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Swara was sitting in her allotted cabin..
Swara was thinking.
Is the persons working in this company is mad or the company itself? What a company this . how can I do a project without knowing what to do. have I been in this company for many years such that I know each details about company.. first day it will be introduction but .. ok cool shona.this is ur chance to prove urself. U can do it. all is well .

She opens her laptop and starts doing her work…

Meanwhile her phone rings ..
Her face shows a smiles.
Swara: didn’t wish me all the best at morning but now calling me.
Swara picks the call.
Swara: hi mr sengupta.
Sahil: angry at me?
Swara: I am busy in office in anger voice.
Sahil: sorry. sorry .
Swara: did u convince ur ma and pa or not?
Sahil: no.
Swara: we both will be at 6 pm there and if u and ur family move somewhere that’s it. ok bye.
Swara cuts the call.
Swara: don’t have the dare to say anything to ur family. Idiot.
Sahil’s pov..
For me life is like a boat. We don’t know whether we will reach safely or drown. This is how my life is also hanging on. I want to join ips, but my parents want me to join a job. I don’t want this life of sitting in front of a computer. The 2 saithans are coming today. One is my sister and one is my lover. They both r going to convince my parents today. Don’t know how the war is going to be held. Lets wait and see..
Sahil’s pov ends…

A girl with a beautiful red chudidhar with a minimal make up and her hair let loose .. she was none other than our ragini raizada . she enters a temple..
She rings the bell of the temple and prays infront of the lord…

Ragini’s pov..

Oh god. See how my life is. I love some one and I am going to marry sanskar. I feel very sorry for hurting sanskar. I can never love sanskar as I love laksh gadodia so much. but that idiot u know na is very sad that I am going to engaged and mistook the whole situation. Who can be idiot such as him? really if he have brains it would be nice. But I love him from my heart. don’t know what is my journey destinated to be?

Ragini’s pov ends.
Ragini later leaves to raizadas company as she also works there..

At evening at 6.00 pm the office gets over.

But office was almost closed but our swara was working and riya was sitting infront of her .
Riya: come on shona. its already time . we have to go sahil’s house.
Swara: I know yaar. but arnav sent mail that he needs presentation by today night. what can I do?
Riya: when did arnav sir became.
Swara: from today morning. Respect should come by seeing and not by shouting angrily.
Riya: ok. then can I leave. I will do ur job.
Swara: ok.
Riya: how will u go?
Swara: will go by taxi. No problem . u go.
Riya: ok fine. call me once u reached ur home.
Swara: yeah. Bye.
Riya: bye..
Swara was working till night 9.00 pm..
She comes out of the room tiredly.
Swara: no canteen open. She sees a light on an room.
She goes and finds sanskar still working.
She knocks the door.
Sanskar: u didn’t leave.
Swara: no .. I completed my presentation just now.
Sanskar: ok. show me.
Swara: one second I will bring it ..
She goes and brings her laptop.

She keeps it near him. she was standing near him and explain it fully.
Sanskar: very good. U itself present it. it will be awesome.
Swara: ok sanskar.
Sanskar: u don’t need to go by taxi . I will drop u.
Swara: no its fine..
Sanskar: I didn’t ask u . I am ordering u.. pack ur things and come down.
Swara: khaddos. She murmurs slightly and went to pick her things
She takes her things and comes down. She gets shocked seeing 3 of them standing and waiting for her..
Swara was out of happiness.
She runs and hugs him.
The boy hugs her and lifts her and takes round of her.
Person: shona . they accepted . they accepted. I am happy..
Swara: really.. wow. Sahil awesome. Awesome. The best job u have done in ur life is this.
Sahil: who can deny mr sengupta.
Swara: put me down. My head is spinning.

A person. U forgot me na.
Swara: sorry lucky..
Laksh smiles and hugs her.
Swara: when u came back from delhi.
Laksh: today morning. Thought to give a surprise to all of u.
Swara: wow .so nice of u.
Riya: forgot me in ur reunion.
Swara: who told like that.
The all did a hug together.
Swara: ok guys.. we will leave. Don’t we need to celebrate sahil’s victory?
Laksh: yeah. Where we will go.
Riya: we will go for pub.
Swara: no way. I will not come there. If u want u trio go.
Laksh: u r always like this.
Swara: never in my life I will go to that sides. U go there. I will go to my home and will have my mom’s handmade food.
Sahil: we will go to shona’s home and have dinner. I want to have aunty’s handmade food.
Riya: yeah very good idea.
Swara: I will call and inform her.
Swara calls and informs and the four leaves.
Swara literally forgot about sanskar seeing her friends and left without informing him..

Here a person was watching all this with anger. That is none other than sanskar .
Sanskar drives his car harshly..
Sanskar: how can she behave with them like this. I don’t know what type of girl is she? Why r u caring about her sanskar. u saw her 2 times maximumly but why r u anger for her? it is her life and its her right to live as her wish. Why r u being angry for. This is not right. she is just a colleague at my office that’s it. don’t think anything else.
Sanskar starts hearing music to divert his mind…

Meanwhile the four reach swara’s house.

Swara: hi advi.
Advi: hi beta. Why this late?
Swara: office work. I am very hungry mumma.
Advi: food is ready. All come.
All sits in the dinning table and has their food..
Meanwhile laksh’s phone was ringing but laksh cuts the call..
It was again and again ringing.
Laksh was about to switch it off.
Swara: what happened lucky?
Laksh: no . nothing. Some unwanted person is calling again and again .
He switches off the mobile.

Riya: sahil. So u got admission right?
Advi:no one can be like him. he got selected for ips and now informing his parents.
Sahil: they wont accept easily advi.( they all call advi as advi as they all share a beautiful bond).
Laksh: finally. Everything is set so when r u leaving for ur training?
Sahil: next month.
Riya: we wont be able to meet often right?
Sahil hugs riya.
Sahil: no . we will meet. It is a matter of just few days. then we will be together and no one can separate us..
Riya nods ..

Swara: u both don’t realise that when two kids r before u and u r romancing and spoiling them .
Sahil: who is kid here. u and laksh?
Swara: yeah. We both r the one’s free from everything.
Sahil: even dog wont believe ur words.
Advi: ok guys stop this. it is already time. U all go home.
Swara: yeah guys. Will meet u all at weekends.
All bids bye and leaves.


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