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Okay let’s start it

Ragini comes out of her imagination due to some sound. It was her phone ring tone. She saw Sanskar was calling her. She became so much happy and answered the call.

Ragini – yes Sanskar what happened?

Sanskar – are Ragini aunty call me before sometime. She told me to take you to your home

Ragini – Sanskar it was one ritual .We had to go.

Sanskar – seriously how many rituals are left more. I’m getting tired by fulfilling the rituals. I think when the all rituals were completed I’ll became a old man.

Ragini – Sanskar nothing like that. It was last ritual. Okay you come home we’ll go tomorrow okay.

Sanskar – if I’ll say no then Khushi di will kill me. Okay I’ll come and then let’s see. Okay bye.

Sanskar cut the call and again he started his work. Anjli had listened everything silently as she was standing behind the wall.

Anjli -ritual my foot. I can’t let sanskar go with that ragini that also for completely one day. If she will say all the truth then no god I can’t let that happen. I can’t lose sanskar. I have to do something. And she left to her cabin.

After sometime Ragini got a call.

Ragini – what are you sure that Anjli heard mine and Sanskar talking. Then definitely she’ll do something to stop sanskar going with me. Okay you just keep an eye on her.

Ragini – I’ll not leave you Anjli. Always you became a wall between me and Sanskar. But this time I’ll not let you win . she thinks what can Anjli do . first she thought may be she’ll do some drama like her health wasn’t good. But ragini thought she wasn’t that much fool because sanskar will definitely go with Ragini as he always respects ragini’s mother. She didn’t get any conclusions.

Ragini remember her best friend piya ‘ s brother was working in sanskar’s office. And Anjli don’t know about Rakesh¬† (piya’s brother ).So as Khushi said Ragini told rakesh to keep an eye on anjli. He only gives all the details to Ragini.

In office
Anjli called someone.

Anjli – thanks alot. Okay don’t worry I’ll do everything. And she cuts the call.

Anjli – now I’ll see Ragini tomorrow how you will take sanskar with you.

Next day morning

Sanskar and Ragini get ready to leave.

Khushi – Sanskar drive slowly haan. And for the first time you are taking Ragini with you. And when you reached there just call me and inform me.

Sanskar – okay di I’ll call you. And di i’m not a little boy.

Khushi – whatever you always will be my chotu haan.

Riya – he he mamu is a little boy for my mumma.

Sanskar – i’m getting late so I’m leaving you di otherwise I’ll see you and riya.

Khushi – are you are getting late go na. First come back then let’s see. Okay Ragini go and sit in the car.

Ragini- okay di bye.

Then she and Sanskar sits in the car. Just before sanskar starts the car an another car comes in their front and stops. And Anjli comes out. Seeing her Ragini and Sanskar also comes out.

Sanskar – Anjli you are here what happened?

Anjli -she saw to Ragini once and tells actually sanskar you can’t go with Ragini.

Ragini and Khushi saw her angrily but they didn’t tell her anything.

Sanskar – but why Anjli you know na aunty was waiting for us .tell me what happened?

Anjli – Sanskar you remember Mr sharma na. He wants to do the meeting today only. Actually his son’s health wasn’t good. So he’ll go to Delhi that’s why he kept the meeting today at 11.00am. So we have to go.

Sanskar – are you mad Anjli. Now you are informing me? How can you be so careless. It’s already 10.00am.

Anjli – i’m sorry sanskar but late night it was decided. And i thought not to disturb you. Don’t worry i had already made the presentation .and you know na this meeting was very much important for us.

Sanskar – but anjli I have to go with Ragini.
Ragini – it’s okay Sanskar I have a plan . okay listen now we’ll leave to your office and I’ll wait there when you will finish your meeting we’ll go.

Anjli – but how much you will wait?

Ragini – it’s okay I can see the office. And you don’t worry I’ll not disturb you in work.

Khushi – that’s a good idea Ragini okay Sanskar you first go to office.

Sanskar – okay di. Acha Anjli you came in your car. I’m leaving with Ragini. See you in office.

Anjli – okay.

And then all three of them left to office. But to their surprise Mr sharma didn’t come. It’s already 11.30am.

Ragini – Sanskar I don’t think he’ll come.

Anjli – no he’ll come.

Ragini signs Rakesh.

Rakesh – sir I think you should call him and ask him about meeting. Nothing will happen if we simply wait here.

Sanskar – yah you are right. And he calls Mr sharma. And after talking he cuts the call.

Ragini – what he said sanskar.

Sanskar- what is this anjli. You are playing game with me haan

Anjli -she saw Ragini was smiling. And tells what happened sanskar what i did?

Sanskar – are you fine na anjli. Mr sharma told that you only cancel the meeting last night. You send him email and cancel it. How can you Anjli? Because of you Ragini was waiting here since 1hr.

Anjli – no Sanskar I didn’t. Why i’ll do that. Mr sharma lied you.

Ragini – okay anjli just open your email and let’s check there. Right.

Sanskar – okay open your email now and that’s also infront of me.

Anjli – okay I’m doing. And she opens her id. She was shocked as really an email was sent to cancel the meeting. Seeing it sanskar was angry.

Sanskar – now you want to tell anything else.

Anjli – Sanskar i’m saying truth i don’t know about this email. I didn’t send it believes me.

Sanskar – really then who sent it from your id.

Anjli – this ragini as she wants to break our relationship.

Ragini – common anjli why i’ll do it. Are i don’t know about your password nothing yaar.

Sanskar – don’t blame Ragini haan. She was in our room last night.

Ragini – Sanskar I think anjli doesn’t want that you and me will go to maa’s house.

Sanskar – may be you are right Ragini. Okay so much time wasted. i’m waiting for you ragini outside. Come let’s go . we are getting late. And Anjli i’m warning you for the first and last time don’t do anything like this again. And saying this he left.

Anjli was crying. She saw Ragini was laughing. She know that ragini only did it.

Anjli – you did it na.

Ragini – yes i did it. What you thought you will stop us .

Anjli – but how?

Ragini remember after dinner when she and Khushi were talking in garden Mr sharma had called Khushi. He asked her about the meeting. Hearing this both were shocked. Then Mr sharma told everything to them that how anjli called him and told him that sanskar wants the meeting to be happened Nextday only. So Khushi told him that she’ll see that one.

Khushi – Ragini she did this to stop you both.

Ragini – but i’ll not let her win this time. Let’s go di. We have to go to office now. Because everyone is sleeping now.

So both of them came to office and they only sent that email to Mr sharma.

Present time

Anjli – but how do you know my password.

Ragini – Actually when we came here that became a challenge for us. Fault is your anjli. Last night you forget to take your personal diary with you where you had written all your personal details including your password. So when we are trying to open your id I saw that. And easily we finished our work.

Anjli – you cheater. And she raised her hand to slap Ragini. But ragini holds her hand in middle only.

Ragini – don’t even dare to do that. You are calling me cheater. Are you are the biggest Cheater. You did everything to separate me and Sanskar. Now its my turn because of you i had suffered enough. Now you have to pay for your all doings.

Anjli – she clapped and tells really Ragini you won a little game and you are so much happy. Okay tell me what’ll you tell sanskar that i cheated you. I only separate you both. He’ll never believe you.

Ragini – I know that very well. Don’t worry you only tell all your doings to sanskar. It’s my promise. Okay I’m going now see you soon.

And she left.

Anjli throw her phone in anger.

It ends with Anjli’s angry face.

To be continued. …..

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Credit to: Pari123

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