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Episode 18

Okay let’s start it

After one year

It was a very big house. A girl was seeing getting ready. She was wearing a white top with jeans with matching assosories and slight make up. She saw the time it’s 8.30am. She angrily comes downstairs. And started scolding the servants. But suddenly she becomes silent after hearing  a voice.

Voice – Ragini what are you doing? stop scolding them.

Yes, the girl was none other than our Ragini.

Ragini – Khushi di please always you had covered up these people Thatswhy. ..

Khushi – just stop it Ragini. They are not at all in fault. Tell me why you are getting angry.

Ragini – di it’s already 8.30 and till now the breakfast wasn’t ready.

Khushi – Ragini yesterday night you only told them not to make breakfast for you as you are going for a important meeting and you’ll take breakfast in the office only.

Ragini – she remembers that. Okay now you all can go. And everyone left.

Khushi – what you had made yourself Ragini? After that incident i had already lost my brother now i don’t want to lose you also. Please became that old Ragini.

Ragini – please di i told you na sanskar was alive how can he go leaving me alone. I know he was little bit angry because i had believe that monster akash. You don’t worry he’ll definitely come back to me.

Khushi – Ragini stop dreaming. Police had already declared him as dead then..

Ragini – if they will tell me then I’ll believe?  No, di you are not understanding sanskar will definitely come back. I know him. Always he gets angry on me but after sometime he used to feel his fault and this time also..

Khushi – no Ragini that will…

Ragini – please di stop that one. I don’t want to listen anything from you. Tell me what is my angel doing?

Khushi – you had pampered alot her ragini. She was sleeping till now.

Ragini – oh god it’s my fault only how can i forget to wake her in the morning. You stay here I’ll wake her up. And then she went to a room.

Ragini – she pulls the blanket and saw riya was sleeping. She wakes her slowly. Riya please wake up beta. You have to go to school na.

Hearing her riya wakes up and hugs her.

Riya – good morning mami.

Ragini – good morning my angel. Now go and get ready .

Riya – okay and saying this she went to washroom.

Khushi – she comes there and saw them. I was waking her from last one hour but see you tried only once and she wakes up.

Ragini – because she has became my life di. And she became soo big. I know she can’t see me sad that’s why whenever i became sad she had always encouraged me. You are really lucky di. You get such an angel.

Khushi – okay now you go.

Ragini – but di if you’ll not come.

Khushi – I’ll come but after sending your angel to school.

Ragini – okay then I’m going now.

Khushi – and don’t forget to take your breakfast.

Ragini – yah sure and then she left for her office.

Khushi makes riya  ready .

Riya – mumma why mami became like this. She was always scolding the people.

Khushi – beta life only made her like this. She lost her life.

Riya – but she was alive na.

Khushi – no beta i mean she had lost your sanskar mamu Thatswhy.

Riya – but mami always told me that mamu will come back.

Khushi – don’t know beta if he was in this world or not. Sometimes i also have thought that sanskar will come back but when i used to think about that accident i thought he’ll not.

Riya – then what we’ll do now?

Khushi – don’t know beta. Okay now you go i also have to go to office.

Riya – bye maa .

Khushi – bye.

After sometime Khushi also get ready and went to office. In the whole way she was remembering about ragini.

Khushi pov

That day when Ragini comes to know about Sanskar’s kidnapping, randomly i just called her to ask about their retuning. I was shocked to hear everything from Ragini. I told her to go. And i get ready and leaves for Delhi. I had called one of my friend to file a complaint about sanskar’s kidnapping. And the police had already started the searching. After three hours when i teach delhi i tried to contact them but no one answered nor their phone was reachable. After trying for completely one day the police has came to know about ragini as she got admitted to a nearby hospital by the locality. We reach there. The doctor inform us that she was shot. and they had already done the operation.  Now she was unconscious.

Suddenly i remember about sanskar’s name. And the doctor told me that ragini was taking his name only. She was repeating the same to save him. I enquiry about the people who brought her and luckily we found them. They were local people only. One man told me that he was going there and suddenly he heared someone asking for help. And he helps Ragini to admit in the hospital. Ragini was continuously telling one thing to save sanskar i didn’t understand first,  I thought he was kidnapped. And the police started searching for sanskar. Next day when Ragini wakes up she told me about sanskar’s accident. I informed the police and they search with the rescue team for 15 days but still we didn’t get him even not a single clue about him. Police had declared him as dead but Ragini never agreed for that. Now also after one years she was hoping that sanskar will come back.

Fb ends.

Khushi was in tears now.

Khushi – god why you did these things with Ragini only. First she suffered much only to get sanskar’s love but when finally she get it you separate them. Please bhagvan send sanskar back. Ragini now become a stone. Please gave her smile back . She leaves doctor. And now she was one of the leading business lady of India. But i don’t want this ragini. I want my sweet, smiling Ragini back.

It ends with Khushi praying face. ..

I know guys it was boring but please don’t stop reading from next update you will definitely enjoy it. Hope you all like it. Okay guys bye and take care.

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