Will she ever be mine? – Part 8

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Recap.. Shivaay was about to sign but Vikram poured water on the papers..

An: wat formalities??
V: u’ll know abt it later…
S: uncle..U can rest here..
V: don’t call me uncle..I’m Ur FIL so call me papa..
S: ji papa
Vikram goes to Anika and signs something..
She takes him to the guest room..And they both have a talk..
V: i think u need to give some time to Shivaay..
An: y should i?
V: Wats wrong with u?
An: I’m always wrong for u ryt..
V: i didn’t mean that..I just wanted u to give him some time..
An: u will never change..
V: Anika.. Stop
An: I’ll stop..But u won’t stop me from wat I’m gonna do..

V: wat r u gonna do??
Anika starts leaving..She doesn’t listens to wat Vikram says..
She was nearing the stairs Wen she heard Vikram coughing..
She ran towards him..
An: papa..R u okay?
V: I’m fine..Now Atlast listen to me..
An:okay..Tell me..

V: if u want u can test shivaay..
An: wat type of test? U mean DNA or something??
V: where have u gone? I never meant DNA..I just want u to give him some tasks..
An: i don’t want to make him a fool infront of u people..
Vikram was recording all these conversations..Anika didn’t know abt it..
V: well..U told me that u want to divorce Shivaay ryt..Then y don’t u allow shivaay to be a fool infront of us?

An: to be honest..I love him..I have submitted myself.. Because i felt he’s everything to me..He became my life..I can say..He’s my soul…While telling this she was smiling to the core..
V: one question…Do u still love him?
An: then y the hell should i say that he became my life? Of course yes..I love him to the core..To be honest..I love him more than u..
V: not bad..one last question..Do u still want to divorce Shivaay?
Anika was quite..
V: i asked u a question..Answer me..

An: no papa..I don’t want to divorce him..But..
V: but?
An: he doubted me..He doubted our baby..Sorry my baby..This made me change..I really hate him..But wen ever he looks at me..My hatred goes away..But still that thought keeps coming…
V: beta..Don’t worry..I’ll tell the same thing to Shivaay..he’ll understand..
An: no papa..U won’t do anything..Let shivaay understand..And by the way..Y were u supporting Ur son in law?
V: i was not..
An: u were..
Anika was going behind..She didn’t notice that there was an empty space..
V: anuuuu….

An: papa.. shivaay..Advay….
She fell on someone’s hands..
Due to the fall she became scared and was unconscious..
V: advay beta..Take her to the room..
A: ji uncle..

Advay was the one who heard anika’s voice and came running and caught hold of her..
Three of them entered anika’s room.. Shivaay was having a conference call..So he was talking in swimming pool..
Advay layer Anika on the bed..He say next to her.. Shivaay completed his talk and entered the room and was shocked..
A: don’t worry Anu..Nothing will happen to u..U r my Anu..And he kisses her hand..And then forehead..
Shivaay called advay.. Advay thought it was Vikram..
A: uncle please call the doctor..

S: who is Ur uncle??
A: shivaay..I thought it was..
S: uncle ryt..Now Wats Ur problem? U took away my Anika..Wat else do u need?
A: just stop talking nonsense..Call the damn doctor..
S: y should i? I’m not Ur slave..
A: for god’s sake..Don’t argue with me..Anu is seriously not waking up..
Shivaay was lost.. Because his Anu was not talking to him..
Shivaay dialled and doctor came within 10min..
Doctor examined Anika thoroughly.. Because advay told doctor that she fell from the top..So the doctor was checking whether she got any hurt or not…
Doctor comes out..
D:i have something to tell u people..
A: personally??

D: no..But before that..Anika is calling u..
A: me?
D: no..
V: me?
D: someone who is very dear to him..
S: i..Is..I..It..m…Me?
A: it can’t be u..
D: u r right..She needs u..
Shivaay was happy to know that Anika need hi…
Shivaay entered the room..
S: Anika..
Anika’s​ eyes were closed..wen she heard a voice..She opened and saw her soul..
An: shivaaaaayy…She became unconscious..
Shivaay rushed to the doctor..
D: that’s fine shivaay…I have her an injection..She’s semi-conscious..
S: will she be fine..Will she talk to me?

D: of course yes..Don’t worry..
Shivaay went back to the room and found her sleeping like a baby..
He came near her..
S: y do u always hurt me?
An: i never hurt u..U made me to hurt u..
S: I’m so sorry..
An: but then also..

Shivaay kissed on her forehead..
And was about kiss on her lips..Wen advay entered..
S: can’t u knock and come?
A: I’m so sorry for that..I came here to Call you..
S: wat problem have u created now?
A: not me..Ur wife..
Shivaay was co fused..

Precap- d: either she will live or the baby..Only one life will be here..Choice is urs..Who do u want? Anika or the baby?
S: i choose….

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