Will she ever be mine? – Part 9

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Recap- advay informs shivaay that doctor wanted to talk to him..

Shivaay was confused..
Shivaay came to the hall where all the members were seated including the doctor..
S:yes doctor.. Any problem?
S:Wat problem?
D:as u know anika is an asthma patient.. So wen she will deliver the baby.. She might take risk.. I mean she can even loose her life because asthma patients can’t control more pain.. There’s a limit of pain that they can suffer..
S: so?
D: any one will only live.. Either the baby or anika.. Who do u want?
S: I want both of them..
D:thats Wat I have told u…

In shivika’s room.. Anika wakes up.. She doesn’t see anyone.. So she gets up and goes to the hall.. Advay sees her and warns her not to come.. But she doesn’t understand…
She saw everyone seated nd they were very silent.. She sat behind shivaay.. No one noticed her.. Shivaay felt her presence.. But he thought she’ll be sleeping..
D: both of them can’t live.. Any one..
S: do u have any other option?
D: no.. Decide fast.. I need to live..
S: Wat do u want me to do??
D: either the mother or the child will only live? I mean.. Anika or the baby?who do u want.. If u want the baby.. Then only for 10 months u will be with anika.. After that.. Choice is yours..
S: I choose…
Everyone prays to God.. Because they wanted him to take the right decision….
Anika was shocked.. Because she never knew that her fate was so mean..
Anika didn’t want to listen to shivaay’s decision.. She slowly started walking..
S: I choose the baby..
Every one was shocked.. Because they expected him to tell Anika’s name.. Anika’s was shocked.. Tears started coming from her eyes.. She became very light.. It was like someone stabbed her heart.. She walked towards her room lifelessly.. She just cursed her life.. Vikram saw her..
V: Anu.. Wait there..

Everyone was shocked to see her there.. Even shivaay was shocked.. Advay ran towards her and caught her hands..
An: advay.. Y is my fate like this?
A: Anu don’t cry..
An: how can I not cry.. Look at my fate..
She was literally shouting at him..
An: just few hours before I told papa that I love him to the core… Now he again proved me wrong.. Wat should I do? Once u hated me.. Then I ran away.. Now again the same thing is gonna happen..
A: Leave my case Anika.. Listen he meant something else..
An: nothing like that.. She told it on top of her voice..
A: stop shouting.. Mrs. Anika.. Don’t forget that we r alone.. Everyone is listening to us..

Anika looked at everyone with teary eyes.. She even saw shivaay.. But that look was not tears of losing.. It was tears of anger and revenge..
Anika was going on shouting..
An: I want to leave.. I don’t want this place.. Everything is irritating me.. Especially u.. Mr. Shivaay Singh oberoi.. I never knew that u had even this face.. Papa..let’s leave..
V: Not now.. U haven’t Completed ur mission..
An: forget it.. It’s of no use.. Ltd talk abt it privately..
Anika went towards Om.. He understood Wat she wanted.. He took her away from shivaay..
S: papa.. Wat is she talking abt?
V: that’s a long story….

Precap- O- y don’t u reveal it?
An:no Om.. That’s difficult.. Now he’ll be behind me to know the story..
O- I’ll tell him..
An: don’t..
O: y?
An: I want him to hate me to the core..
Om was shocked..

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