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Let’s start it

Ragini was doing some work in the office. She calls her manager.

Manager – to his colleagues yaar what happened? Why mam is calling me.

His colleagues – may be you had did some mistake. Today you are gone.

Manager – please yaar don’t make me more afraid. Already i’m very much afraid and nervous.

His colleagues – seeing you I can saw that you have nervousness overdose . Now go otherwise you will get more scolding because you are late.

Manager – yah you are right. Please bhagvan ji help kar do iss bar. I’ll give 1000rupee in the donation box. And he left to ragini’s cabin

Another colleagues -hey hi . I’m new here. He was praying like he was going to face a disaster.

Person – you are new na that’s why. And then he helped him in the work.

At ragini’s cabin

Ragini was doing her work . then that employee entered.

Manager- mam may I come in?

Ragini – yah

Manager -mam you called me.

Ragini – Mr sharma what’s this. What is the problem. Why we don’t get any loan from bank. You and Khushi di always takes care of money department then. .

Manager – no mam nothing..

Ragini – today no lies..I want to hear truth only.

Manager – mam actually akash sir has done this. As he has complained in court about sanskar sir’s duplicate signature and in that paper it has written that now this company is not belong to you now.

Ragini – what?? She was very much shocked. From when these are going on . and you didn’t even think it’s important to tell me.

Manager – sorry mam but Khushi mam stopped me. We all are seeing how much you are working to keep our companies name like previous one. And if you’ll hear about it then you’ll get hurt that’s why. .

Ragini – okay when you got the court notice and tell me exact situation.

Manager – mam when we got notice our lawyer has already applied for judgement. According to last one in the court we tried our best to prove that signature was fake one but. .

Ragini – but what?

Manager – no mam i think we’ll lost this case because court has asked sanskar sir presence. If sir will tell that that’s not done by him then only there is possibilities of wining of ourself otherwise we’ll lost this case mam .

Ragini realised in which problem she has been received. Till now there is no evidence of sanskar if he was alive or not that also she don’t know. To keep each and every sanskar’s memory she had left her doctor job and since then she was managing the company. Her thoughts gets disturbed by a phone call . she saw call was from an unknown number. She excuses herself. So manager went from there.

Ragini – she picks that call. Hlo who is this.

Person – oh baby how are you.

Hearing the voice she became very much angry as it was from akash.

Ragini – akash? ?how dare you to call me.

Akash – oho till now you are angry on me. Baby you know what i want to see you nowonly. I want to saw you while being angry. I know you are looking very much beautiful now right.

Ragini – just shut up you idiot. I don’t want to hear anything from you. Why you had called me?

Akash – are i want to make you remember that very few days left for court’s final descisson. And i know I’ll won it. And then I’ll also got you my love. And I’ll do that everything i want.

Ragini – no you are wrong akash. I’ll not loose to you so easily. My love wasn’t that much weak that people like you and Anjli will separate me and Sanskar. And now the important thing was sanskar also loves me. And he’ll definitely come back.

Akash – oh dear how much you will wait. Why don’t you accept the truth that sanskar will never return. You had already wasted one year dear. And I’ll definitely won you.

Ragini – that will be in your dream only. You’ll not got me nnor this company. I’ll not let these happen. I’ll make sure that sanskar should return safely to house.

Akash – okk try your best. Tell me where you’ll find that person . according to my research after death every person goes to hell or heaven.

Ragini – that’s not your work akash. I’ll get my sanskar back.

Akash – okay baby try your best because you are going to loose. All the very best. Love you. …and he cuts the call.

Ragini throws the phone angrily. She screamed and breaks down in the floor . Hearing her scream manager informed Khushi.

Ragini – why sanskar why you are not here. I have no more patience. Please come back. I can’t handle these more.

Khushi entered and saw ragini was crying very badly. She runs near her and hugs her immediately.

Khushi – Ragini baas. Please. .

Ragini – di that akash told me that he’ll took this company and he’ll took me also. Why di?  After falling in love with sanskar i had only one wish that I’ll live a peaceful life with sanskar. If i dreamed so big that god can’t fulfil it. Di where is Sanskar. Please tell him to come back na. I can’t stay like this more. I want to hug him and tell him that how badly i need him. Please di he had always listened to you. Please tell him na.

Khushi has no idea nor words how to pacify Ragini. Ragini was not saying wrong. She was right. She just want a simple life then why she has to suffer so much. She also cried.

Ragini – di tell me na when my struggle will be over. IF HE’LL NEVER BE MINE??

Khushi – no Ragini don’t lose hope . Everything will be fine. And she also cried.

All the employees saw this. They also know how much Ragini was suffering. They also can’t do anything. All can only pray for their boss. And silently they prayed for sanskar’s return.

Here Khushi prayed to god to return all ragini’s happiness again and made her life like a previous one.

It ends with Ragini’s crying face.

Precap – guys guess it. …..

Sorry guys for making you wait so much. A big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrry. Hope you all forgive me. From now onwards I’ll be regular. Please guys don’t stop reading it. I hope I’m not boring you all. Will waiting for your answers. See you soon. Bye bye and take care.

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