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Episode 5

Ragini returned from Sanskar’s office. She saw no one is there in home. When she asked the servant he tells her that khushi and Riya went to her school as there was parents meeting is going to held. So Ragini went to her room and sits there. Beside her Sanskar photo was there. So she goes and brings an old album from Sanskar’s study room . she started to see the photos. That album was full of their coaching time. When she saw them she remembers the past

Flashback starts

It was already been 5 months since sanskar and ragini became friends. Now both trust each other , both reads together , always helps each other . now every girl of their institution hates ragini as she is sanskar’s best friend. Even sanakar also stopped his flirting as ragini didn’t liked it. He always helps ragini in her studies . both are toppers of their institution . but once ragini suffered from typhoid so she went to her house. But when she went to her home even for one second she didn’t forget sanskar. Always thinking about him only, cares for him seeing all these her best friend realised her that she loves sanskar.  But ragini didn’t agreed to this. But finally she agreed. So she called her rooom mate and told her everything. Both decided that she will propose sanskar once she returned from home. Ragini was counting the days, but days are not passing , finally after a long gape of 16 days she returned back to institution. She was happy, nervous . next day on her way her eyes are searching for sanskar but to her surprised she didn’t saw him. Sadly she went to her class. Everyone were happy to see her back . two days passed but she didn’t saw him. Her room mate told her that may be sanskar was busy as their exams are only 4 months later. But ragini can’t believe this. Because sanskar know that she was back as she herself messaged him. But still he didn’t came to meet her. Finally after 5 days she met him. That day she was alone she was waiting for her friend who was talking with her friend inside. As she requeseted ragini to stay for sometime she waited outside . suddenly she saw sanskar .he was very much happy to see her. He came to her. So ragini told him that after getting her message also he didn’t came to meet her. Sanskar told her that he didn’t get any message and show it to ragini. Ragini checked the mobile but she didn’t get any message . so she asked sanskar to go with her as she has to tell him something important. But to her surprise sanskar didnt came . when she asked the reason he told her that he has to take Anjli to nearest shop as she has to bought something. Ragini was surprised as she does not know  any one named Anjli. So she asked sanskar about this . just then Anjli came and without answering ragini sanskar went with her. Ragini stood there for sometime and then she also left to her room . there she asked her roommate about Anjli. So her roommate tells her that Anjli had joined in their institution from last 12days . but ragini doesn’t understand anything she was shocked as the message she had sent that didn’t reach to sanskar but in her mobile it was shown as sent. And Ragini went to sleep.  Days passed but ragini noticed so many changes in sanskar . now he didn’t wait for her while going to class, even he didn’t study with her. Ragini thought may be he was doing to concentrate on his studies. Finally she decided that she will propose sanskar on her bday. Her bday also come . everyone wishes her . her hostel mates gave her many surprises but she was waiting for sanskar’s gift. That day she didn’t met sanskar , so she went to her class alone . in her way she was praying to god that she will meet sanskar anyway. But may be her destiny has some other choice. Ragini ask sanskar’s roommate Vicky as he was studying in ragini’s room only. So both are good friends.On her bday everyone wished her including Vicky. She asked Vicky about sanskar’s changed behaviour. But he told her something which not only surprised her but also hurts her . she cant never forget what Vicky had told her that day.

Ragini- Vicky where is sanskar ? I didn’t see him from so many days. Is he okay na?

Vicky-are yaar after staying in a relationship everyone get changed.

Ragini- what relation? I don’t understand anything .

Vicky- are he said yes to Anjli

Ragini- yes to Anjli but to which proposal.

Vicky- are before you returned Anjli had proposed sanskar and sanskar said yes to her last week. Everyone know about this. He didn’t tell you.

Ragini-no may be he forget. And saying this she runs to washroom . there she cried. She can’t believe that now she can’t tell sanskar about her feelings nothing. Her best friend piya comes to her

Piya- ragini what happened? Why are you crying yaar ? Today is your bday.

Ragini- she hugs piya and cried. Everything is over piya. Sanskar does not love me. Now he is in love with Anjli. My dream everything got shattered .

Piya- what rubbish are you mad? I know he loves you. Then from where this Anjli came. Even Vicky was also telling that sanskar loves you.

Ragini- no piya now only Vicky told me that both of them were in a relationship . im telling you about his changed behaviour. Piya for the first time I loved someone and you saw na what happened .
Piya- please yaar don’t cry . hey today is your bday na plzz yaar . you know na icant saw you crying then why you are. Okay we’ll talk to Vicky you just wait outside I’ll call him. I’m sure may be some misunderstanding has happened .

Ragini was not in a state to say something. But still she came out with piya. Its true that she was sitting in one of the benches but  there was a battle going on her mind. Her heart is saying that Vicky will come and told her that whatever he told her just before some minute that was his and sanskar’s plan. But her mind wasnt ready to accept. Suddenly the door gate was opened by someone. Hearing the sound ragini raised her head and saw piya was coming inside with Vicky. Ragini saw them . seeing ragini in that state Vicky was not surprised as he know something like this will happen.

Ragini- she finger crossed and finally collect courage and ask Vicky that if he was telling lie na about Anjli and sanskar. Because as she knows sanskar loves her. It was your plan na.

Vicky knows that ragini loves sanskar. Seeing their friendship growing stronger he had already known from ragini’s behaviour that she loves sanskar. Seeing their care for each other at first he also thought that sanskar also love ragini. But last week sanskar came at evening. He was looking happy . when he asked sanskar then sanskar informed him that he accepted Anjli’s proposal and now both are in a relationship. Vicky was shocked as he knows how much ragini loves sanskar from piya . now his good friend is asking him . he can’t tell her the truth but it will be not good to hide also. And today is her bday how can he himself tell her that sanskar loves Anjli . it will be the worst gift to a friend on her bday.

Vicky- ragini I’m sorry but today I don’t want to talk with you in this matter. I’m going tomorrow we will talk.

Ragini- please Vicky tell me now. My heart did not want to accept that please don’t think today is my bday. Please Vicky try to understand you are not hurting me .

Vicky- I had already told you that I’ll talk you tomorrow.

Ragini- please yaar I don’t want to listen any other thing please tell me the truth . I know if it will be a bad news then you and piya are here to control me right. But please understand ….

Vicky- yes ragini they are in a relation from last week. I’m really sorry when you asked me with out my knowledge I told you that.

Piya- but Vicky I thought sanskar loves ragini. If that was not love then why he cared for her , I know they are true.

Vicky- before also I was thinking thesthese only but sanskar told me that ragini was only his best friend nothing more than that.

Ragini- yah may be I only thought them okay guys let’s go our classes will be start.

Piya- ragini I’m with you and now please understand may be till now sanskar was not aware of his feelings we will make him realise them.

Ragini- please yaar leave that matter na what’s the big deal in it . he don’t love me and it was truth and I had to accept it. But really my destiny na.. Okay let’s go. And saying this she left to class.

Vicky- all faults are mine only why those sentence slip from my mouth.

Piya- its not your fault one day she has to know na . now its our duty to control her.

Vicky- but still I can tell her any other day why today only? Her bday , her best day was today and you saw na what I gift her. Chi iwas the worst friend I told her that thing which will hurt her. She was sad because of me today.

Piya- its okay Vicky let’s go. And both of them left

After finishing  their class ragini was standing outside the classroom. She was waiting for piya because piya was talking with teachers. Suddenly someone calls ragini. So ragini turns and saw sanskar called her. She knows that sanskar does not love her but still she stands there.

Sanskar -hi ragini how are you?

Ragini- just alive sanskar now a days you are seems to be very busy.

Sanskar- are so much studies na that’s why. And khushi di had called me before some days and warns me to score more number.

Ragini- yah I can understand. Its okay sanskar I’m not a very important person so that you will afraid of me. Don’t worry.

Sanskar- why you are telling like this?

Just then piya comes there. She saw both of them were talking . so she goes near ragini

Piya- ragini let’s go I have to give you gifts see Vicky also came.

Vicky- yah let’s go mine was also there.

Sanskar- which gift guys ?

Piya- sanskar don’t tell me you forget .

Sanskar- what forget? I just don’t remember anything special.

Ragini- sanskar don’t think so much . we used to think about that day if that will be of  special persons na. I can understand you are not bound to remember every one’s special dates right.

Sanskar- ragini why you are telling like this ? If I forget any thing please tell me na.

Vicky- sanskar its too much how can you forget ragini’s bday . it will be not good to change for only one person .

Sanskar- oh god how can I forget it? Really
Ragini- no sanskar please don’t tell that word. Telling these she was teary eyed . are don’t worry I can understand now you have to take care of your life’s special person’s every day. So don’t worry I have many friends who were waiting from yesterday night to make my bday special. But you know what I was mad that I was waiting for your wish, your gift. But its okay. Bye and enjoy.

Piya, Vicky let’s go . after it I have to return to hostel also so let’s go. And sanskar please go may be your special person was waiting for you.

Piya- its okay Vicky let’s go. And all three of them left.

Sanskar was feeling guilty because he forget his best friend bday. Ragini was waiting for his wish, his gift as he was her best friend. That day he tried his best to contact ragini. As they have no extra classes he tried to call her. But she didn’t pick his call. And the whole day passed but he didn’t wished her.

Next day ragini was on her way to classes. Sanskar was waiting for her .

Ragini- are you are here what happened if today sun has rised from west .

Sanskar- I know you are angry but..

Ragini- really sanskar please don’t act like this haan. What you are doing here your special person will wait for you right please you can leave.

Sanskar- please whatever you want you can do. If you want you can beat me also.

Ragini- sorry sanskar I had lost that right before 1 week. And you know very well I never talked to them on whom I don’t have any right.

Sanskar- why you are so much angry yaar.
Ragini- really sanskar you are asking me this you know what I had heard from others that everyone got changed with time. But I have faith that my best friend will never change. But I was very much wrong. You know what I had waited for your call , for your wish but how will I know you don’t remember even my bday . I was sick but you never call me to ask me how am I? You know what it was nothing to talk you sanskar just go your anjli was waiting for you .

Sanskar- you know about anjli.

Ragini- you know what the whole institution know me as your best friend but I only not know that my best friend is in a relationship. Sorry I used to  your best friend not now na . actually now anjli was your best friend right. Bye.

Sanskar- are you mad ragini its true that I love her but she was not my best friend. You are my first and last best friend. I know i did wrong . i have guilty that I forget your bday but believe me you are only my best friend. And when you are at home anjli came here. And i forget to call you . again sorry for that . last night di also get angry upon me.

Ragini- its okay sanskar it happened after gf comes in your life you will get changed. Okay .

Sanskar- its not okay yaar please you can punish me but please don’t get angry.

Ragini- I said na it’s okay. And I’m not angry. Let’s go to class.

Sanskar- thank god okay let’s go.

After this ragini knowingly didn’t came in between sanskar and anjli. Infact she tried to get friendly with anjli. One day before exams some cheat were found from sanskar’s bag. But to ragini’s surprise Anjli put the blame on ragini. But sanskar showed trust on ragini and that matter ended there. Piya has always doubt on anjli. One day ragini and piya went to anjli’s hostel to get some copies but they heard anjli was talking with some one. When they saw it was ragini’s roommate.

Piya- ragini what is your roommate doing here?

Ragini- don’t know yaar she told me she was going to market .

Piya- I told you na I had doubt on this anjli.
Ragini- but what she did?

Then both of them heard that anjli and ragini’s roommate were talking about some message. They were shocked that all the messages were get deleted by anjli because of that sanskar doesn’t know anything about the messages ragini had sent. And ragini’s roommate only informed Anjli that ragini was planning to propose sanskar. So anjli hurriedly proposed sanskar. It was all their plan.

Piya- you saw na how she was telling all these. Such a cheap girl.

Ragini- its okay leave her when time will come her truth will be come out. Now let’s go yaar.

After some days while returning from class ragini was trapped by some local boys who tried to misbehave with her. Ragini messaged sanskar about this but anjli deleted that also. But due to her good luck ragini got saved as Vicky comes that time only. Ragini told everything to her mother. So her mother came and takes her with them as they don’t want any wrong happens with their daughter. So ragini left the institution. As she know that now sanskar will not help her in her emergency. And she also know that till then she will stay there anjli will play tricks again and again to break ragini and sanskar’s friendship. And ragini also can’t control her feelings more so for sanskar’s happiness she left without informing sanskar anything.

Fb ends.

Now ragini was a doctor. She got married to sanskar but due to some situation.  but although she left the institution she never forget sanskar for a single minute also. Now she has to bring anjli’s truth out otherwise sanskar will never trust her. But how will she do them. Anjli was very much intelligent . she can go ant level to keep sanskar with her. Ragini ne er felt that anjli truely loves sanskar . if she had loved him then how can she put the cheat in sanskar’s bag . till now ragini knows from khushi anjli tried her best to keep sanskar with her even she risked khushi’s life also. Now it will be tough for her to uncover anjli . it ends with ragini’s thinking face.

Sorry guys it was somewhat boring.  I promised next episode will of masthi scenes . till then guys take care and good bye. And hope you all liked the episode. I’ll wait for your response.

Credit to: Pari

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