Hi friends thanks for all your support. I’m happy that you guys are liking it. In last episode i had read all your coments. Friends don’t worry I’ll reveal the past. But i’ll write the past in flash back.

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After dinner Ragini was cleaning the kitchen. There was a very beautiful smile in her face. She was happy that after a very long time she was going with
Sanskar. She was singing a song. Sanskar comes there. He saw her. He thought Ragini was same she didn’t change a little also .  She always sings while doing work even it about study also. He again looked at her. She was looking very beautiful in that dress. Ragini turns to keep the utensils so she saw Sanskar was standing near the door.

Ragini – Sanskar do you want anything?tell me I’ll give it to you.

Sanskar – you didn’t change na. Now also you are singing like before.

Ragini – Sanskar why will i change. I’m that Ragini your best friend. Only one change was made between us that is because of misunderstanding.

Sanskar – don’t try to acting okay. I know you are very much selfish . one day suddenly you vanished. Where you went,why you went suddenly like this 1000 questions were running there in my mind. In these 7years i tried hard to get a single clue about you. But i didn’t. You know in these years Anjli always stood for me in every situation. I love her.

Ragini – of course yes Sanskar she’ll stand with you definitely right as you both love each other right.

Sanskar – acha then you know this thing. Then why you marry me?Why you separate me and Anjli.

Ragini – I never did that Sanskar. I always want your happiness.

Sanskar – oh really. But I don’t think so Ragini. Before i thought you are a very good girl,a very caring & very loving girl but when our marriage happened my all views get changed. You are a very selfish girl . in my life I had never saw a clever girl like you . and he left.

Ragini- she was crying but control herself. Ragini why you are becoming weak. Don’t even think of his words. These words are result of the bitterness that Anjli filled in his mind against you. I know Sanskar you don’t love me but you also not hate me. If you had hate me na then you don’t remember all my habits. It’s okay I’ll clear your every misunderstanding. I did a mistake by leaving you. I only rectify that mistake. And after finishing all work she left to her room.

In room
When she entered she saw Sanskar was already slept. He was holding Anjli’s pic . seeing it Ragini becomes sad . and she went to the bed and slept. She saw Sanskar. She loves him more than her life. But he don’t love her. She cried when she saw that photo.and finally she slept.

At morning

Ragini comes downstairs .She was wearing a white pink saree and matching accessories. She was looking very beautiful.

Khushi – are Ragini you came. Okay take this thali I had kept all puja items. But where is Sanskar.

Just then Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar – di i’m here.

Khushi – yah I can see that.

Sanskar – where is our princess. If she was ready or not.

Riya comes there. She was wearing a night dress.

Sanskar – Riya what is this?till now you are not ready.

Riya – she holds her ear and tells sorry mamu I can’t go with you.

Sanskar – but why?

Riya – till now i didn’t complete my homework and I have headache. Just now i used bam. So you and mami go.

Sanskar – what?now are you fine na.

Riya – oho she kept her hand on her hand. Oh god my mamu loves me so much . are mamu I’ll sleep for sometime then after that I’ll complete my homework also.You don’t worry mom is here. She’ll take care of me.

Sanskar – okay. I’m not going to temple.

Riya – but why?If you don’t go then who’ll do puja for Rohan . Please you go and do the puja from my side.

Sanskar – okay baba i’m going. Di take care of her. Ragini come.

Ragini – okay.
And both left. Both were in the car. Both were silent. So Ragini switch on the music.
Sanskar – Ragini where we’re going?

Ragini – very simple temple.

Sanskar – then why you are listening these music.

Ragini – my choice.

Sanskar – oh really it is my car and it was my order that just switch off the music.

Ragini – no I’ll not.

Sanskar – really.

Ragini – yah yes, I’ll not do it.

Then Sanskar himself switch off the music. But Ragini didn’t tell anything to Sanskar. Seeing it Sanskar was surprised. And finally they reach in the temple. And after finishing puja both started leaving.

Ragini – Sanskar you go . I’ll come afterwards.

Sanskar – no you are coming with me now and that’s final let’s go . And what will you do here?

Ragini – Sanskar i have some work.

Sanskar – what?

Ragini – I want to sit in the back side of temple for sometime. So you go.

Sanskar – okay let’s go. But for 10min.

Ragini – okay.

Both went to the backside of temple. Behind the temple there was a river. And there were some rocks in which visitors can sit. So both sit there.

Ragini – Sanskar i don’t know what you thought about me. But trust me i leave that place due to my personal problems.

Sanskar – really Ragini you have personal problems. You call me best friend right then why don’t you tell me. You know I’m  always there to help you.

Ragini- okay Sanskar if I’ll tell the reason now then will you trust me?

Sanskar – ya of course.

Ragini – she was teary eyed okay Sanskar i leave that place because of Anjli.

Sanskar – he gets up and tells i knew it Ragini i knew it. You know what it was your oldest technique that when anyone ask you answer then you simply put the blame on any other one like now you did.

Ragini – i never did anything wrong Sanskar. I just take Anjli’s name . You are not even ready to listen what happened before 7years ago. Then i can’t do anything. At least listen to me once.

Sanskar – no Ragini I want to listen it but why you take Anjli’s name. Because she loves me.

Ragini – no Sanskar nothing like that.

Sanskar – Ragini it was a temple and I don’t want to create any disturbance here. So let’s go and left.

Ragini- oh god he wasn’t in a mood to listen anything. Because of Anjli i left him. I break all my promises which i gave him. Anjli cheated me why  he was not understanding. Anjli was also my friend but she did wrong. It’s okay I’ll give prove to Sanskar. And she also left.

Sanskar was waiting for Ragini near the parking lot. Before Ragini reaches there she saw two small children were playing just beside Sanskar. They were throwing water on each other. When Ragini reaches there one boy throw water but that comes to Sanskar. So Sanskar was completely wetted. Seeing him Ragini starts laughing.
Sanskar – why you are laughing?

Ragini – no nothing.

Sanskar – you are laughing seeing my condition right. You remember once you had also thrown water on me. Okay let’s go.

Both sit in the car. Ragini was watching the outside. She was remembering the past.

Fb starts
It was Ragini’ s second day. She was praying. She prayed to god that please that Sanskar shouldn’t come infront of her . But her roommate told her that today she’ll definitely meet him. Ragini went to her class. She was happy that she didn’t meet him . When she was returning she was all alone. That day she stayed for doubt clearing so her friends went. But suddenly someone calls her from behind so she turns and saw Sanskar there. She was shocked and she started walking fastly. But Sanskar come infront of her.

Sanskar – hi.

Ragini – why you are telling me hi.

Sanskar – okay then tell me what I’ll tell you.

Ragini – nothing just go from here.

Sanskar – no .

Ragini – why?

Sanskar – you know you are the first girl who is doesnt even look at me.You are not liking me.

Ragini- excuse me why will i like you. If you are any hero.

Sanskar – yes. Every girl of this institution were telling this. In every girl’s hostel there was discussion on me. But you are not like that.

Ragini- they are fools. You are hero. If you had ever seen your face. You are looking like cockroach.

Sanskar – whatever say me hi.
Ragini – no. It means you are accepted that you are cockroach.

Sanskar – say me hi now.

Ragini- no. Don’t force me otherwise you don’t know what can I do?

Sanskar – really okay show me what can you do.

Ragini – oye Mr don’t challenge me.

Sanskar – okay now I challenge you. Show me what can you do?

Ragini – today you are gone.

Sanskar – I have seen many like you . you can’t do anything.

Ragini – she thought what to do?but didn’t get any idea. Oh god what’ll I do now . Suddenly she saw water bottle in Sanskar’s hand . So she pulled bottle from him and pour it on him.

Sanskar – what you did?are you mad?

Ragini – definitely not if i was mad then I can do other things like throwing stone on you okay. Now you saw a little bit next time don’t even dare to fight with me. And she left.

Sanskar – what the hell. Now you are gone miss Ragini Gododia.

Next day Ragini was on her way to class. Someone calls her. So she turns and saw Sanskar there.

Ragini – what you are doing here? If you don’t remember what i did with you yesterday.

Sanskar – definitely not tsunami.

Ragini – what ?who is tsunami.

Sanskar – it is called common sense miss. From today onwards I’ll call you tsunami .

Ragini – but why?

Sanskar – my choice.

Ragini – oh I understand now. Yesterday I had poured water on you that’s why.

Sanskar – yes.

Ragini – your wish . What’ll i do?I’m not interested in talking with you.

Sanskar – okay bye girls are waiting for me. And he left.

Ragini – girls are waiting for me. What he was thinking of himself. Wait why I’m talking in his style.oh god I’ll became mad? And she also left to her class.

That day evening
Ragini went to bought some book from shop but when she was returning it was very dark . and she was all alone. But she started to walk . She was very much afraid because in her way a turn was there in which the local boys were used to sit and they misbehaves with girls.in her way she saw Sanskar.

Sanskar – are tsunami you are here.

Ragini – hmm i came to bought this book.

Sanskar – but this time you don’t know today night there will be power cut up to 10 pm.

Ragini – I heared about that but there is very rush in the shop. So i got late. But why I’m telling these to you.

Sanskar – don’t know may be you started loving me.

Ragini – so sad but nothing like that. If you will be the last boy in this world na then I’ll better chose to be stay single. And bye i’m going.

Sanskar – wait in that turn there were boys. And they will misbehave with you if you will go alone. I’m coming with you.

Ragini – no need of that . I can go my self.

Sanskar – I know we both are not friends but it was my responsibility now I’ll drop you. Come.

Ragini – I said no.

Sanskar – Ragini don’t you had listened  that they had kidnapped a girl of our institution. She was returning from shop. From that day no news of her where she went,how’s she anything. And they only misbehaves with those girl who are alone. Let’s go.

Ragini – okay and both started walking.
In that turn Ragini became afraid. But to her surprise Sanskar hold her hand. She tried to free her hand but he hold it more tightly.

A boy -are Sanskar who is she?

Sanskar – my gf bhai.

Hearing it Ragini was shocked.

Another boy – okay you go we are waiting for any single girl.

Sanskar – okay bhai bye good night.

After some time

Ragini – why you told them that I’m your gf?

Sanskar  – of course you are my gf.

Ragini – no I’m not. Just go and say them you told lie.

Sanskar – okay I’m going and remember one thing if I’ll tell him truth then what will they do with you I’m not responsible for that.

Ragini- okay okay I’m your gf.

Sanskar – I only told that.

Ragini – but not that sense haan.

Sanskar – okay meri maa now let’s go. I think you are enjoying my company.

Ragini- chi never think of that.

And after some time Sanskar and Ragini reach near her hostel safely.

Ragini – stop here I’ll go from here.

Sanskar – are you sure.

Ragini – yah. And thanks.

Sanskar – what?say again.

Ragini – okay thanks. And she forward her hand and told friends.

Sanskar – okay friends and he also handshake with her .And you know one thing till now i don’t have any girl as my friend. What can I do every one wants me as their bf. Except my di no one is my girl friend. You are the first girl who wants to do friendship with me.

Ragini –  hearing it she laughs and tells you are not that much bad.

Sanskar – thanks for the compliment but i know that.

Ragini – bye good night.

Sanskar – bye good night.

Fb ends.

Ragini saw Sanskar. He was the same but he was angry upon her. That’s okay she’ll definitely get success to clear all their misunderstanding.

It ends with Ragini’s determined face.

Precap – Ragini went to Sanskar office. There she met Anjli and some more flashback about their past .

Friends I had tried my best in writing the ff. I want to tell you something . Guys i’m telling you friends so it was the rule of friendship that we’ll inform the mistake of our friends so that he or she will rectify it. Friends i’m telling you frankly if you feel like there is fault in my story or if you want to give any suggestions you are heartly welcome. I’ll wait for your comments bye and sorry if i had hurted you.

Credit to: pari

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