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Episode 7

Okay let’s start it.

Ragini comes outside .She saw Sanskar was standing near the car and he was waiting for her. Ragini goes near him.

Sanskar – you came. Let’s go.

Ragini – what happened sanskar? Why you are upset.

Sanskar – you are asking me. You saw na how can Anjli did it .

Ragini – Sanskar I’ll not say anything to you. Because you will thought i’m saying lie. But you know what you don’t know anjli clearly. I just hope you found the truth soon . because you never listened to me.

Sanskar – you are angry till now. Are i fall in love with Anjli i don’t know. Till now you didn’t forget that thing.

Ragini – no Sanskar i didn’t forget. How can i forger them.

Sanskar – but why Ragini you are just my friend. I know i did wrong by not informing you about Anjli what’s the big deal in it.

Ragini – yah may be for you it was a very small thing but for me it wasn’t. You are my best friend. But the place you have in my life that…

Sanskar – Ragini forget that.

Ragini – no Sanskar whatever happened that was linked with my life. You know what I’m loving you since our collage time. I never loved anyone. For the first time i started loving you. You know when i was in home due to sickness i missed you so much. Then only i realised I’m in love with you sanskar. And i thought after returning from home I’ll propose you. But my fate has another wish. When i returned one new person had already entered our life. I always waits for you but you never came because you are with Anjli that time. You know what i waited for your wish on my bday. But I got such a news that after that i never celebrate my bday . that day suddenly Vicky told me about you and Anjli .I never thought of that in my worst nightmare. That day i cried hard but no one is there except piya. I wasn’t hurt that you love Anjli. I was hurt because you didn’t told me about her. That day you forget my bday. I did samjhota with it but after that you never got to know that if i need anything. Sanskar you are not there when i was badly need your help. So many messages that please save me sanskar but from you i never get any reply back. After our marriage you told me that you are angry upon me because I left coaching without informing you. But if you ever tried to know the reason behind it no Sanskar. After i left you accept that Anjli told you. How can you? Love is not that much blind. Okay leave it iknow till now you are not believing me. Let’s go maa was waiting for us. And saying this she went and sits in the car.

Sanskar stood there as he was shocked. He never thought that ragini loves him . And he did a mistake. Ragini said truth that he was blind in Anjli’s love. After Ragini left he was shattered because Ragini leaves suddenly. Then he believes that what anjli told him. Then he also went and sits in the car and drives off.

Anjli was seeing all these.

Anjli – oh no it shouldn’t happen. I tried hard that sanskar will never know about ragini’s feeling. But she told him today. I have to think something. I can’t let sanskar go away from me.

In the car no one is saying anything. Both were silent. Sanskar was recalling whatever Ragini said just before sometime. While Ragini was silent because it was unexpected. She never thought she’ll telll sanskar about her feelings like this. Finally they reached her house . her mother was waiting for them. Ragini goes and hugs her mom.

Mom -are you both came. I’m waiting for you only. Let’s go inside. And all of them went inside.

Days passed somehow. Sanskar was sitting like that only. He was remembering about Vicky ‘ s  word. Vicky always told him that ragini loves him but he never believe in them.

Mom -are Sanskar beta you are here.

Sanskar – yes aunty.

Mom – beta how us Khushi beti. She is fine na.

Sanskar – yes aunty. Actually i want to talk

with you.

Mom -yah beta you can ask.

Sanskar – aunty why Ragini left our coaching suddenly.

Mom – Actually beta that day when she was returning from her class some local boys were trying to misbehaves with her. In that situation the first person she thought for help that was you. She couldn’t call you that’s why she messaged you but she didn’t get any reply from you. Then it was her kismat that your roommate Vicky he was coming for self study. He saves her. Otherwise anything can happen that day with her. I reached there as soon as possible. And when i asked about you she said you are busy in classes. It was also true that when you are in class why you’ll check message. I brought her home for her safety because her warden told me that may be they can attack Ragini again . So i brought her here. She always loves you. After that incident she tried your number but till that you had already changed your number. It was her kismat that you both got married. Okay beta I’m just coming. I’m going to call Ragini. And saying this she left.

Sanskar remember that Anjli was with him that day. And his mobile was with her only. He understands that it was all her doings. Then he remembers how Ragini told him that she had messaged him about her returning. But he never get any message. Ragini was his best friend. But why Anjli did it he didn’t come to any conclusions. Suddenly he got a call. He saw it was of Vicky. So he asked Vicky about that day incident. So Vicky told him the same .Then after talking with him sometime he cuts the call . He remembers how anjli blamed Ragini that day when some cheats were found from his bag. He thought to know the complete truth. He remembers Ragini used to write all her activity in the diary. So he thought to read that after reaching home.

After sometime Ragini and Sanskar returned to his home.

Precap – Sanskar reads ragini’s diary.

Sorry friends I know it was short. Sorry for it because my health wasn’t good. So today I write this much only. Again sorry and take care and don’t forget to give your coment.

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