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Part 12

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After sometime anjli went to her cabin . there she scold that man. When she turned she saw Ragini there.

Anjli – what are you doing here?

Ragini – why you became nervous. Are with whom you are talking?

Anjli – that’s none of your business.

Ragini – you tried hard but you failed. What you thought that I’ll come in your trap no never anjli. You tried to stop me from coming here right so that you can put poison on sanskar’s mind. So sad that not happened.

Anjli – what rubbish. I don’t know anything.
Ragini – oh sorry i forget to tell his name. I think Shyam right.

Anjli – how you know him.

Ragini – Actually you are thinking yourself smart. Anjli today morning only i came to know about your plan. You know that today i’ll bring sanskar’s lunch. That’s why you bribe our driver shyam so that he’ll take a lot of time to reach here by acting that car was punchered right.

Anjli – oh then you know. How?

Ragini – Actually my luck was giving me support. Today morning when i went to pluck flower i saw shyam. He was talking about car punchered .Then when he went i checked his phone. There i saw your number. And i know all the plan. You did plan good but. ..

Anjli – but how you reach here?

Ragini – actually after sanskar left for office i told Khushi di about this. And in that car Khushi di was there with a empty tiffin. Shyam doesn’t recognise her because she had a pallu. And di was wearing my saree which i had weard at morning. So shyam didn’t doubt and after they left i came here timely.

Anjli – you can’t snach my sanskar from me.

Ragini – sanskar was never yours. He was always mine. And in these years you never told him truth. Because your love wasn’t true. You love him because of his money.

Anjli – she became very much angry and raise her hand to slap Ragini but sanskar came in the middle and hold her hand and he slapped her. Seeing which Ragini and Anjli both became shocked.

Anjli – Sanskar you slapped me but why?

Sanskar – because you tried to slap my wife. How dare you?

Anjli – Sanskar you slapped me because of this girl.

Sanskar – for your kind information she is my wife and i don’t allowed anyone to misbehaves with her. It’s warning for you. Today also you used your chip tricks. I’m warning for the last time. If you will try to hurt Ragini again I’ll not spare you and I’ll forger that you are my business partner. Then he hold ragini’s hand. Ragini let’s go. And he left from there.

In sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar – why you did this?

Ragini – she acted like she doesn’t know anything. What i did?

Sanskar – you don’t know?

Ragini – no Sanskar how’ll i know.

Sanskar – please yaar stop these. She’ll harm you. Why you don’t understand. She is very much dangerous.

Ragini – so what.

Sanskar – Ragini why you are taking her lightly damit. Are if anything happened to you today then …

Ragini – she saw Sanskar has tears on his eyes. Then what sanskar? ???

Sanskar – are I’ll neve forgive myself. You are my best friend. And i had already lost you last 7years. Now i don’t want to lose you again.

Ragini – Sanskar nothing will happen to me. Till you are with me I’ll handle so many anjli but i can’t lose you again. And she hugs him.

Sanskar also hugs her. Anjli was seeing all these. She went from there in anger. Sanskar and Ragini were lost in each other’s arm. Khushi comes there. She was happy to see them.

Khushi – may i come in?

Both release each other. And Sanskar said yes to Khushi.

Khushi – sorry bro i came in a wrong time.

Ragini – no di nothing like that.

Khushi – really but still sorry yaar.

Sanskar – no di.

Khushi – are i came here to give you something. Take it and she gave sanskar a parcel.

Sanskar – what is this di.

Khushi – open it first. There is a surprise for you.

Sanskar – he opened that and saw two tickets for Delhi. Di here is ticket for Delhi. But why.

Khushi – Actually we are having a important meeting in Delhi with Mr khanna. So you have to go there. And i thought after marriage you both are here only. So i brought it.

Sanskar – Ragini if you will go or not.

Ragini- yah I’ll.

Khushi – Sanskar you both will leave tomorrow morning. So I’m taking Ragini with me so that she’ll pack the luggage. You took your lunch. Bye.

Ragini – bye sanskar.
And they left.

Sanskar was happy. After a long time he was going with Ragini. He opened the tiffin and started eating.

At night

Sanskar – Ragini you lost.

Ragini – in which game.

Sanskar- you don’t remember about prank.
Ragini – Mr maheswari I’m your tsunami. You know na tsunami used to come suddenly so my prank will also be like that only. Just get ready for it.

Sanskar – really. Now i also want to see what is your prank.

Ragini – your timing starts now and it will be up to tomorrow morning. So all the best.

Next day morning

First Ragini finished her bath and then send sanskar. Sanskar was shocked because when he start his brushing he realised that there was face wash gel inside the paste. Then he started his shampoo but there was paste inside the bottle. After many time he managed to come outside. He saw Ragini was laughing.

Ragini – how you feel now.

Sanskar – are i did one and you did two. Not fare yaar.

Ragini – no Sanskar may be there was more.

Sanskar – okay let’s see. Don’t think that I’m afraid. I know you will not do anything because now we have to leave for airport.

Ragini – no its four hour left. So be alert.

Sanskar – hmm. Then he checked before combing hair. But there was nothing. But when he tried to put perfume he saw ujala was sprinkled in his shirt. Seeing him Ragini laughed.

Ragini – common yaar i said be alert but you take it jokly.

Sanskar – now you will see what I’ll do? .

Ragini – what?

Sanskar – he goes near her and kissed her. Ragini was shocked.

Sanskar – I took all the revenge. Bye. But then he realised that he kissed her.

It ends with Ragini and Sanskar’s shocking face.

Precap – Ragini and Sanskar leave for Delhi. And one new entry in their life.

Friends don’t get angry please. And hope you all like it. I’ll wait for your comments. Till then bye and take care.

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