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Episode 10

Okay let’s start it

Everyone returns home. After sometime sanskar slept. Ragini went outside and sits in the balcony. Khushi comes there.

Khushi – hey bday girl what are you doing here?

Ragini – di i’m thinking about Anjli and everything that happened before sometime. If they were true na. I’m not dreaming na.

Khushi – no Ragini it’s all real. Yes, your love won. Anjli went away from your and sanskar’s life. It’s not your dream pagal.

Ragini – no di i’m not believing it. But if you knew about this.

Khushi – yes i know everything. Actually thatday while i was going to get water i swara sanskar kissed your forehead. First i became very happy. Then when i ask him he told me that he came to know all the truth.

Ragini – she became very much happy. Di it means sankar loves me now.

Khushi – no Ragini not now. Now only he came to know about Anjli’s truth. It’s not easy for him to forget her. He loves her since 7 years. Give him sometime.

Ragini – yes di i can understand. But di i’m afraid if this happiness will stay long with me na . Now i can’t lose sanskar again. I’ll die without him.

Khushi – hey pagal don’t tell like that. Ragini it’s true that he doesn’t love you. But you are his best friend. And i think friendship is such a relationship which is stronger than any other relationship. And don’t worry now if any problems will come na then why you are worrying. Now you have sanskar with you. You will fight with every problem.

Ragini – yes di. Now I’m not sad. Yes, my best friend is with me now.

Khushi – and tomorrow morning is a new beginning for you and Sanskar. So now go and sleep. Otherwise you will be late.

Ragini – yes, di i’m going. You also go. Good night.

Then Ragini went to her room and sleeps.

Next day morning

Ragini wakes up and saw Sanskar was sitting on the sofa.

Ragini – you again woke up early.

Sanskar – yah please today at least don’t fight with me  let’s drink tea.

Ragini – okay but i have one condition.

Sanskar – please not now. I’m not in a mood to listen your condition.

Ragini – okay then done.

Then both of them drink tea.

Ragini – Sanskar you go I’ll just come after getting ready.

Sanskar – yah i’m going.

At diningtable

Riya – are mami you know I’m going in school trip.

Ragini – are wah that’s good beta but just take care of your health.

Sanskar – no riya you will do many masti. Don’t listen to your mami.

Ragini – Sanskar please.

Khushi – okay don’t fight now. Riya is better than you both. At least she didn’t fight like you always.

Sanskar – di you always takes her side why ?

Khushi – leave that i want to tell you something important. After marriage you don’t go anywhere. And Sanskar our meeting was in Delhi with Mr khanna. So it will be good if you both went there. Ragini will also see delhi.

Sanskar – di what are you telling? Don’t you love me. Are if I’ll go with her then I’ll never return. You will not able see your brother again.

Khushi – Sanskar what is this. You both were going and that’s final.

Sanskar – okay done.

Khushi – Ragini you pack your luggage today only. You both have to leave tomorrow morning only. Your jiju has already booked your tickets.

Ragini – okay di I’ll do it.

That day night

Sanskar saw Ragini was still working. He thought to trouble Ragini.

Sanskar – madam now you will see what your best friend will do with you. And after you left i also stopped doing prank because noone is there. And he did something.

After sometime Ragini comes . She finds the room something strange. Then she saw Sanskar was doing some work in his laptop. She went and changes her dress. And comes out and started putting oil in her hairs. Then when she started to comb her hair she couldn’t do it. Then she saw she has put gel on her hair instead of oil.

Ragini – from where gel come here. If i didn’t didn’t saw and put sanskar gel. Then she check the oil bottle. Yah it was my oil bottle then who put gel in it.

Sanskar acted like he don’t know.

Sanskar – what happened Ragini?

Ragini – Sanskar don’t know who put gel on my oil bottle.

Sanskar – really oh god who did that.

Ragini – don’t know. Then she realised except sanskar noone can do it. Yah i understand now. You did it.

Sanskar – how can you blame me Ragini. I’m working and don’t know. Actually i only did it. Are it’s been a long time i didn’t trouble you.

Ragini – what okay okay. Now its my turn. And you will know tomorrow morning. Bye good night.

Saying this ragini went to sleep. But sanskar can’t sleep. He was trying to predict what can Ragini do.

Ragini – why you are not sleeping?

Sanskar – please yaar do now whatever you want. Don’t keep suspense. How will i sleep.

Ragini – you will know tomorrow morning only. Good night and good luck.

And she slept. But sanskar can’t sleep.

It ends with sanskar’s confusing face.

Precap – Ragini’s prank. And Ragini and Sanskar went to delhi and some twist. ..

Guys i hope you like it. I write in a hurry. Sorry if you don’t like it. I’m promising you next episode will be full of fun and masti.

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