Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Thanks for all your support. And i know you all are angry on me for being irregular but guys please forgive me actually i’m having one of imp exam ahead. That’s why i have to concentrate in that also. So i didn’t get time. Guys if you all will agree then I’ll update it in each 15 days like I do with my swalak ff. Otherwise i have to stop it. Please guys try to understand but now every decision With you. I’ll do that you say so please coment at least in today’s episode.

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Episode 13

Okay let’s start it

Ragini and Sanskar both became shocked after realising the fact that sanskar had kissed Ragini. There was a big wala silence occurred. None of them were talking. That time Khushi entered.

Khushi – are till now you both are not ready. Hey bhagvan sanskar what was that in your shirt.

Sanskar – no nothing happened it was her work.

Khushi – okay just go and gets ready you both will be late yaar.

Sanskar – hmm and he left to washroom.

After some hour  both are waiting in the plane . In the car none of them were talking.

Ragini’s pov

Today what happened? he kissed me . It’s okay na we are husband and wife. But why I’m not taking with him. It was feeling awkward na. Okay I’ll start talking.

Sanskar’s pov

Oh god why i kissed her today. Now what she was thinking of me god. It was really very awkward. I’ll talk with her.

Sanskar – Ragini

Ragini – Sanskar

Both call each other’s name at the same time.

Sanskar – first you tell.

Ragini – no no first you.

Sanskar – okay I’m sorry.

Ragini – why?

Sanskar – because i kissed you today.

Ragini – it’s okay.

Sanskar – listen haan i don’t have any wrong intension.

Ragini – it’s okay yaar i understand why you are explaining. I know you are not dying to kiss me.

Sanskar – what? kiss and that’s also to you. Never. If you had ever seen your face.
Ragini- oh really i’m not beautiful. You don’t know one thing now also if I’ll say na there will be a long line if boys will come and stand for me.

Sanskar – really that happen in your dream hai na.

Ragini – no I’ll show you today only. Just wait and watch haan.

Sanskar – yah I’ll because I know noone will come.

Ragini – let’s see.

In this time one person came and sit near Ragini as that seat was empty. Ragini didn’t saw his face as he had covered his face with his scarf. After sometime Ragini feels that someone is holding her hand. She saw that man was holding her hand. Before she could react sanskar saw that.

Sanskar – oh hlo why you are holding her hand.

Person- excuse me with whom you are talking.

Ragini saw this but she didn’t tell anything.

Sanskar – yah i’m talking with you only.

Person – that’s my choice haan.

Sanskar – what your choice she is my wife. First leave her hand.

Person – haww Ragini you get married.

Hearing this both became shocked.

Sanskar – he whispered in ragini’s ears he knows you but how.

Ragini – how’ll i know may be he loves me.

Sanskar- really nothing like that.

Ragini – okay. Then she turns towards that person and tells how do you know my name.

Person- if you really doesn’t recognise me.
Sanskar – oye she told na she doesn’t know you then why you are forcing her. Now tell me who are you.

Person – he opens his scarf and show his face. I’m your childhood lover Akash yaar. How can you forget me. (Role played by nikhil of swaragini , sorry guys i don’t know his name )

Ragini – oh go what a surprise Aakash i had never thought to see you again.

Akash -common give me a hug yaar or. .

Ragini – sure and she hugs him.

Sanskar – he thuggish oho he was aaksah. Now Ragini will not talk with me so sad yaar now our trip will became a friends trip wow what a luck i have.

Ragini – how are you? you never kept contact with me. I thought you forget me.

Akash -really i’m your first lover how can i forget you. And if he was really your husband.

Sanskar – no no I’m not her husband it’s all fake.

Akash -really.

Ragini- Sanskar you na. Are akash i’m married yaar.

Akash -he gets up. Now only one thing left out.

Ragini and Sanskar -what??

Akash -suicide. Ragini i think god has this wish that no body will get my dead body. I’m going to jump from here.

Sanskar – he thought kaas you did it man. The most happiest person will be me after hearing your death news. God please let him jump I’ll give you a 1000 rupee bhog please.

Ragini – hey dramebazz stop it. Come sit. You didn’t change haan. Now also that suicide haan.

Akash -okay when you are forcing I’ll not commit suicide. And he sits.

Sanskar – he thought god don’t you need a good bhog na. It’s okay I’ll handle it.

Sanskar – he was akash my childhood pagal friend. And akash he was sanskar my husband.

Then both sanskar and akash handshake with each other

Akash – you are really lucky yaar to get such a wife.

Sanskar – hmm 

Ragini – Sanskar you do your work haan I’ll talk with akash.

Sanskar – yah. He thought baas ab yahi bacha tha.

It ends………..

Precap – Ragini and Sanskar and akash were in same plane and sanskar’s jealousy. ……. Some funny moments and may be some romance. …..

Guys please everything is allowed haan weather it is tamatoes or eggs but please reply me because today i really need your answer. And if you all will agree na then I’ll update next part on 30th November. Till then bye and take care and keep smiling. ..

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