Will she ever be mine? – Part 7

I’m so sorry…
Yaar..Please forgive me..
I actually wrote the next part..But i have no idea what happened.. Because it was not updated..
Anyways I’m writing it again..

Recap- everyone supports anika..Because they never thought shivaay will do like this..

P: i have no idea.. Wats happening in this house..
J: cool down pinky.. Let’s ask shivaay..Eat if there is a misunderstanding?
P: i have no problems talking to shivaay..But if he tells the same thing ..Then i dunno what i should do..
D: pinky..I won’t leave anika and shivaay.. We’ll ask shivaay everything..
Shivaay was instructing khanna something..Went someone enters the mansion..
In shivikas room..
An: advay..Y on earth did this happen? Y did i marry him?
A: Anu..Please..Don’t stress on urself..Keep calm and think any the baby..
An: Keep calm? So easy to tell.. Apply the same thing in ur life..Then u’ll understand..
A: wat r u telling?
An: i want u to suffer the same..
A: oh please..Y on earth do u think me and avni should get separated??
An: i will think..Okay now leave this topic..
A: good girl..
An: i want to go out of this room..I want to sit in the hall..Take me there..This is an order from Anika shiv..She was about to tell shivaay..But she stopped..A small drop of tear fell from her eyes..She quickly wiped it..

This is an order from Anika Vikram suryavanshi..
A: Y do u act so much?? U drama queen?
An: just shut up yaar..Take me there..
A: Y should i take u?? U have legs and i know that it is very strong..Walk by urself..
An: u monkey..How can u behave like this..
A: will u keep fighting with me? Or..
An: let’s go..
They reached the hall..And saw everyone sitting there including shivaay..
Advay was moving little bit forward..And Anika was quite behind..Advay saw the members sitting there..So he carried Anika..Though Anika was shocked because suddenly without any hint he did this..She was quite happy because she thought that he is scared of her..
An: good job Mr.
A: I’ll sue you..Just shut up..Look everyone is watching us..
Shivaay saw Anika being carried by advay..So literally he got angry..But to show others..He went forward and asked advay help..
S: advay hand over Anika to me..She’s very heavy ryt..Ur hands might aking..
A: that’s fine shivaay..Afteralll i slept with Anika..So i know her very well..
S: what the heck? Wen did u sleep with her? I’ll be the only one to touch her..Do u get that..
Though advay taunted shivaay.. Shivaay was hell angry with Anika.. Because he thought that she will always supports him in every situation..
S: Anika y r u silent?
Anika was silent..She signed something and advay understood that..
Advay went and stood near the door..To welcome his uncle and anika’s father..
Vikram was talking to someone..He found advay waiting for him..He quickly kept the mobile inside and hugged advay…
V: well how is Mrs. Advay?
A: I’m standing in front of u..And u r still thinking about avni..Not bad uncle.. Anyways leave my case..Catch Ur daughters case..
V: come in..Let’s meet everyone..
A: uncle..Anu haven’t disclosed her full identity..They still don’t know y she came here and for wat..
V: so..That’s the case..That’s y this unexpected marriage and so and so…
A: yes uncle..
V: anyways come in..I won’t disclose anything..
A: my pleasure..

Both of them walk in..Anika saw them..And ran as fast as she could…
She hugged him and slightly beat him on his hand..
An: the great Vikram suryavanshi hadms finally got time to meet his Princess..
V: u r wrong..Not Princess..I used to called u Prince ryt..Now i don’t want u..I want someone else..
Anika was confused..
V: beta..I’m taking abt the baby..
An: oh..That one..Come in..And meet everyone..
V:okay ..
Everyone meets Vikram.. Except shivaay..
Shivaay got some call..So he excused himself..He didn’t know that Vikram was anika’s father..
Shivaay saw Vikram..
S: welcome sir..How r u? U came here for a deal ryt..
V: i didn’t come here as a business man..I came here as father..
Anika clapped..And said oh really Mr.suryavanshi..Atlast came as father for u beloved child..Ryt Mr.suryavnshi..She kept her hands on his collar.. Shivaay got angry and caught anika’s hand very tightly..He touched her wounds..It started bleeding..
Vikram saw this and got angry..
V: shivaay it’s fine..She’s just kidding..And i know her very well..She’s like this only..
Shivaay didn’t listen to those words..He just stared at Anika..He was about slap her….
V: don’t u dare touch her..
S: i do dare.. Because this woman is my wife..I can slap her..Touch her..Kill her..Sell her.. Anything I’ll do..Who r u to tell me??
V:I’m her father..Vikram suryavanshi..
Shivaay was shocked..Anika was ap.ost tired and gonna fall..She was going to fall on shivaay..But she called advay’s name..And advay caught her… Shivaay was again angry.. Because he was about to catch her..That time she called advay..
Advay made her sit on the sofa..And re-dressed her wounds..
Advay told everything to Vikram..
Vikram understood that Anika is right in some areas..And even shivaay..
V: I’m gonna stay here for few days..
An: thank u papa..Atlast u came here as a saviour..
V: beta..I brought the papers..
An: give it to me..I’ll sihlgn it now itself..
V: as u say..Before that can i have a glass of water?
An: I’ll get it..U make everything ready..
V: okay..
Shivaay didn’t understand anything..
Anika gave a glass of water..Vikram drank little bit and kept it near the table..
V: here are the papers..
S: wat papers?
Anika and advay together said: Divorce Paper!!
Shivaay was shocked..
Vikram gave the paper to Anika..Without thinking anything..She just signed..She didn’t look at anyone..
It was shivaay’s chance..He was not ready to sign..But he can’t loose in front of his wife..So he was about sign it..Wen Vikram poured water on the paper..
An: wat the hell? Papa..Y did u do this?
V: am sorry..
An: it’s fine.. We’ll do one thing.. We’ll send them notice..And let them come to court..
Anika started leaving..
V: hold on beta..There are some formalities to be done..
Anika turned towards him..

Precap- s: y do u always hurt me?
An: i never tried to..The situation made me to do..
Someone pushes Anika..She falls on someone..And becomes unconscious..

I’ll update the best one on Saturday..
Sorry yaar..

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