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Next Day morning when Ragini wakes up she saw Sanskar was sitting on the bed beside her. First she doesn’t understand anything.

Ragini – Sanskar you are here. What you are doing here in the morning.

Sanskar – why it is my house and I’m seeing my wife not any others haan.

Ragini – really now you are realising that I’m your wife.

Sanskar – are when i told that. You can’t be my wife because you are tsunami.

Ragini – Sanskar please don’t irritate me in the morning.

Sanskar – really then I’ll continue it.

Ragini – okay tell me why you are here.

Sanskar – Actually i thought to take tea with you. I want to became your best friend again . If you will give permission or not.

Ragini – she became happy but thought to tease sanskar. Definitely not because i had already found my best friend. So i don’t need you now.

Sanskar – what who is that .How can you.
Tell me his name.

Ragini – why i’ll tell you.

Sanskar – please yaar tell me his name.

Ragini – what you will do?

Sanskar – that’s none of your business just tell me his name. I’ll not leave him.

Ragini – Ragini thought now enough of this  mazak. Okay then his name is Sanskar maheswari.

Sanskar – who the hell that Sanskar maheswari. I’ll not leave him . Sanskar was so much angry that he doesn’t realise who is Sanskar.

Ragini – what you will do with him.

Sanskar – I’ll Kill that sanskar. How can he became your best friend. Then he realised that he was only sanskar. Are i’m only sanskar.

Ragini – you are a buddu. How can you think that i can have any other best friend with out you. You are my life’s first and last best friend.

Sanskar – he was happy. Then you are trying to irritated me. I’ll not leave you now.

Then both run in the whole room. They were throwing kushion on each other. Suddenly Ragini pair slips .When sanskar saw her he tried to help her but he also fell down . Both have a cute eye lock.

After sometime Ragini realise where she was. She gets up and went to washroom. Sanskar also leaves to his office.

After two days

These two days went very well. Ragini was feeling like her best friend was really back. Now both were fighting like previous and now Sanskar takes her help in his work like she was in coaching. She has also fears on her mind that may be it was her dream and that will be broken. Always she was praying that this dreams shouldn’t break. Ragini gets up. The whole day passed but no one wished her. She thought may be every one forget her bday .and it was not new for her because in these years she never celebrate her bday. That day evening suddenly she got sanskar call.

Ragini – hlo Sanskar what happened?

Sanskar – Ragini pleas help me yaar . my car meets with an accident. And no one is here. Khushi di and riya were  also with me. Please come here.

Ragini – okay tell me where you were.

Then Sanskar told her the address. She reached there immediately. In the whole way she was praying to god that her family should be safe. Finally she reached there. After asking some local people she was now standing infront of a house. She thought may be her family were here. She went inside. She calls every one’s name but no one replied. She got afraid. Suddenly lights were switched on and flowers were coming in her way. She saw every one. Everyone were wishing her. She became very much happy.

Sanskar – happy bday tsunami. May God bless you and you will live a hundred years and keep doing disasters.

Ragini – thanks alot sanskar.

Sanskar – I know in these years you never celebrate your bday .But the reason behind it was my blind love. I never tried to understand the truth.

Anjli – what truth sanskar.

Sanskar – that truth you hide from me. What you thought anjli that I’ll never know the truth. I had known the truth.

Ragini doesn’t understand what sanskar was trying to say.

Sanskar – I know everyone has doubt let me cleat them. And he played one video where anjli had confessed all her doings. Including anjli every one get shocked. Anjli remembered how sanskar and she went to the party last night. And after returning from there what she did she doesn’t remember. When she asked sanskar about this sanskar simply avoid it. Now she can understand it but now she can’t do anything. After confessing her truth she went out.

Ragini – Sanskar you did all these. But you never believed me.

Sanskar – your diary was there na. I read that and came to know all the truth. Let’s cut the cake but before that I’m really sorry Ragini. Because of me you suffered so many things.

Ragini – no its okay Sanskar i’m happy that finally you came to know the truth. And in our friendship no sorry and no thank you right.

Sanskar – yah.

Then Ragini cuts the cake.

It ends with Ragini’s happy face.

To be continued…………..

So friends it was my next part. Hope you all like it. And don’t forget to give your coment. I’ll wait for your response. Till then bye and take care.

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