Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. So the majority of you have commented for ragsan. So the pair will be ragsan. And I had decided that Khushi role will be played by Varsha of yeh rishta kya kahlata hai and Riya role will be played by ayesha of jamai raja.

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Ragini finally get ready to go out for shopping with her sister in law. Khushi was very happy as Ragini comes for shopping.

After sometime they reach in a park.

Ragini – di you told me that you are going to mall but it was a park.

Khushi – Ragini if anyday Riya comes out and she didn’t come to this place then that day she didn’t eat or drink any think.

Riya – yes mami it was my favourite park. you know i used to come here with mama.

Ragini – it’s okay to day your mami is here na you will not missed your mama. Let’s go you have to play na.

Khushi – Rita only for 45min.

Riya – okay.

In side Riya starts playing . and Ragini ans Khushi were sitting in a bench and they were talking and seeing Riya playing. Ragini was feeling happy as she saw Riya was playing. After sometime Khushi goes to a side as her husband Aarav called her. So Ragini sits alone. After some minute a boy and a girl comes there & they both sit just behind Ragini. They were talking about studies and enjoying. It seems that both were best friends. Seeing them Ragini remember her time

Fb starts

It was Ragini ‘ s first day in her coaching. She gets ready. She was wearing a pink colour chudidar and sandal with matching assosories. She went to her class. After class she goes to library as she required some books. but after reaching there she comes to know that the book she wants to issue that is not for issuing. So after thinking sometime she asked the receptionist that if she will read hear itself then. .so receptionist agreed. And Ragini started to goes towards any table. but all are filled up. finally she got a table and when she goes there she collide with someone. And she found she collide with a boy. She silently picks her books and started leaving. But that boy holds her hand when she turns she saw him . He was very handsome but looks innocent from his face.

Boy – hi.

Ragini – excuse me who are you.

Boy – how arrogant you are. You can’t say hlo.

Ragini – i had not given the value of talking to a stranger.

Boy – i’m not stranger i’m Sanskar. Sanskar Maheswari.

Ragini – what can i do?and leave my hand.

Boy – first tell me hlo then only I’ll leave your hand otherwise not.

Ragini – oh god what will I do now. Ragini just say hlo to him otherwise your time will wasted only and more ever you are not going to issue this book again. Okay hlo.

Sanskar – ab aye na maja. tell me laudly.

Ragini – you are taking Ragini gadodia very lightly now I’ll show you who am I?
Sanskar – really. You can’t do anything.

Ragini – okay i can’t do anything and suddenly she shout mam . Hearing this Sanskar leaves her hand. And Ragini run to that table.

Sanskar – first time in my life a girl wins over me.
And he goes and sit in Ragini s table.

Ragini – if you dnt see any table except this.

Sanskar – hlo before what I did was just a joke. I’ll study and ill not disturb you. .

After sometime Ragini and Sanskar went to their respective hostels. When Ragini told her roommate about Sanskar and his work her roommate laughs and tells her that she will definitely love him. So Ragini shuts her by telling that till now she didn’t love anyone and she’ll never love anyone in future also.

Khushi comes back after talking to her husband. She saw Ragini was teary eyed. So she went near her.

Khushi – what happened Ragini?

Ragini – di you know what for the first time when I met Sanskar that day my roommate told me that I’ll fall in love with him . But ididnt agree with her. But when i love him i don’t know.

Khushi – Ragini don’t worry you know na Sanskar will not listen anything at least now. So don’t worry. And I’m telling you your love only bound him to love you.

Riya – mama let’s go. I had completed my playing.

Khushi – wow today you became a good girl. Okay let’s go.

After sometime they reached a mall. Ragini and Khushi were selecting dress for Riya. In this time Khushi ‘ s husband Aarav ( role played by Shaurya of yeh rishta kya kahlata hai ) reaches there and joins them.

Riya – mami let’s go to that chocolate shop.

Ragini – okay baba we’ll go. Acha di i’m just coming.

Khushi – but where are you going.

Ragini – di Riya wants chocolate so I’m going with her. You come there with jiju when you finished it.

Khushi – okay we’ll come.

Ragini went with Riya to the chocolate shop. But when they reached there

Riya – Mamu. .

Ragini – beta your mamu was in office.

Riya – no mami Mamu was here see there. And she showed Ragini to a direction.

Ragini was shocked to see him there. He was there. Her Sanskar was standing in front of her but he was with some girl whose back only showed to Ragini. Both were hugging. Seeing them Ragini was teary eyed. When that girl turns Ragini saw that girl was Anjli(role played by mahi of tashan e ishq, but not dumbo like in serial here she was modern ) .How can Ragini forget her. She is the same girl because of her now Sanskar hates her. She was the same girl whom Sanskar loves. But before Ragini can think something
Riya called Sanskar due to which both turns and find Riya and Ragini there. Riya runs to Sanskar so Ragini also slowly walks near them.

Riya – Mamu you are here but mami told that you are in office.

Sanskar – he eyes Ragini and tells yes beta i was in office only but before sometime i came here.

Riya – oho i’m so dumbo na i understand you became bored so you came here. But why you came with this aunty not with us.

Sanskar – Actually Mamu wants to join you but he don’t know you are coming here and me and this aunty has a imp meeting here.

Riya – acha. .

Sanskar – acha ke bachi. Okay tell me what you want.

Riya – I want chocolate.

Sanskar – okay you go and choose I’ll come.

Riya – okay and she goes to choose chocolates.

Here Sanskar holds Anjli ‘ s hand and come near Ragini.

Sanskar – don’t you get satisfied after irritating me in home so you came here.
Anjli – now what you want why don’t you go away from our life.

Sanskar – you are following me. How dare you.

Anjli -let’s go Sanskar no need to ask her she’ll stay silent as always. And she goes with Sanskar.

Ragini was crying but when she saw Riya she control herself and goes to her.

Ragini – are beta you complete your choosing na. Let’s go and after paying bill she ask Riya that if she need anything more.

Riya – no mami I don’t want anything more. And these are not good if we eat more. But where is Mamu.

Ragini – Actually the meeting was started so he went okay let’s go.

When they turned they found Aarav and Khushi standing there.

It ends with Ragini ‘ s crying face.

Friends i don’t know if you will like the characters and the actor’s name or not which i had given . If you dont like them then you can imagine your favourite actor. And I’ll wait for your comments. If you’ll like it then I’ll update it’s next part. And I’ll update next part on 10th July. Till then bye take care. But don’t forget to give your reply.

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