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Okay let’s start it

Sanskar wakes up in the morning. He saw Ragini was combing her hair. He became mesmerised to see her. Meanwhile Ragini saw Sanskar.

Ragini – Sanskar you are already wake up.

Sanskar – yah don’t know why i get up so early. I want to tell you something.

Ragini – really okay tell me.

Sanskar – are till now i didn’t notice that my tsunami was so beautiful yaar. Really you are looking very beautiful today.

Ragini – she goes near him and checks his temp. Sanskar are you fine na.

Sanskar – yah why you are asking about my health.

Ragini – Sanskar you are telling that I’m looking beautiful .are i can’t believe you. Till now you never compliment me always..

Sanskar – no you are looking beautiful.

Ragini – thank you very much. Okay now get up you have to go to office na.

Sanskar became sad hearing about office. Ragini noticed it. 

Ragini – what happened why you became sad hearing about office. Any problem sanskar.

Sanskar – no nothing.

Ragini – common sanskar i’m your best friend. I’m warning you. You are telling me or not.

Sanskar – nahi yaar today anjli will also come there and i don’t want to face her again.

Ragini – why sanskar? If you can break all relation with her then why can’t you face her and that’s also when you know all the truth. I know you love her but you have to be strong sanskar . You have to show her that now you don’t care for her.

Sanskar – you are right. If she can play such games then why I’m thinking about her . I’ll go to office you don’t worry.

Ragini – that’s like my friend. Okay you come Khushi di is waiting for us.

Sanskar – yah you go I’ll come.

Ragini – okay and she left.

At dining table

Everyone were waiting for sanskar. Riya saw them. Finally Sanskar came. Seeing him Khushi ask Ragini that if sanskar was okay or not.

Ragini – yes, di he was fine.

Riya – Mamu what happened to you? if you are fine.

Sanskar – i’m absolutely fine beta. What’ll happen to me.

Riya – are mumma asked mami about you so i also asked you.

Hearing her everyone laughed.

Ragini – beta your mamu na.

But before she complete she screams aah..

Khushi – what happened Ragini?

Ragini – no di nothing. Then she eyes angrily towards sanskar because he hurt her on her foot.

Sanskar – Riya beta you know what sometimes we used to say many things then usually ants were came and they bite us.

Riya does not understand.

Ragini – riya beta if ants were bite you unnecessarily na then good ants were also there who will bite that bad ant. And she puts her foot on Sanskar. So he also screams.

Khushi understand it and she laughs.

Riya – oho you both are mad. I don’t understand anything. Good ant and bad ant. Mumma if you understand anything.

Khushi – no beta your mamu and mami only understand it. Hai na sanskar. And she laughs.

Sanskar – okay di i’m going bye riya. Bye di and bye tsunami.
And he left.

Riya – mumma why mamu calls mami as tsunami.

Khushi – beta he calls her by this name from college time.

Riya – oho it means they were college friends.

Khushi – yes beta. Now let’s go .You have to go to school na.

Riya – bye mami.

Ragini smiles her and she went to kitchen.
In office

Sanskar enters the office. He saw Anjli’s chamber was already open. So he understands that Anjli was already present.

Sanskar – what will happen if she came. Sanskar you shouldn’t get weak seeing her drama. Because now you can’t cheat Ragini again. Then he went to his chamber. Many time passed but anjli didn’t came. He thought she’ll not come again. It’s already 12. He went to washroom because it’s his lunch time. He thought when he’ll came his driver has already present with his lunch box. So he went to get freshen up. When he returns back he became shocked. Because anjli had already served two plates for  their lunch as before .

Sanskar – what is this anjli? Why you came here.

Anjli – common sanskar i’m your business partner. Actually iwas taking a round and then I saw your lunch box wasn’t here. As I love you truly i can’t see you in hungry. So let’s complete our lunch.

Sanskar – just stop it anjli. You told that you love me. Why you are insulting the word love because you even know about love. And if it’s about lunch mine will arrive shortly.

Anjli – no Sanskar that will never arrived. See your lunch time was already completed. Your wife forget because she don’t care and even remember about it.

Then she drags sanskar and took him outside. There all the staffs were stand up seeing them.

Anjli – guys just see his lunch wasn’t arrived till now because his wife was careless and even she don’t know about Sanskar’s favourite. When i invite him he gets angry. Guys is it good no na. Then she humiliate sanskar.

Just then Ragini arrived there and then she went straight towards anjli and slapped her.

Ragini – anjli i think you are in a trauma as sanskar break all relation with you. And what you told i forget about sanskar’s tiffin. You don’t know a wife’s duty. A wife eats only when her husband complete his eating. And i knew you will do something like this. Sanskar let’s go. And she went from there.

Anjli angrily went to her cabin and throws all the things. Then she calls someone.

Anjli – what the hell are you doing? You can’t do a simple thing. How Ragini reached here. Now I’ll not leave you. And she cuts the call.

Precap – how will Ragini able to convince sanskar as he was angry on her and about ragini’s prank.

I know guys in today’s episode i didn’t mention about Ragini’s prank. Don’t worry I’ll tell in next episode. And again a big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrry. And hope you like today’s episode . Guys don’t forget to give your coment. I’ll wait for you all. Till then bye and take care.

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