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Episode 17

Okay let’s start it

Ragini was shocked hearing about akash and Anjli. She can’t believe that they were together and now Sanskar was in this state because of then only.

Ragini’s pov

I thought akash was my friend. When i meet him i thought i got back my best friend but I was wrong he was here only to separate me and Sanskar. I was stupid that i thought anjli had stopped her bad games but she brings akash in this. I have to save sanskar in any means.

She eyed sanskar. She saw he was hanging above the bridge and the rope was tied to the wall. She understands that if she’ll try to take sanskar out she will be failed because now sanskar was not in his sense. She shout sanskar’s name repetitively. She was praying inside that sanskar should come to sense. Finally after trying many times sanskar opened his eyes. Ragini was happily crying seeing him.

When sanskar open his eyes he understood everything. He remembers that when he got hit on his head he had seen akash there. Now he saw Ragini was holding by some men and akash and Anjli were laughing. It doesn’t took many time him to understand that akash and Anjli were together. He saw Ragini was crying.
He signs her not to cry and assured her that nothing will happen to him.

Akash – are Sanskar you came back welcome bro.

Sanskar – you cheater..

Anjli – aww baby why you are angry haan i warned you to leave this behenji but you didn’t listen now you have to pay for it na.

Sanskar – i’m very much lucky that i left you otherwise my life. .chi anjli i can’t believe that if you are a girl.

Anjli – i don’t care what you are thinking Mr. I want only your property only. Are i felt much difficulty to keep you both separate but because of your that stupid sister you ended up marrying her. Then also i tried to make misunderstanding so that you’ll keep her out but that was also..

Ragini – please anjli took whatever you want but please leave my sanskar please.

Sanskar – Ragini don’t believe her she was a snake in the form of human.

Akash – just stop it you three. Anjli you forget what we had decided to do.

Anjli – then why you are waiting for. Kill him yaar.

Ragini – please no akash please leave him.

Akash – but you have to do something for me.

Ragini – i’m agree to do everything.

Akash – you have to come to me.

Ragini – she eyed sanskar and said yes I’m ready but first leave him.

Akash – anjli don’t worry we’ll do as per our plan only.

Ragini- akash please let me talk with sanskar once please.

Akash – anjli i think we should give them this.

Anjli – okay then let them talk.

Hearing it Ragini runs near sanskar. She holds his face and cried.

Sanskar – Ragini i’m sorry. I had never thought that this day will ever came in our life. When i realised my feelings for you i can’t wait to tell you about my feelings. I wait the whole night to propose you. I thought this day will be a remembering day for you. It’s not like i didn’t tried. I tried Ragini to make it special. But I’m really sorry i failed. It became a tragedy for us. I love you ragini. I really love you. I thought that from today we’ll start a fresh but..

Ragini – she keeps her hand on his lips and ask him to stop. She keeps her forehead near his and both cried. I know sanskar you tried. And you didn’t failed. I’m very much happy that finally you are in love with your tsunami. Finally that day come. Don’t worry this problem was nothing. We’ll definitely came out of it. Our love wasn’t that much weak.

Sanskar – don’t know about this problem Ragini. If I’ll die na today also i don’t have any more complaint with my life. Because I got my love. My best friend, my tsunami. I’m sorry for taking so much years to understand your love.

Just then Ragini said no its not like that. But she feels now she wasn’t holding sanskar’s head anymore. She opens her eyes and was shocked. Because akash had cut the rope. She saw down sanskar was going away from her. And then she heard a sound. Now Ragini can’t see him more because sanskar had fallen in the river. Ragini screams sanskar’s name repeatedly but she didn’t get any answer.

Akash – baby now come back to me na.

Ragini turns and went near him and slapped him continuously.

Ragini – please save him damit he don’t know how to swim . Please he was my life please. Why I’m pleading you haan. I’ll save my sanskar and she runs towards the river but she didn’t reach near the river also. Because anjli had shoot her. Ragini faints in the road only.

Akash – what you did?

Anjli – you don’t know she insulted me so many times. How can i let her go like this.

Akash – but..

Anjli – what but haan. When you killed sanskar i didnt told you anything then why you are telling now? Let’s go from here before anybody come here.

Akash – okay then. .

And they left from that place leaving Ragini in that state only.

Precap – not decided yet! !!!

Sorry guys for late update. I hope you all like this part. If you are not happy with this twist then tell me frankly I’ll change the plot. But please reply me. Bye and take care. See you soon.

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