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When Ragini turns she saw Khushi and Aarav there. So she control herself & goes near them.

Ragini – di my princess shopping is over.

Khushi – she signs Aarav and tells yes, Ragini Riya’s shopping was over. But now we were going to get something for you.

Aarav – yes Ragini let’s go otherwise you will cry at home when you will see our princess’s dress. Hai na princess.

Riya – yes dad you are right. Mami let’s go we will brought lehenga for you.

Ragini -acha you will bought lehenga for me. okay I’ll come with you but who will cook in our house and what will you eat if we will reach late.

Riya – are i forget about it.mom dad let’s go. But mami if you will cry like me then what will we do. You know na at night all malls were closed.

Ragini – okay if I want dress then I’ll wear your dress. If you will not give me then I’ll cry.

Riya – no mami I’ll share my dress with you. Our teachers teach us to share our things with everyone.

Ragini – that’s good. okay di i’m going with Riya when you and jiju will come we will return back to home.

And she went with Riya.

Aarav – Khushi, Ragini was so good na. you saw how she hide her pain.

Khushi – yes Aarav but when will Sanskar understand this. How much he will hurt her only because of that girl. I don’t think that god wants Ragini’s  happiness.

Aarav – no Khushi if bhagvan does not want Ragini’s happiness then why did their marriage happened with out any obstacles. It was his sign that both Ragini and Sanskar were made for each other.

Khushi – but I can’t see Ragini like this. She was crying alot. Please Aarav do something.

Aarav – we can do only one thing by standing beside her. We can courage her when ever she will feel weak we’ll stand by her.

Khushi – may be you are right. Okay let’s

When they came downstairs they saw Ragini was standing in front of the car.

Aarav – Ragini where is Riya?

Ragini – jiju she falls asleep. So i slept her  in car. Let’s go.

In car . After many time passed but  Khushi didn’t talked to Ragini. So Ragini get tensed.

Ragini – di what happened? If you are angry on me.

Khushi – Aarav with whom she was talking.

Ragini – what happened why you are telling like this di.

Khushi – Aarav told her that I’m not talking with her.

Ragini – but why di?what mistake I did plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t punish me like this. First Sanskar and now you please di.

Khushi – you are telling me that I’m your di . Ragini you know I’m always with you. Then why you are trying to hide your pain from me.

Ragini – no di nothing like that. I’m sorry for that again I’ll not doing that mistake again. It’s my promise.

Khushi – okay don’t worry. And if it is about Sanskar then he’ll also understand this.

Ragini- hope so di. 

And after sometime they reach in their house.

Ragini – di you take Riya. I’ll make diner as fast as possible after that I’ll call you. Otherwise our little princess will sleep with out food.

Khushi – okay I’m also coming after changing.

Ragini went towards her room. She knows that already Sanskar was in the room as she found his car outside. She was very afraid but still goes there.

Ragini – oh god please help me.

When she entered she didn’t find Sanskar anywhere. She looks in the whole room but he wasn’t in the room.

Ragini – thank god he wasn’t here. It’s okay Ragini why you are nervous.

Then she went and keeps her bag in the table. Then she picks her dress and started to goes towards washroom . but suddenly Sanskar came out. So she turns quickly.

Ragini – sorry but i hadn’t seen anything.

Sanskar – what are you doing here? It was my room.

Ragini – oh hlo Mr it was not only your room. It was also my room.

Sanskar – you don’t know manners whywhy you didnt you knock before coming.

Ragini – if you are changing in washroom then why i’ll knock our main room door.

Sanskar – if you will knock then I’ll get to know that my tsunami is back.

Ragini – now she turns and saw till now Sanskar didn’t wear his tshirt. Yah i’m tsunami na from our coaching time you gave me this name. But from that time you are arguing with me you can wear this tshirt. Sanskar please wear this tshirt.

Sanskar – I can’t if you want then you can help me.

Ragini – i’m not going to help you.

Sanskar – yah if you will help me then….no no it was good you refused.

Ragini – why?

Sanskar – if you will help me what is the percentage that after wearing this tshirt with your help I’ll alive.

Ragini – are you mad? If I’ll help you why will you die.

Sanskar – if you are forgetting you are tsunami right. Then if you will help me to wear this then how can i alive when it was tsunami. My family can’t get my dead body also . Because my dead body will wash away to your ocean due to tsunami.

Ragini- Really now I’ll show you why people are afraid of Ragini. Now you will feel like you are in tsunami.
And she goes towards the water bottles kept in the table. And when she try to pour it on Sanskar suddenly he holds her hand.

Ragini – Sanskar what are you doing? Leave my hand.

Sanskar – no why I’ll leave my tsunami’s hand. And madam i’m not new to your  this technique.

Ragini – okay then hold it for as many times you want.

Sanskar – don’t challenge me okay. But suddenly Anjli calls him . so he leaves Ragini’s hand and goes to talk with Anjli.

Ragini – she was very much happy as Sanskar called her tsunami after 7 years. She prayed to god. Thank god today I’m really very much happy today he call me by that name. Oh god I’m feeling to dance. Ragini there will be no problem if you will dance. But before she started her dance Khushi calls her. Oh god how can i forget. I have make dinner otherwise Riya will again sleep with out food. And she runs to kitchen.

In kitchen when Ragini enters she saw Khushi was making dinner.

Ragini – di why you are doing it. I said na I’ll do.

Khushi – Ragini it’s okay it was not a big deal if I’ll make dinner. Okay just cut the vegetables.

Ragini – yah di. But what you had decided to make.

Khushi – I’ll tell but first you tell me what happened? Why you are smiling.

Ragini – nothing di.

Khushi – again you are hiding. It’s okay if you don’t want to share but please don’t tell lie.

Ragini – my cute di sorry. And then she told everything to Khushi. Di today I’m very much happy he called me by that name he used to call me tsunami. and she started dancing there and in between this she poured a jug full of water in the curry which was in the bowl . seeing it she bites her tonge.

Khushi – what you did Ragini. Seriously Sanskar had given you a perfect name tsunami.

Ragini – sorry I’ll make quickly another dish.

And then both of them prepare the dinner.
After that Khushi told Ragini to call Sanskar. So Ragini goes to her room.

Ragini – Sanskar dinner is ready. Come every one is waiting for you.

Sanskar – ya I’m coming. One more thing whatever happened before sometime don’t take it seriously . I forget that you are not that Ragini my best friend.sorry for that .And one more thing till now I didn’t forget what you had did before 7 years ago . When I’m fight with you i forget but thanks to Anjli she reminded me everything. And he went downstairs.

Ragini – she was standing there but she can’t believe. Before sometime she was so happy that her Sanskar finally talked to her. With out her knowledge tears comes out of her eye. So she control herself. Tells what is this Ragini. Today your Sanskar called you tsunami to hear that word how much you had waited. Then why you are crying. And now whatever Sanskar told these were not his word these were of Anjli ‘ s  . You have to fight many more Ragini to clear his misunderstanding.
And she went to downstairs.

At dining table
Everyone were eating food. Ragini was sitting beside Riya. And Sanskar was in front of her. Sanskar was surprised because always Riya told him about how her day was, what happened in her school everything. But today she was silent.

Sanskar – what happened to our princess today?Why she was not talking to her mama.

Riya – I’m not going to talk with you.

Sanskar – but what mistake I did?

Riya – when i come back after choosing chocolate where you went.

Sanskar – he eyes Ragini angrily. Princess if your mami didn’t told you that my meeting started because of that i have to go.

Riya – mami told me but why you go there with our informing me. Before you always inform me before going to all meetings.

Sanskar – okay baba i’m sorry. I’ll never repeat this mistake again . di please told her na to forgive me.

Khushi – Riya he was telling sorry so forgive him.

Riya – okay mom but mamu before that i have some conditions.

Sanskar – are bapre condition okay tell me. I’m ready to do anything to impress you.

Riya – tomorrow morning you have to go to temple with me and mami. Okay.

Ragini – but why beta.

Riya – are tomorrow is my best friend Rohan’s bday. I have pray for him.

Ragini – but you go with your mamu I’ll not come. I have so many works in home so.

Riya- Mamu please told mami to agree na.
Sanskar – Ragini let’s go otherwise she’ll cry.

Ragini – okay I’ll come.

Riya – and mamu you?

Sanskar –  I’ll also come.

Then Riya secretly show thumbs up to Khushi and Khushi also respond her back.

It ends with Ragini’s happy face.

Friends I know it was somewhat boring. Big wala sorry for that. And hope you all like it. Sonya yes it was Ragini ‘ s love story. But if she’ll get her love back or not let’s see. And till now I didn’t decide about Riya. But you gave me a good choice. Thanks for that and I’ll think about it. Guys I’ll wait for your response. Bye take care.

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