what I liked with u. u do what u think right.
Swara: u thought me that ma.
Advi smiles.
Slowly the rain desides and they both go into the home..
The person was standing in that place still realizing that she was not there. It was none other than sanskar.
Sanskar: she is really beautiful from heart. don’t know that this angry bird can go to this childishness. Forgetting everything and playing with the rain

He felt some unknown feeling in his heart. it is just few days he know her. but her face comes infront of his eyes always. don’t know why? What is this new feeling called?

He leaves his thought and goes back to his house..

why did sanskar tell that khushi’s eyes are similar to swara’s..
why is arnav always having a some what a bad opinion on swara.
will laksh be able to forgot ragini?
will ragini convince her family?

stay tuned for all this answers.

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