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Episode 16

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Sanskar thinks all the night by staying beside Ragini. In the midnight Ragini wakes up. She saw him sitting beside her. She was confused. She wakes up and sits in the bed.

Ragini – hey what happened? Why you are sitting like this.

Sanskar – nothing just. .

Ragini – what happened? Today you are behaving strange.

Sanskar – Ragini when you feel that you love me.

Ragini – why i’ll tell you.

Sanskar – common tell me i want to know.

Ragini – okay then. When we became friends may be you don’t remember one day a girl was get harassed by her boyfriend in our class. All were seeing that but no one came forward. You came and save her and in fact you send that boy to the jail. That day after seeing your caring, your bold nature i fall for you.

Sanskar – seriously i forget about that incident.

Ragini – I knew that. You know what on my bday i was waiting for your wish but you didn’t wish me because of that chudail. How can you do that.

Sanskar – don’t know Ragini but I’m really sorry for that day. I was so stupid to believe that girl. I hurt you so much.

Ragini – but now you will not do that again promise.

Sanskar – never again till I’m alive.

And he hugs Ragini.

Ragini – Sanskar tomorrow you have a important meeting you remember na.

Sanskar – yah i remember.

Ragini – don’t you want to sleep.

Sanskar – yah let’s go. And then he kissed her forehead and both slept.


Just some hour more Ragini. Tomorrow I’ll give you the most awaited gift of your life. I was really a stupid that i didn’t understand your feelings but now I’ll not let any one come between us. And he also sleeps.

Next day morning

Ragini wakes up at 9.00 .She was surprised because she never slept for this much time.

Ragini – how can i sleep for long time. Where is Sanskar. Then he saw a beautiful gift was kept beside her. She opens that gift and saw a beautiful purple colour saree. There was a note inside it. She opens that and stated reading. .

Hi Ragini. Today im going to surprise you. And believe me today whatever will happen you will remember it in your whole life. Just come by wearing this saree at 11.00 to xyz place. I’m waiting for you.

From your sanskar. …..

Ragini was very much happy seeing that card.

Ragini – today is any special day but i don’t remember. And he had written that he was going to give me some surprise but what was that. Ragini you will be late go and get ready. And she rushed to washroom.

After sometime she came out and gets ready to leave for that place.

At xyz place

Sanskar was waiting for his love eagerly. He thinks today only time was going slowly. He can’t wait more to tell Ragini about his feelings. He heard some footsteps so he hide beside a table. He saw Ragini comes there wearing that saree. She was just looking stunning with matching assosories and slight make up.

Ragini – Sanskar where were you.

Before she could finish a projector was on. And some slides were shown. It contains all her and sanskar’s photos from college time to till now. She was very much happy by seeing it. After sometime she heard a voice. .

Voice -sorry Ragini because i took so many years to understand it that how much you loves me. When our marriage happened i was just frustrated i’m cursing my fate that why i got married you because that time i was loving such a girl who never loved she loves me only because of my money. But finally i came to know the truth. I know you had waited for the day when I’ll love you. Finally that day comes Ragini. I love you ragini. I love you more than myself. And he comes out and kneels down and propose her.

Ragini was very much happy seeing him. She was crying because of happiness. She helped him to get up and hugs him tightly and tells him I love you sanskar. Thanks for this beautiful moment. I’ll never forget it.

Sanskar release her. And he come close to to her to kiss her. He can feel how much Ragini was shivering. He holds her face and goes more close. He saw his Ragini was closed her eyes. Before he could kiss Ragini stops him. Then he opens his eyes. He found Ragini didn’t come till now. He was dreaming all these. He holds his head because of his disbelief that it doesn’t happen. Just then he feels something strike on his back side of head . He feels the pain and turns back. He was shocked to see that person. ..

Sanskar – you…. But before he could tell anything more he faints.

At 11.00 Ragini comes there. She calls sanskar many times but no one replied. She found all the things which sanskar had decorated so nicely. Suddenly the projector was on. She saw all the photos. She was really very much happy. But just then she saw a unknown no. is calling her. She received the call. To her surprise that person told her to connect the projector with her phone as he wants to show her something. She does as he says. She was shocked to see it because on the other side sanskar was hanging with a rope on the top of a building. Ragini throws all the things and runs near the projector .She cried to leave sanskar. She heard a voice telling her to come to some bridge if she wants to see sanskar alive.

Ragini runs out side. But suddenly she got strike with something in her foot. It was a ring. She pick that ring. She understands that it was sanskar plan. She understand that maybe sanskar want to propose her. She cried and runs to that place. After sometime she reached there. She saw Sanskar was hanging with a rope which was tied with a wall. She runs near him but some people stops her. They hold her tightly. She tried to call sanskar name so that he wakes up.

After sometime a boy and a girl comes near her. She was shocked to see them because they were none other than anjli and akash.

Ragini – akash please save sanskar please help me.

Anjli – yah akash go and help him na. She was crying before you.

Akash – he comes near her and holds her hand baby please don’t cry. I’ll leave him and he’ll straightly face his death. Then you will be mine ragini.

Ragini was shocked to hear that.

Akash – it means you came here..

Anjli – yah of course only because i told him. We were friends . And when sanskar went with you i got news about your lover. So i called him here. You thought he came here coincidentally but all were pre planned.

It ends with Ragini’s shocking face…

Precap – some more twist!!!!!

So friends here is the next part. Hope you all like it. I’m sorry because i have to stop it in the middle. Actually i typed it in a hurry so please forgive me. I promise I’ll update next episode with in two to three days. Okay guys see you soon. Bye and take care.

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