Hi friends I’m back with my next chapter.  But in the last episode many of you didn’t commented. Sorry guys for boring you in the last episode .

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Ragini comes back to her room. Sanskar went to office after dropping Ragini in house. Ragini went near Riya’s room to see her.  When she reached there she saw Riya was playing . she get doubt.

Ragini- Riya what is this? You are not okay right.

Riya- no mami I’m okay.

Ragini-but you told us that you have headache.

Riya-are mami that was my planning to send you with Mamu.

Ragini- Riya it was not good beta you lied to your Mamu . he was very much tensed for you .

Riya- she holds her ear and tells sorry mami I’ll not do it again pakka wala promise.

Ragini-its okay beta. Okay I’m going what you will take in breakfast.

Riya-aloo paratha .

Ragini-okay I’ll make it. And she left to kitchen.

At lunch time

Khushi- ragini can you go to office to give Sanskar lunch box.

Ragini-no di he’ll be angry  .

Khushi- are Ragini now you have to fight . now you are his wife more ever now it was your duty. And the driver was not in house now he was out of town. I only sent him in my work.

Ragini- okay di I’ll go. And she left to office.

When she entered she met Anjli.

Anjli- are wah Ragini today you are in office.

Ragini- yah I came to gave Sanskar his lunch.

Anjli- why you came yaar it was good if his lunch isn’t came. I had planned a lunch date with him.

Ragini- she know that anjli told her to tease her. So she told her that I know that Anjli but today your plan will be cancelled. Because Sanskar has to eat this lunch which I had brought.

Anjli- are you out of your mind . he’ll definitely not eat it .

Ragini- he has to eat it. Anjli before 7years you cheated me but now I’ll not let you do anything like that again .

Anjli- oh really what I did?

Ragini- don’t act like innocent Anjli because of you today Sanskar hates me. You broke our friendship. You know na I love Sanskar still you snached him from me.

Anjli- yah I cheated you because of that now my Sanskar is with me. And I don’t have any guilty.

Ragini- you know what Anjli before I thought may be you had guilt about your doing but today I’m feeling guilty that I had hope from you.

Anjli- idont care about them.

Ragini- okay let’s see. I’ll prove it to Sanskar that whom he was believing she only cheated him. That day you only kept that paper in Sanskar’s bag because of which he was scolded by teachers and after that you proved that I only kept that . you are telling that you love him then how can you see him got insulted.

Anjli- so what ? yah I only keep that paper because I have to break the trust , the friendship between you both.

Ragini- I’ll prove it to Sanskar definitely and you will see.

Anjli- okay let’s see . are first show me that today Sanskar will eat this lunch which you brought. Then I’ll see.

Ragini- okay. And she goes to Sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar- you are here. Why you came here?  Don’t you get peace after irritating me in house .

Ragini- she saw Anjli in the door and told no Sanskar I didn’t get peace so I came here.  Just finish the lunch I have to go.

Sanskar- I’m not going to eat it. I’ll take my lunch outside in any restaurant.

Ragini- okay I’m giving you two options first you have to eat this lunch box which I brought and second one is I’ll go with you in lunch outside okay now its upon you.

Sanskar- if I’ll not choose any of these two then what’ll you do?

Ragini- Sanskar you are forgetting that I’m very much jiddi than you . last time I’m asking you , you are eating it or not.

Sanskar- oh really okay let’s see what you’ll you do. I’m not going to eat it.

Ragini- she calls someone and Sanskar saw Ragini was video chatting with Riya. And she tells now you are eating or I’ll tell Riya about you.

Sanskar- okay okay I’m eating but please don’t tell her anything. And after sometime he finished the food. Oh madam today because of Riya I had eaten the lunch next time what will you do?

Ragini- don’t worry my husband next time i’ll do any other thing. As you know Ragini never repeats her tricks again for the second time. Bye see you in evening.

And she left.

Ragini- Anjli you lose the first part right now be ready for second one.

Anjli- she claps her hand and tells seriously Ragini you are telling this as win. Are you used Riya that little girl as you know she is Sanskar’s weakness.

Ragini-  I didn’t did anything which hurt’s Sanskar. And I’ll never do anything which will hurt him but don’t worry next time you yourself only tell everything to my husband .

Anjli- she was very much angry okay I’ll see till now no one is here who can take away my Sanskar from me. Till now I got that what I want by any wrong means also.  And Sanskar I’ll never lose him.

Ragini- Anjli for your kind information I want to tell you Sanskar us not a thing okay he was my husband. I don’t care what you got in your life and which you loss.  I know only one thing whichever the situation may be I’ll never lose my love again. And for that I’ll do every that thing which will hurt you and that time I’ll don’t care about you. Before 7years I did wrong by trusting you. And after today if it was you or any other person I don’t care.I’m leaving now but I’m warning you don’t even think of hurting him.

And she left.

Anjli- I’ll see you Ragini. And then she calls someone and tells him something which was muted and then she smirks.

Precap- Reveletion of past and what is Anjli’s plan. And some romantic scene between Ragini and Sanskar.

Sorry guys I know it was also short and boring. But I tried my best in writing it.and if you were not liking it no problem yaar I’ll end it soon.  Till then take care and good bye. And I’ll wait for your comments so don’t forget to give your comments.

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