Will she ever be mine? – Part 5

Hello people…I’m so sorry for the late update..I’m quite busy in my house and I do have some work in religious place!!
Let’s start!!

Recap-shivaay slaps anika..she falls unconscious..doctor comes..

Doctor comes inside and checks Anika..everyone looked tensed..because advay informed them that shivaay slapped Anika..
Doctor comes out and informs them that anika is fine..
Doctor thought that Om was Shivaay..
D: Mr oberoi..I’m glad to inform u that Ur wife is pregnant..she’s very week..make sure that she eats well..
O: doctor..are talking abt which patient? Is it fair or Anika?
D: Anika

O: doctor..I’m not her husband..my wife is gauri..
Anika’s husband is shivaay..look there he is( he points towards shivaay)
D: oh..I’m so sorry..will u please call him here??
O: ya..sure
Om inform shivaay that doctor has something to tell him! Shivaay goes to the doctor..
S: yes doctor..
D:okay..so r u Anika’s husband?
S: yes doctor..
D: can I ask u some questions?
S: yes doctor..

D: did u both have a fight yesterday??
S: yes doctor..
D: did u slap anika?
S: yes doctor..

D: did u have any physical contact with her?
S: doctor..we r married..so obviously we’ll have physical contact..
D: one last question!
S: go on..
D: wat was the main reason for u to slap anika? How many times did u slap her?
S: doctor the reason is quite personal..I’m sorry I can’t disclose that..I think I slapped her twice..
D: did she eat anything during the whole day?
S: I dunno..
A: yes doctor..she waited for her so called husband for so long that she forgot to have her food itself..
Shivaay was shocked.. doctor informs him that..anika is pregnant..
Shivaay was shocked and happy..
Advay was very happy..he knew this news before itself..
D: take care of anika..she needs a lot of rest!..make sure she does less household chores..
S and A together: yes doctor..
They looked at each other with disbelief..

D:okay then..I’ll go..
S: yes doctor..
All the members were in shivaay’s room..they were next to Anika..
Om informed the happy news to gauri..gauri brought sweets..and the rest of the family understood that a new member is gonna come..
Shivaay was standing outside with tears in his eyes.. Om saw this and went near him and stood..
S: Om I can’t believe that I’m gonna be a father!
O: I can’t believe that I’m gonna be chachu!

S: I dunno whether this…
Advay cuts him..
A: even me Om..I’m so excited to see her!!
O: her? Now itself u decided that the baby will be a girl..
A: yes Om..
Gauri calls Om..so om goes with her..
S: do u think.. Anika is carrying my baby??
Advay was shocked..

Precap-A:yes uncle..it’s true..
Shivaay told it to me infront of my face..
New entries..some people shocked..some people are happy..

State tune..
Love u all

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  9. so Shivaay is again mistaking his wife.He doesn’t trust her but says he love her,speaks shit abt her & says he loves her
    I wonder if hes a man or a coward in mind,soul & heart.
    For the sake of her honour & self respect,she needs to move away without feeling guilty leaving him alone for him to realise her worth.
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