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Episode 8
Sanskar and Ragini return their house. Ragini was silent as she was feeling guilty because at morning she told so many things to sanskar. Now she was realising that she shouldn’t talk to sanskar like that. Sanskar doesn’t know the truth then she thought to ask his forgiveness. In the car both didn’t talk a little. After dinner Ragini went to her room. After freshing up she goes and sits in front of the mirror. She saw herself.

Ragini – are Ragini you are a dumbo. What’s the need to talk him like that. No you are very smart na you told him everything. You can’t control your anger. What dreams you had seen remember how to propose sanskar. You always made so many plans but finally proposed him in your anger. Wah you did a very great work. You know what you deserve a gold medal for it  or a big trophy. Now go and tell him sorry.

She doesn’t know Sanskar was listening everything hiding behind the door.

Sanskar – god what you did. Till now she wasn’t sleeping. How will i take her diary. He thought to do something. He entered the room. Just that time Ragini saw a cockroach and she jumped from the chair. As water was there in the floor and due to losing her balance she slipped and while slipping she holds sanskars shirt so both fall down.  finally she and Sanskar both were on the floor. Ragini was above sanskar. Both saw each other. They have a cute eye lock.

Sanskar – Ragini woh..

Ragini – yes Sanskar bolo.

Sanskar – woh can you please get up yaar my legs are paining. You are so heavy moti kanhi ki.

Ragini – what you want to tell this. Okay I’m going and saying this she get up. But sanskar didn’t get up. He tried many times but his foots are slipped continously. He saw Ragini was going.

Sanskar – hey where are you going. Give me your hand.

Ragini – why? I’m very much heavy,moti na if I’ll help you then may be your hand got factured. I can’t take that blame later.

Sanskar – give me your hand please it’s paining yaar.

Ragini – okay but in one condition after today you will never call me fat or moti.

Sanskar – okay done.

Then Ragini helps him to get up.

Sanskar – you know what I had given you a good name tsunami. Where ever you are there will a accident.

Ragini – nothing like that. Actually i slipped as there was water in floor.

Sanskar – that’s only from where water came because you are here.

Ragini – okay I’m not in a mood of fighting. I want to say something.

Sanskar – what?

Ragini – i’m sorry.

Sanskar – why?

Ragini – are today morning i talked with you so rudely that’s why.

Sanskar – it’s okay i can understand. Bye good night. And saying this he left.

Ragini felt some relax after saying sorry. Then she went to sleep. Sanskar comes there after she sleeps. After trying many times finally he got her diary. He silently pick that diary and went from there. He started reading. First it was written how both met in the library then in that page Ragini had written how much she was angry with him. Then their second meet how he saved her and helps her to reach her hostel, then they became friends. Sanskar was reading that diary but before he could turn another page his heart was saying what should written on the next page. Then he remembered how they used to spent times so many fighting,then helping each other in studies everything . Then after sometime he finished reading . Now his face has changes to a angry person.

Sanskar – how can Anjli do this. No fault is mine. For the first time when Ragini told me about that message after returning from home i should be careful. Why i never doubt anjli. Always she played with us.
     That day when Ragini badly needs my help. .He remembers that day. Actually that day he was at class room. He and Anjli and some other students are also there. Sanskar was helping one of the student to solve a maths problem. He saw one message arrived. Before he could check anjli took the phone from him. After sometime when he asked her about that message anjli told him that it was not necessary as that was a message from company. He didn’t doubt as he got many messages from phone companies.

God why i did this with Ragini. After anjli proposed me i want to ask Ragini about this but always something happens and i never asked her. She was waiting for my bday wish but i forget that very important day. How can i. After Ragini left I became very much angry as she didn’t informed me. And after she left anjli said so many things against Ragini and i was that stupid who believed her. In fact i had changed my number when Ragini want to inform me about leaving institution. Why i never thought about Ragini. In these years i never tried to collect a single information about her but she had my every details. May be that was true love. She was far away for me but she was keeping every detail about me but i never did that. I became so blind in Anjli’s fake love that i never give important to any other one. But now enough of it. From today Ragini will never cry. She had suffered enough. She always tried to show me Anjli’s true colour. Now I’ll show you miss anjli that you did very wrong with my tsunami. If your love was true then why don’t you wait till Ragini returns. And from today I’m not that stupid,idiot sanskar maheswari. Now I’ll uncover tour truth infront of everyone and it’s my promise. Ragini’s bday was after two days and that day I’ll give her best bday gift by throwing you out of our lives. That day Ragini will celebrate her bday with every happiness she deserves. Then he went back to room and keep that diary in the self.

   He saw Ragini was sleeping peacefully. He can saw the innocence on her face. Yes she was his Ragini his tsunami his best friend who always loved him and now it’s his turn. He kissed ragini’s forhead softly and went from there.

When he come out he saw Khushi was standing in the door. He saw Khushi has tears in her eyes. He understands that Khushi had seen everything. He takes Khushi outside so that ragini doesn’t get any disturbance in her sleep.

Khushi – Sanskar what i had seen is that true. If ragini’s dreams get fulfilled you started loving her.

Sanskar – no di i don’t love her but from today again I’ll accept her as my wife and my best friend.

Khushi – but sanskar…

Sanskar  – I know di you want that I should love Ragini  but not now. Yes di i had know the complete truth and after giving a lesson to Anjli I’ll decide.

Khushi – really sanskar.

Sanskar – yes di two days after it was ragini’s bday. Before some years she got a very bad news on her bday that I loved anjli not her. And after that she never celebrate her bday. But this bday she will celebrate it with every happiness. Yes di Ragini had suffered enough. She never told me anything when i was scolding her unnecessarily. She never complain me about anything. But di for this i need your help.

Khushi – i’m very much happy sanskar. You don’t worry I’ll help you.

Sanskar – first thing Ragini shouldn’t know about her bday party. And how to expose anjli I have an another plan. And then he told Khushi about it.

Khushi – done. And both handshake.

It ends with their determined face.

To be continued. ….….

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