Hi guys this is a new ff on swasan.

A beautiful morning .
A girl at her twenty’s woke up from the bed. She got up. she was none other than our swara. she has a cuteness in her face . she sees the time and gets up to make coffee.
( guys I will introduce a character once they r introduced).
Swara’s pov..
Hi guys I am swara . swara roy . my life is so beautiful. I love my life to that core such that I never get bore. I have a boy friend. Don’t think me a girl like that. I told my mom as a boy friend. She sometimes behaves like that and she is my first best friend. I love u mom. U want to know about my father. I don’t have a father. I don’t know he is alive or not and don’t know who is he. He left me and my mom when I was unborn. Don’t know wheter he knows that I am his daughter living alive in this world. But i know in my life I will surely meet him and that time I will hold his collar and ask him why he left him. because of him I had a name nachaiyaz. I don’t know what type of society is this. huh always blaming others. Anyway I don’t care .as I have my sweet darling my advi near me. advi is my mom . ok . I have done my B.E and now presently joining a company today. My best friends are riya and sahil. They both r lovers. Always romancing. Sahil is the next person to my mom who I feel comfortable. He knows me very well form childhood. Then riya. So guys today is my first day at office hope so that khadoos don’t do anything.
End of pov.
Swara prepares coffee.
She sees her mom sleeping.
Swara: advi darling utho. Its time.
a women wakes up off the bed.
She was none other than advi.

Advi’s pov..

Sometimes life is so complicated where ur love fails to recognize u. same happened to me. I lost my everything that day. Now u r the only reason to survive in this world after this world have taken everything from life. u r one smile will make my stress go away shona. I know u r also disappointed with the society saying this. but I am happy as my daughter faces this everything with courage. Now u searched a job so that I can enjoy but u don’t understand that this profession is my only one thing which gives me peace. I can never leave my teaching. U don’t understand it. its ok. I wish u r life should be good and u should meet a person who doesn’t love with ur outside appearance but should love ur heart. all they best beta. All the best shona.

Advi’s pov end.
Advi: good morning. I should wake u but u r waking me.
Swara: today is mothers day cant I do this much to my mom. I love u so much mom.
Advi: thank u shona.. today is ur first day na.
Swara: yes mom.
Advi: just focus on ur carreer, that is what I want.
Swara: u promise me that u wont go for job. how much days u will work . don’t u need any rest?
Advi: no.i love working and I love teaching. My passion Is to work till my death. We will see who stops whom?
Swara: no one can win u. I will get ready ..
Advi: u r not telling me which company u r working?
Swara: believe ur daughter advi.
Advi: I surely believe. Here after I will not ask . go get ready..
Swara smiles and leaves.

Swara gets ready and comes in a beautiful kurta and jeans. She leaves her hair free and was looking just adorable.
Advi: breakfast is ready just have and go .
Swara haves her breakfast.
Swara takes blessing of advi.
Advi: it will be a awesome day.
Swara: thank u advi..
Advi: one second . advi takes a cut of curd and sugar and feeds swara.
Swara: okmom bye…
Swara leaves hurriedly to downwards where her friend riya was waiting for her .

Riya’s pov..

Hi I am riya. I am a very carefree modern girl . I love my parents and I am now in deeply in love with sahil. I love him a lot. My parents also know that. it is very good na when u r parents even know that u love a guy. It is an amazing thrill. U know my bestie ccutie shona was the one for us both uniting. I love her also the most and we both r going to join a company together . its awesome na working with ur same friend in same office . I am very excited with this new path. Hope everything goes well.

Riya’s pov ends.
Riya: hi shona.
Swara: hi riya…
Riya: come today I will drive. I don’t want u to again hit someone
Swara: yeah sure. Its his mistake . that khadoos. That unmatured grown up person’s mistake.
Riya: oh come on shona , its ok.
Swara: a child will do better than him.
Riya: ok fine. come we will go its getting late.
They both leave in scooty…

They reaches raizada group of companies.
Swara: u know riya I feel some attachment with this name. feeling like I and this name have some relationship which can never be erased.
Riya: why ?
Swara: don’t know. and now I should meet that khadoos boss. Mr arnav singh raizada. He is a gentleman but angry bird always.
Riya: we reached here yaar. so please.
Swara: yeah understood. She keeps finger on her lips.
They both entered the office.
As they see lift closing they rushes in .
Swara gets shocked seeing a person standing inside.
Swara: why god should I meet his face. that’s t . hogaya mera job.
Person: excuse me u r thinking u r speaking in mindvoice but I can hear it. if u want u should have come before 5 mins or after . its ur mistake of stopping the lift and entering.
Swara: really I hate u to the core. I thought u r boss is angry bird no. u r angry bird square.
Person: hello do u know who u r talking to?
Swara: yeah the great great sanskar maheshwari . please stop it. wonder why I got into this lift.
Sanskar:that is my question.
Riya: stop it shona. sorry sir from our side. U come now. they lift reaches the floor and riya takes swara along with her.

Sanskar ‘s pov.
Hi guys I am sanskar maheshwari. Going to be married to ragini raizada. I don’t belive in this marriage and I don’t love ragini. I am doing this for my parents happiness. I can do anything for them . iam very short tempered to be said frankly. I need perfection in work and now presently I am helping raizadas with a project. Huh I didn’t expect she will also be with me in working for this project. She is a angry bird and always says me angry bird. I put sudden break that day as there was a dog by that side for that she told rich people like us do always like this . she only hitted . I can accept it was my mistake but what did others do to her. she scolded my father and everyone and left. I feel really pity on the person who gave me license. What did he do to her. I can say she is exactly like arnav uncle. same. Would never accept their mistakes. Will see how many days she will survive in this company?
End of sanskar’s pov

Riya: what is this shona?
Swara: hey he and is tauntrams. I cant tolerate him for a minute also. his mistake was he applied sudden break leading to me hitting him. now .
Riya: ok shona cool. Stay away from him which will be good for ur job and ur anger.. vaise our boss is not angry bird . u r.
Swara: another word riya then that’s it. I will go and meet sir to know my works.
Swara and riya enters the cabin of arnav singh raizada..

Arnav’s pov..

The world really depends upon money . no love and nothing. Everything Is just a attraction. Everything will leave once it enters. I am the owner of raizada’s group of companies. I don’t have a soft corner to anyone except my daughter that is my brother’s daughther ragini. If anyone do anything against me then they wont be spared. I don’t have any interest in anything after that incident took place. She torn my life into a dustbin. I will never ever look at her in my life . its been 20 years. Everyone in our house r saying she was innocent and I made a mistake. But deep inside my heart I know that I did a mistake by not trusting her and the fault was not her . but I am not able to accept it…

Arnav’s pov ends.

Arnav was sitting there with full attitude.
Swara: sir can we come in.
Arnav: yeah come in.
Swara: sir what is our job to be done.
Arnav: yes I have told each of ur works to sanskar and he will provide u the place to work.
Swara thinks.
Swara: I should meet him again?
Arnav: I think u both should compromise miss roy .
Swara: sir its his mistake and I will never ask sorry if it is not my mistake . will never ever.
Arnav: good attitude. But I need this in work also. he said little angry.
Swara: yes sir . I will surely do that.
Arnav: good. I want u to prepare the presentation solely for the next project and I want it by 2 days. I need u to explain it to our clients also. u will receive the required iformation through email by 30 mins then u can start ur walk. And about riya sanskar will tell u. now leave .. if any help needed ask sanskar.
Swara and riya : thank u sir. Saying this they both come outside.
Swara and riya goes to sanskar.

Sanskar: welcome miss roy and miss singh to this company.
Swara: hello sir.
Riya: hello sir.
Sanskar: I am sanskar maheshwari. U can call me sanskar. I don’t have objections in that. whatever has happened last week we will forgot that. it is our both mistake and I apologize for my behavious miss roy.
Swara: even I shouldn’t have scolded u that day so much. sorry.
Sanskar: ok. I will show u both the cabins u r allotted and if any doubt don’t hesitate to ask me.
Riya: sure sir.
Sanskar: sanskar.
Riya: ok sanskar.
Sanskar shows them both their cabins and leaves to his cabin for work..

Will this start their journey?
Will their friendship ever turn to love?
Will sanskar go to stopping the marriage for swara?

Stay tuned to learn more

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